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Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

Posted in :Original Content, Sharks, Super 14 on 4 May 2008 at 16:24

I’m afraid that for us Sharks fans, it’s time, once again, to take a sobering look at the facts of the situation. It’s going to take a minor miracle for us to reach the play-offs of this year’s Super 14.

With two games remaining, the Sharks are on 32 points. We still have the Cheetahs and the Chiefs to play, both at King’s Park. Winning both of these matches – and scoring four tries in each – will nett us 42 points, which will only be enough to squeak fourth spot should a whole bunch of other results go our way. This in itself is no small ask. Although the Cheetahs struggle to beat sides reduced to 13 men, you can be assured that they will raise their game against the hated Durbanites, whom they accuse of “stealing all our players”. The Chiefs, themselves hell-bent on finishing in the top four will be smarting after their unexpected loss against the Force and, having annihilated the hapless Lions the week before, will fancy their chances of toppling the Sharks in the final round-robin match of this year’s competition.

The Sharks and Chiefs, though, along with the Blues, are really now the outsiders in this race. The Crusaders have first spot all but sown up and barring the tamest of capitulations in either of their remaining games (against the lowly Highlanders and Reds) will top the standings by a considerable margin. The Waratahs, Hurricanes and Stormers are the sides most likely to occupy the next three spots, although crucial games in the next fortnight will go a long way to determining the order in which they finish, as well as seeing whether any of them fall out of the reckoning altogether.

For the Sharks, it’s going to be the Stormers-Waratahs match on which their hinges hope. The Sydney-siders now look most vulnerable, as they have the toughest assignments left. For our lads to sneak 4th, we need the Stormers to ensure the Tahs get no points next weekend and then again hope for the Reds to keep the score down in the State of the Union clash the week later. The other possibility is that the Force surprise the Hurricanes in Wellington, leaving the New Zealanders vulnerable going into their final round clash with the improving Blues.

Either way, it’s a bit of a long shot. Time to start thinking about the Currie Cup, I would think. Again.


  • The other option is for us to overtake the Stormers if they lose

  • Comment 1, posted at 04.05.08 17:39:25 by robdylan (Sharks Forever!) Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • But you wouldn’t wish for your fellow countrymen to trip in order for the Sharks to advance…now would you? :mrgreen:

  • Comment 2, posted at 04.05.08 18:10:01 by Cru-El (BABVA) Reply

  • You don’t know me at all, clearly! 🙂

  • Comment 3, posted at 04.05.08 18:51:31 by robdylan (Sharks Forever!) Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • felt a bit for the sharks, i thought they showed alot of guts this weekend and were unlucly to not come away with a BP. Piennaar will need a few games at 10, but had some promising touches when taking it up (please no more kicking tho). the one criticism was the shark’s ball retention in contact, the Saders are outstanding at this, but the sharks are losing ground here. Bismarck was missed. Danie Rossouw should go to the sharks.

    I believe the stormers game next weekend might determine whether we have 0 or 2 teams in the playoffs and without Burger its going to be tough. They were brilliant in the 1st half again tho.

  • Comment 4, posted at 04.05.08 23:47:29 by cab Reply

  • Well all I can say is that for the entire season us fans have had situation sussed ‘constantly’ calling for the ‘inconsistent’ selection of the backline to cease… to no avail…

    The Stormer’s are a case in point… 3 shockers to start off but Rassie maintained the consistency… now look at the verve their backs are playing with… ours albeit just as talented (if not more) are forced to play as individuals as their is zero familiarity as a team…

    Time Dick took responsibility for this failure… the buck stops with him!

  • Comment 5, posted at 05.05.08 03:03:25 by bryce_in_oz Reply

  • I think he tacitly has, bryce

  • Comment 6, posted at 05.05.08 08:09:31 by robdylan (Sharks Forever!) Reply
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  • looking at this in the sober light of day, it will be easier to catch either the Stormers or the Canes, since they have 2 and 1 points fewer than the Tahs do currently. Problem is, the Stormers are virtually assured 5 points against the Lions, meaning that if they get 2 points against the Tahs, we won’t catch them. Maybe the Tahs stuffing the Stormers and ensuring they get no points in the process will work for us.

    Canes could easily lose to the Blues and be run close by the Force. problem is, even if they lose one, as long as they pick up two bonus points in those matches we can’t catch them.

    As for the Tahs, they only need 5 more points over two matches to end up out of our reach. Whatever the result between the Stormers and Tahs, it’s vital for the Sharks that the losing team gets no points at all.

  • Comment 7, posted at 05.05.08 09:01:30 by robdylan (Sharks Forever!) Reply
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  • The three loss streak did you in a bit.

  • Comment 8, posted at 05.05.08 12:46:40 by walter van Reply

    walter van Lions World
  • More than a bit.

    I think our chances are done.

    i do like the way Liam Del Carme seems to believe we are going to play in the final though.

    It may be an oversimplification but the inability to finish attacks, and the absence of a reliable goal kicker are probably the main reasons that the Sharks are not going to play at home in this year’s Super 14 rugby final. 😆

    From his News24 article.

    Liam. A Good man you are…….

  • Comment 9, posted at 05.05.08 12:53:18 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • Sharks just need to do all they can to win both by 5 and hope the results go their way….

    Much the same for the Stormers really.

  • Comment 10, posted at 05.05.08 13:02:20 by Sauce Reply
    Worcestershire Sauce
  • Stormers seem to suddenly have injuries in key positions…so their campaign might also fizzle out.

  • Comment 11, posted at 05.05.08 13:09:13 by walter van Reply

    walter van Lions World

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