ELV shenanigans are a “storm in a teacup”

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Somebody has grabbed the wrong end of the stick. The experimental rugby laws will be applied worldwide from August 1, says André Watson.

Liam del Carne writes for

Watson, SA Rugby’s manager of referees, responded on Tuesday to a statement attributed to Australian Rugby Union CEO John O’Neill.

O’Neill was reported to have said England, Wales and Ireland were unwilling to try out the experimental laws.

“The International Rugby Board decided that the experimental laws would be applied worldwide for a year from August 1,” Watson said.

“England, Wales and Ireland were party to the decision. They are not opposed to the experimental laws.

“The people in the northern hemisphere have not had an opportunity to try out the experimental laws, so the IRB has given them time to apply some of the original experimental laws,” Watson explained.

“They merely said they did not want to try out two sets of experimental laws. They will apply the laws as will all other countries from August 1.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that world rugby could be torn between north and south because of the refusal of England, Wales and Ireland to support the experimental laws.

The newspaper quoted O’Neill as saying the three countries were not going to test the experimental laws.

Watson does not know how the confusion came about but he has given the assurance that the experimental laws will be applied everywhere from next month.

“It’s actually a storm in a teacup,” he said.

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