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Release club players for tests says IRB.

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The International Rugby Board is planning far-reaching changes to ensure the strongest sides are picked for Test rugby in future.

News 24 reports that the changes – to the IRB’s controversial clause 9 – will be discussed at its March 5 meeting and are being pushed by South African Rugby Union president Oregan Hoskins.

The document, which was on Sunday published in the Afrikaans newspaper Sondag, details a plan to start moving rugby into a global season and to end the enduring club v country debate that constantly rages across the globe.

The net result is that, if accepted, the Springboks will in future be able to choose their best players, no matter where in the world they play, and clubs will not be able to stop players from returning home for Test matches.

Proposals are far-reaching

The new clause will also help teams such as Argentina, who often play without their best players as they are plying their trade in Europe.

Some of the proposals which are to be tabled in March are:

* That the northern hemisphere season ends by 31 May to ensure that there is enough rest and all players are available   for the June Tests;

* That proportionality and fairness be the guiding factor in discussions between clubs and national unions;

* That the new clause also includes far-reaching definitions to define standards for medical assistance, insurance, salary caps, travel costs and other incremental concerns.

* That any international group that is chosen be limited to 30 players;

* That players be released to arrive at their national teams at least five days before any Test and return only 48 hours after any Test match.

* That 11 Tests in the year becomes the ideal standard for international teams.

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