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Reds flyhalf and playmaker Quade Cooper has been cited for a dangerous tackle and will appear before a disciplinary hearing on Monday morning (SA time).

According to a SANZAR press release, Cooper stands accused of contravening Law 10.4 (e) Dangerous Tackling when he tackled Waratahs player Berrick Barnes, making contact above the line of the shoulders of the opposing player.The incident was considered in the first instance by citing commissioner Nicholas Davidson, who felt it probably warranted a red card, hence the decision to convene a hearing.

The Judicial Officer for the Hearing will be Paul Tully and it will take place via video-conference at 6am South African time. With the Sharks due to face the Reds in a knock-out game this weekend, it goes without saying that even a one-match suspension would be quite well-received down in Durban.


  • I want Quade to be cleared so that BISMARCK CAN BREAK HIM!!!!!!!

  • Comment 1, posted at 16.07.12 06:26:24 by pienaar111 Reply
    pienaar111Currie Cup player
  • - besides this is SANZAR and we know what will happen.
    SA teams need to start learning how to beat teams with ‘ Cooper-like’ players in anyway

  • Comment 2, posted at 16.07.12 06:27:05 by pienaar111 Reply
    pienaar111Currie Cup player
  • @pienaar111 (Comment 1) : ha ha. Love it :)

  • Comment 3, posted at 16.07.12 06:43:52 by robdylan Reply
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  • Rob
    How is that funny?? :roll:

  • Comment 4, posted at 16.07.12 07:11:48 by wpw Reply
    wpwAssistant coach
  • @wpw (Comment 4) : I think the question you mean to ask is “how is that NOT funny”? :mrgreen:

    Quade Cooper is a serial criminal who deserves to meet swift justice at the hands of Bismarck “The Judge” du Plessis, Marcell “The Jury” Coetzee and Vic “The Executioner” Alberts. Case closed.

  • Comment 5, posted at 16.07.12 07:18:55 by robdylan Reply
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    robdylanHead Coach
  • @robdylan…
    OMG thats classic. better than my comment haha

    And I will be there to see it LIVE!!! If Plum just somehow pulls his finger out of his arse…he will realize that this a talented bunch that can do the job if lead properly

  • Comment 6, posted at 16.07.12 07:51:09 by pienaar111 Reply

    pienaar111Currie Cup player
  • @pienaar111 (Comment 1) : @robdylan (Comment 5) : :mrgreen:

  • Comment 7, posted at 16.07.12 08:45:56 by JarsonX Reply
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  • Is Frans Steyn in the clear for his spear tackle?

  • Comment 8, posted at 16.07.12 09:56:06 by vanmartin Reply
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    vanmartinAssistant coach

    - Quade Cooper has been handed a 1 match ban and will miss the Sharks game!!!

  • Comment 9, posted at 16.07.12 10:59:11 by pienaar111 Reply

    pienaar111Currie Cup player
  • @vanmartin (Comment 8) : Don think he was cited.

  • Comment 10, posted at 16.07.12 11:17:46 by Just a Fan Reply

    Just a FanCurrie Cup player
  • @pienaar111 (Comment 9) : Fantastic….we lost Frans and Lambie…evens things out me says…

  • Comment 11, posted at 16.07.12 11:31:27 by GreatSharksays Reply

    Assistant coach
  • @GreatSharksays (Comment 11) :
    So true..I would have loved to beat Reds with Cooper and Genia but shit happens.

  • Comment 12, posted at 16.07.12 11:36:33 by pienaar111 Reply

    pienaar111Currie Cup player

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