SuperBru Tipping Competition: Round 14 Results

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

Posted in :Original Content, Super 14 on 19 May 2008 at 15:37

Well, that’s it for the regular season and with Ghost still a good 10 points clear at the top, I guess it’s time we start talking about the fight for second place. Let’s have a look at the standings in our very own Sharksworld pool in the score prediction game over at

Game 85: Blues v Hurricanes

This was the one that set it all up. A huge local derby between two teams fighting it out to advance. As it turned out, the Blues prevailed, but not by enough to ensure that they could go through. 19-17 was the final score, so Blues by 2. Congrats to SinBinners for getting the bonus with his prediction of Blues by 3.

Game 86: Force v Brumbies

In a game that didn’t really matter at all, the Brumbies ran up a huge lead, only to be beaten in the second half by a determined Force fightback. 29-22 was the final result the bonus was split four ways: Sharkie, Whindy, sharkboy and KSA Kette all had the Force by 7.

Game 87: Crusaders v Highlanders

Now this was the one that cost me (along with a number of other punters) a Grand Slam Point. Who would have thought that the mighty Crusaders could actually by shit enough that they would lose to the lowly Highlanders? Not only did they lose, they got stuffed. 14-26 was the final score, Highlanders by 12. Not a single solitary point was dished out to anyone in the pool for this one!

Game 88: Reds v Waratahs

After a stroke of good luck in the opening game, we really wanted the Reds to prevail here, opening up the door for an SA home semi. Alas, it was not to be as the Waratahs prevailed 18-11, by 7 points. bryce_in_oz, Western Sauce and namboer shared the spoils here, as they all got it spot on.

Game 89: Lions v Stormers

This was the big one for the Stormers and, alas for their fans, they just didn’t have enough in the tank to do as much as they needed to. 22-13 was the final score, but there was no bonus and they miss out on the semis as a result. fattmann, PissAnt and PaarlGimmie shared the bonus here for correctly picking the Stormers by 9.

Game 90: Cheetahs v Bulls

Another meaningless game. All that this one ultimately showed is just how poor the Cheetahs’ defence can really be if they aren’t playing with anything at stake. 60-20 was the score in favour of the Bulls and none of us were anywhere near the correct winning margin of Bulls by 40. Whindy got the bonus, as he predicted the Bulls would be only 20 points better.

Game 91: Sharks v Chiefs

There we go boys! A superb performance, 7 tries and a 43-25 final score, in favour of the mighty Sharks. 22 was the magical winning margin and Fatality was the closest, predicting the Sharks to win by 20.

Again no GSP, thanks to the darn Crusaders. Honourable mentions though to the guys who got 6/7 this week: Sinbinners, bryce_in_oz, PaarlGimmie, Ghost10, KSA Kette, Kandas and your truly. SinBinners was our MVP with 9 points and he’s opened up a wee bit of breathing space between himself and Kandas in the race for second place.

PaarlGimmie and SauronShark have swapped places this week; otherwise the Top 5 remains the same.

Here is the complete top 10:

1 Ghost10 98.75
2 SinBinners 89.44
3 Kandas 87.61
4 PaarlGimmie 86.27
5 SauronShark 84.36
6 namboer 83.32
7 Dive Pass 82.90
8 Villie 82.12
9 bryce_in_oz 79.87
10 Debs 79.75

Ghost10 is still the only Sharksworld contributor still in the top 10, but just look who’s bubbling under in 13th spot! Here’s where the rest of us are:

13 robdylan 78.67 Up four places… here I come!
15 PissAnt 78.17 Holding steady, but he’s been leapfrogged
22 Sandshark 72.75 Moves one spot down. Knew it couldn’t last!
24 Western Sauce 71.87 Down two this week
35 PJLD 60.88 Same place as last week. That’ll teach you to pick the Chiefs!


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