SuperBru Tipping Competition: Round 6 Results

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

Posted in :Original Content, Super 14 on 24 Mar 2008 at 08:49

A much better week for most, with only the Lions’ tame capitulation costing many a Grand Slam Point. Let’s have a look at the standings in our very own Sharksworld pool in the score prediction game over at

Game 35: Crusaders v Waratahs

Most of us were right in predicting a Crusaders win here, but the eventual margin of 27 points (Saders won 34-7) was a lot higher than most would have thought. This tam is on a frightening roll, guys – still winning by 27 after being restricted in the first half. Congrats to namboer who got the bonus with his prediction of Saders by 26. Villie and Sandshark were the only other tipsters to be close enough to get the margin point.

Game 36: Brumbies v Cheetahs

OK, so there’s a clear trend emerging here. Don’t pick the Cheetahs to win, cos they never do! I paid the price here, along with a few other die-hards, but most of you were spot on in tipping the home team to take this one. 29-23 and the Brumbies by 6 was the correct result, with Wehan, PostmanPat, PJLD and Ghost10 all getting the margin spot on. A quarter point for each of you hard-working gents.

Game 37: Highlanders v Force

The poor Highlanders just can buy a win. The Force were made to work reasonably hard for this one, but eventually eased away to win by 8 points, 36-28. There were plenty margin points handed out here and although nobody got the exact difference, there were no fewer than 8 of you who were within one point, so congrats to all of those who take home the spoils of one eighth of a bonus point! They are too numerous to mention here.

Game 38: Blues v Stormers

A heartbreaking last-minute loss for the Stormers, who I felt had probably done enough to come away with a draw here. 17-14 was the final score, so Blues by 3 was the correct result. New player Sinbinners got this one spot on, so well done there and enjoy the 2.5 point haul.

Game 39: Chiefs v Bulls

Unbelievabull! It seem that Frans Ludicrous and his Biltong-Biting Bastards are determined to plumb new depths with each successive outing on their ill-fated tour down under. If the Chiefs had been in any way competent they would have scored 100 out there, but they bumbled their way to a still-emphatic 16-point victory, winning 43-27. PJLD capped off an impressive week by predicting Chiefs by 15, close enough to scoop all the points on offer.

Game 40: Lions v Reds

Talk about stealing defeat (or at least a draw) from the jaws of victory! Despite leading 21-10 at one stage, the Lions somehow conspired to draw 24-all with the Reds. Safe to say, nobody picked this one correctly, although there were a few who were close enough on either side to score a margin point. Not a lot of consolation there!

Again no GSP’s, although there were a number of you who got 5 from 6, with just the last result tripping you up.

As usual, Ghost10 is still clear at the top, just over 6 points clear of the nearest competitor. Villie is back in second and chasing hard, while a storming round from SinBinners has seen Kandas fall out of the top three for the first time in a few weeks. Namboer was this week’s MVP with an impressive haul of 7.1 points, while Villie, SinBinners and bryceinoz all managed 7 points.

Here is the complete top 10:

1 Ghost10 50.58
2 Villie 44.25
3 SinBinners 43.11
4 Kandas 42.94
5 PostmanPat 39.75
6 Debs 39.58
7 IceBabe 39.33
8 SauronShark 39.11
9 the_finman 38.25
10 namboer 38.24

Ghost10 is still the only Sharksworld contributor still in the top 10. Here’s where the rest of us are:

16 robdylan 36.50 That’ll teach me to pick the Cheetahs! Down 3 places
23 Sandshark 33.08 Up 4 spots. Mounting a late challenge?
27 PissAnt 22.33 One spot up, but still languishing
30 Western Sauce 30.83 Climbing slowly
37 PJLD 23.88 Still stone last!


  • Damm i am having a bad year but then again i haven’t watched any of the games bar the Stormers or looked at the log ! Picking on reputation is clearly not working.

  • Comment 1, posted at 24.03.08 09:19:36 by Sauce Reply
    Worcestershire Sauce
  • Hey I am mounting a late challenge alright. probably toooooo late though

  • Comment 2, posted at 24.03.08 09:39:21 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • 2 words- damn lions!

  • Comment 3, posted at 24.03.08 15:59:19 by blackshark Reply

    blackshark - I'm back!
  • Man that Ghost is proving tough to catch. I’m hoping he can’t last the pace! 😆

  • Comment 4, posted at 24.03.08 17:02:53 by Villie Reply
    Competition Winner
  • Agge No man….whats wrong with me….????????

  • Comment 5, posted at 25.03.08 08:19:27 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • hang in there ice!

  • Comment 6, posted at 25.03.08 08:34:24 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • 16 robdylan 36.50 That’ll teach me to pick the Cheetahs! Down 3 places

    is this the root cause behind wanting the Cheetahs to amalgamate with the Lions again? 😉

  • Comment 7, posted at 25.03.08 08:37:09 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • Well – the only two I got wrong this weekend were picking the Cheetahs and Lions to win 🙂

  • Comment 8, posted at 25.03.08 08:50:19 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator

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