Lions dealt midfield blow

18 Apr 17 09:46 by Richard Ferguson (Richard Ferguson) | 33 Comments

The Lions might have bullied the Stormers down at Newlands this weekend, but that win comes at a price with Rohan Janse van Rensburg having left the field within 5 minutes of their epic win. And news from within the camp is not great. [...]

Attention all users…

17 Apr 17 20:00 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 16 Comments

Ok, so that’s actually going back a fair bit to an inside joke from the Ruggaworld days. Let me not bore you with the details, though. [...]

Super Rugby 2017: Round 8 Predictions

13 Apr 17 16:12 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 107 Comments

Surprisingly, some other teams are actually going to be playing this weekend. Odd, I know, but let’s have a bash at getting the results right even though the Sharks aren’t in action. [...]

The tyranny of geography

12 Apr 17 08:58 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 49 Comments

There’s a lot of discussion at the moment regarding Super Rugby – with SANZAAR having scored something of a coup in convincing their broadcast partners to allow them to change the competition format mid-flight without any financial implications to themselves. [...]

Super Rugby to lose three teams

10 Apr 17 09:12 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 71 Comments

Well, they say that the problem with a compromise is that nobody really gets what they want – I have to say, though, when it comes to yesterday’s Super Rugby restructuring announcement, there certainly is one party that would be more than happy with the outcome and that’s New Zealand. [...]

Sharks hold on for vital win

8 Apr 17 17:17 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 106 Comments

The Sharks have recorded a nail-biting 18-13 victory over los Jaguares at Kings Park in a game where attractive, low-error rugby was definitely not the winner. [...]

Super Rugby 2017: Sharks v Jaguares

8 Apr 17 13:12 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 197 Comments

We’re back in Durban and the Sharks will be hoping to put on a great show for their fans today. [...]

Late Sharks changes

7 Apr 17 17:38 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 23 Comments

Inny Radebe will earn his first Super Rugby start tomorrow when he wears the number 10 jersey for the Sharks against the Jaguares at Kings Park. [...]

Super pack for Sharks XV

7 Apr 17 09:08 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 11 Comments

Odwa Ndungane captains a very experienced Sharks XV outfit in a friendly against the Pumas this afternoon. [...]

Super Rugby 2017: Round 7 predictions

7 Apr 17 08:23 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 66 Comments

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the lateness of this thread – but rest assured that you still have time to get your picks in (and take advantage of my superbly accurate predictions) ahead of this round’s first match. I’m always thinking of you guys, see… [...]

Two changes for Sharks

6 Apr 17 12:06 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 57 Comments

Rob du Preez has made just two rotational changes to his starting pack for Saturday’s clash against the Jaguares at Kings Park, welcoming back Beast Mtawarira in one of them. [...]

Multi-national panel for Sharks against Jaguares

5 Apr 17 09:45 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 20 Comments

After the nightmare performance last week of what I’ll name the “platteland quartet” up in Johannesburg, the Sharks will, I’m sure, be pleased that this weekend’s home fixture against the Jaguares will be handled by a cosmopolitan and distinctly neutral refereeing panel. [...]

Is there cause for optimism for Sharks?

5 Apr 17 09:18 by Warren Smith (war1) | 45 Comments

I went through a few emotions in the wake of the loss to the Lions this weekend. The first was anger at the inconsistent refereeing. Second was despair at another missed opportunity to win at Ellis Park. The game was a huge missed opportunity. Eventually I allowed that most dangerous of emotions, hope, to creep in. [...]

The unsung hero?

4 Apr 17 10:53 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 71 Comments

You guys know that I like a good fairy tale and while so many of the plaudits after this weekend’s game are heading in the direction of perennial man-of-the-match Curwin Bosch, I’d like to write about something a little different this morning. [...]

Lions lose Ackermann

3 Apr 17 11:03 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 45 Comments

Lions coach Johan Ackermann has just announced at a press conference that he will leave his post at the end of the current Super Rugby season. [...]