Last waltz for Walsh

Written by Clayton Saville (Clayton(PJLD))

Posted in :In the news on 19 Mar 2009 at 09:54

New Zealand referee Steve Walsh will have his contract terminated this week, it is understood.

The demise of one of world rugby’s top officials is expected to be confirmed within the next 72 hours.

Walsh has fallen foul of the “three strikes and you’re out” disciplinary rule used to monitor all match officials.

The Kiwi official has been involved in three incidents in recent years, culminating in a Sanzar meeting in Sydney last year when it is alleged he turned up in no condition to make a meaningful contribution.

One official who insisted on anonymity said: “They have run out of patience with Steve. He is a walking time bomb and looks as though he has thrown it all away. The sad thing is, he doesn’t appear to have anything much but refereeing in his life. It seems crazy he’s just thrown it away.”

Another source said “Steve has been drinking in the last chance saloon for some time, but didn’t seem to realise it.”

Walsh has not officiated in Super 14 matches this season for what was originally called “personal employment” reasons. Initially, he was expected to return to refereeing in the later rounds and he was named to take charge of Saturday’s Wales versus Ireland fixture in the Six Nations Championship. But that has proved illusory and now Walsh’s contract will be terminated.

At the 2003 Rugby World Cup, he was suspended for three days for inappropriate behaviour towards the England team after a row on the touchline with England’s fitness coach Dave Reddin.

In 2005, Walsh was again in trouble. This time he copped a four-month suspension for verbally abusing the Lions’ Irish wing Shane Horgan during a Lions tour match in New Zealand.

So Walsh’s career attached to New Zealand rugby appears to be over, but his international refereeing career might not be. It is believed he now intends to go to Japan and referee where his skills are said to be badly needed. If all goes well, within 12 months, he could be nominated for the IRB’s elite list as an official representing the Japanese Rugby Union.

Article by Peter Bills for IOL


  • Hopefully he can stay away from the saki in Japan. 🙄

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  • @McLovin (Comment 1) :

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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  • Shame, poor oke!!!

    I actually thought he was a decent ref!!! 😕

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