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SARU ponders RWC bids and excludes Boks from Emerging side

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The South African Rugby Union Presidents Council on Friday confirmed the Unions interest in bidding to host either the 2015 or 2019 IRB Rugby World Cup.

Rugby 365 reports that Union President Oregan Hoskins briefed council members on the bidding process and secured agreement that the South African Rugby Union would inform the IRB (International Rugby Board) of their interest while considering the implications of making a formal bid.

“I hope to be meeting shortly with the sports minister to discuss our intentions. The IRB require a substantial guarantee and rugby on its own would be unable to foot the bill,” said Hoskins.

It was also noted that officials had a positive meeting with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) regarding the process of moving to a unitary structure.

The matter will now go to the management committee (MANCO) for discussion next month.

SARU also confirmed that they would bid to host either the 2011 or 2012 IRB Junior World Championships in Durban, and that no current of former Springboks being eligible to play for the Emerging Springboks.

Furthermore, it was decided at the meeting that the contracting of Springboks would be undertaken by a seven-man committee including the national coach, Manager of national teams, national selectors, Union President, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board.


  • no current of former Springboks being eligible to play for the Emerging Springboks.

    In my mind that then confirms now once and for all that the Emerging Boks are not concidered as an SA “A” side.

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    KSA Shark ©
  • We certainly have the stadia to host a world cup.

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  • unitary structure ❓

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  • Found this on heavensgame dot com

    The key leadership structures of a unified South African Rugby Union have been agreed. A special meeting of the President’s Council on Monday took the decision to create a new management committee to run rugby under the policy-making command of the President’s Council.

    The new arrangement will replace the current structure in which rugby is divided into a professional arm, SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd, and an amateur arm, the South African Rugby Union (SARU).

    Under the new structure a management committee of the President, Deputy President and Vice-President, four independent directors and the Ceo of the new unitary structure will run the game’s affairs under the direction of the President’s Council.

    The current board of directors of SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd and the management committee of SARU will in due course cease to exist.

    “We had a workshop with union Ceo’s and Presidents at which several suggestions were made,” said SARU Ceo Johan Prinsloo. “A special President’s Council meeting was convened immediately afterwards and this was the structure they accepted.”

    Rugby administrators will now work with tax authorities and legal advisers to work out the detail of the new structure before a timeline is announced for the establishment of the new structure.

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