Oh brother, where art though?

16 Jan 17 12:42 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 30 Comments

It’s 26 November 2016 in Cardiff and a hulking blonde back-rower waits patiently aside the Millennium Stadium pitch, anxious to shed his bottle green tracksuit and grasp his opportunity to take an already stellar career to the next step. This is the moment he’s been waiting for all his young life and while the result may not have gone his way, those few minutes on the park are something that can never be taken away – and are surely the start of a long and successful career as a test player. His name is Jean-Luc du Preez and he’s Springbok number 881. [...]

Sharks to play Cheetahs in pre-season

16 Jan 17 10:18 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 32 Comments

We’re still waiting for the final fixture list, but we can confirm that the Sharks will definitely play a Super Rugby pre-season game against the Cheetahs in early February. [...]

Marais heads uninspiring Stormers signings list

16 Jan 17 10:01 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 35 Comments

The Stormers have added five names to their Super Rugby squad in the only real local transfer news so far this year. While the new players will aid somewhat with their depth, the quality of the signings once again shows the real problems local franchises have in terms picking up established performers. [...]

Du Preez, Sharks relishing Super Rugby challenge

13 Jan 17 12:59 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 47 Comments

Sharks coach Rob du Preez faced his first media scrum of the new year at Kings Park yesterday and had a few interesting things to say, despite playing his cards relatively close to his chest. [...]

Marcell all but good to go

12 Jan 17 09:30 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 30 Comments

A slightly bittersweet one for Sharks fans his morning: the good news is that ace flanker Marcell Coetzee is nearing the end of a lengthy rehab period after rupturing knee ligaments last year. The bad news is that, when he does take the field next month, it will be in the white and red of Ulster, rather than the black and white of the Sharks. [...]

More Sharks pics

11 Jan 17 10:38 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 23 Comments

In the absence of any news (and I do meany any at all), I thought I’d share a link to Steve Haag’s pictures from yesterday’s training session. [...]

Welcome Kobus

9 Jan 17 11:12 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 73 Comments

The Sharks returned to the training paddock on Friday last week and welcomed a new arrival in the form of former Stormers three-quarter Kobus van Wyk. [...]

Zero tolerance in 2017

4 Jan 17 11:05 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 27 Comments

World Rugby have taken a stance this year that I feel is long overdue: starting today, there will be absolutely no tolerance when it comes to tackles that make contact with the head. Far too often in the past we’ve allowed ourselves to make excuses or be lulled into acceptance of dangerous tackles in this game and with serious incidents of concussion and other brain injury causing lasting effects for players, it is certainly right that law changes should be made. [...]

So, what have we missed?

3 Jan 17 10:53 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 149 Comments

Welcome back, Sharksworld fans. It’s 2017 and things are slowly starting to pick up momentum here, even though I am personally far from ready to dive right back into the rat race! Anyway, you have to earn your daily bread somehow, I guess. [...]

Merry Festiveness!

27 Dec 16 10:49 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 35 Comments

Hi guys – apologies for the lateness of this message, but the season sort of snuck up on me this year and before I knew it, I was deep into the holiday period and spending much-needed time away from the daily grind. [...]

Sharks break up for Christmas

15 Dec 16 12:44 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 56 Comments

The Sharks have completed their final training session for the year and will now reconvene in January, after a couple of weeks off with their families. [...]

SA Rugby GenCo ratifies sweeping changes

12 Dec 16 11:32 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 49 Comments

Yes, this headline is somewhat less inspiring than the alternate version I had in mind, “Turkeys vote for Christmas”, but the net effect is roughly equivalent. Credit must go to new SA Rugby President Mark Alexander for finding a way to drive through a raft of rather significant changes to the governance models of the game. [...]

HSBC World Sevens Series returns to Cape Town

8 Dec 16 12:25 by Pierre McLeod (pierre_mackie) | 17 Comments

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series returns to the Cape Town Stadium this weekend, where the Springbok Sevens team will aim to secure back-to-back wins after winning the cup final at the Emitates Dubai Sevens tournament last weekend. [...]

Sharks 2017 jerseys revealed

6 Dec 16 20:23 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 261 Comments

Here are the home and away strips that the Sharks will wear in Super Rugby 2017. [...]

Canterbury confirmed as Sharks apparel sponsor

6 Dec 16 10:13 by Rob Otto (robdylan) | 105 Comments

An all-new Sharks Super Rugby strip will be launched at Kings Park this evening, but the Sharks have already confirmed that former apparel sponsor Canterbury has come back on board and will supply the team’s kit next year, replacing BLK. [...]