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Player survey on ELV’s

Written by Andre Bosch (KSA Shark ©)

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The recent joint survey, undertaken by the Australian, New Zealand and South African Rugby Union Players’ Associations, have now also made the results of the various questions asked of the players and their reaction thereto known after revealing last week that 90% of the players had endorsed the ELVs.

News 24 reports that of a possible 308 players, 264 responded to the survey.

The survey was intended to accurately gauge player sentiment following the introduction of the Experimental Law Variations (ELV’s) that were trialled during the Super 14.

The results of the survey were as follows:

1. Of the 264 players who completed the survey: 93 were Australian, 98 were New Zealanders and 73 were South African.

2. 90% of the players believe the ELV’s are either very or relatively easy to understand.

3. 88% of the players believe the ELV’s have created more continuity in play.

4. There is conjecture and mixed response amongst the players as to whether the ELV’s have made the breakdown easier to understand.

5. 87% of the players believe the law variation requiring defending backs to stand more than five metres back from the scrum is a positive for the game.

6. 85% of players believe the free kick experimental law variation has had an overall positive impact on the game. This is significant given the IRB’s recent decision to introduce laws variations from 1 August this year that do not include this free kick variation.

7. 82% of players believe the ELV concerning a player passing the ball back beyond his own 22 metre line has been very or somewhat positive for the game.

8. 83% of players surveyed believe the ELV’s have had either a very or somewhat positive impact on the game of rugby overall. Only 10% of the players thought that the ELV’s have a very or somewhat negative impact on the game. 7% felt no difference.

9. 76.5% of players support the ELV’s being used in the Tri-Nations.

Tony Dempsey, CEO of the Australian Rugby Union Players’ Association, said: “These results clearly demonstrate that the players prefer to play under the ELV’s introduced this season for the Super 14 competition.

“It is important that administrators listen to the views and attitudes of the players in respect of this very important issue so that we continue to ensure rugby is both an entertaining and interesting sport for both its participants and fans alike.”

Rob Nichol, CEO of the New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association, said: “There was a lot of debate about the ELV’s at the start of the Super 14 competition. Ultimately, however, they have been embraced by the players after having been given the opportunity to prove themselves.

“The results of the survey indicate the ELV’s have been successful.”

Piet Heymans, CEO of the South African Rugby Players’ Association, said: “The survey is a significant confirmation that the ELV’s are contributing to a more entertaining game.

“We need to bring the Northern Hemisphere up to speed with these exciting changes.”

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