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Mtimka suspension to be reviewed

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The South African Rugby Players Association (SARPA), together with Border Rugby Union, has advised and assisted Lonwabo Mtimka with the application to review the decision imposing his one year ban for using a banned substance.

Rugby 365 reports that the prop forward was banned after traces of a banned substance – contained in his asthma medication – was found and he failed to declare it as per the required form.

“We had extensive consultations with our member and also had discussions with Border Rugby Union and the conclusion was that our course of action has merit whereby we seek to have the one year suspension of Lonwabo Mtimka reversed,” Piet Heymans, Chief Executive Officer of SARPA, said.

“A number of valid issues need to be considered by the Review committee.”

The review is set to be heard on Wednesday, October 29, in Cape Town.

“We are confident that the Review Committee will be open to our submissions regarding what we see to amount to a particularly harsh sanction.

“We further trust that they will consider these submissions in a constructive manner so that our member will be ensured of playing rugby and practicing his career as a professional without delay,” concluded Heymans.


  • There is an area on the Doping control form for the player to declare anything that he has taken that he feels may be of interest to the Doping Control officer.

    But surely the fact that he does decalre it doesn’t then make it legal?

    So “Yeah I took some coke last night, but I’ll declare it so that it’s legal” 🙄

    if it’s a banned substance it is a banned substance. and if it is a substance that is only banned if a larger than usual amount is detected then so be it, but I can’t see the relevance of a completely illegal substance (as this seems to be) being declared or not.

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  • Full Name Lonwabolwethu
    Nick Name Blackman
    Surname Mtimka
    Height 177cm
    Weight 113kg
    Birth Date 27 June 1981
    Birth City King Williams Town
    Marital Status Single
    Favourite Film Rambo
    Favourite Music R&B; Hip hop
    Favourite Food Meat
    Primary School Zwelitswa Higher Primary
    Secondary School Dale College
    Tertiary Education Buffalo City College

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