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Mooney wary of Super expansion

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Reds coach Phil Mooney believes Australia does not have enough depth for a fifth franchise in a proposed expanded Super 15 from 2011.

Rugby 365 reports that while the details are yet to be confirmed, SANZAR has agreed on a Super rugby compromise and the early indications were that Australia would be the base for the new 15th team.

Melbourne would be the overwhelming favourite to be handed Super Rugby status but Mooney is adamant that Australia does not have the player stocks.

“I just can’t see where a fifth Australian team are going to get the players from,” Mooney told the AAP.

“If you take all young guys, which we have done, you’re going to take a few hits.

“If you pick all the old guys I would argue that Super 14 has probably moved on from them.

“We’re talking about starting a new team and if the Australian teams were coming one, two, three, four I’d say yep but as we speak not one of them are in the four.”

While Mooney supports expansion he would prefer to see a combined Pacific Islanders team admitted which could either be based in Australia or NZ.

“Samoa, Fiji, Tonga have been punching above their weight for a long time,” he said. “I think we’ve got a responsibility to help develop the game there.”


  • And I am sure the majority of South Africans feel the same way about our ability of fielding a 6th side.

    So now it becomes a case of we have the expansion agreement, but neither Aus, SA or NZ can field an additional team that isn’t going to have their arses whipped every weekend.

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  • dont worry moony, o neill has it all figured out :mrgreen: aussies are going to have the 1,2,3,4 and 5th spots, from the bottom of the log.

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  • Anothe coach is worried.

    So if each team is going to need more players the number of players required overall is going to increase even more. 😕

    More games means more players, argues Hickey

    The Waratahs may have to reconsider their policy to reduce their squad and opt to increase player numbers if the Super competition extends to 22 weeks.

    Waratahs coach Chris Hickey said it was unlikely the roster on the NSW Rugby Union’s books would be enough if the tournament from 2011 lasted 22 weeks, had six teams in the finals and continued beyond late May.

    Hickey welcomed South Africa’s decision to keep Super rugby alive.

    “They are world champions and have a lot of status in world rugby,” Hickey said shortly before his Waratahs’ round-14 game against the Lions on Friday night (early this morning, Sydney time). “Having three of the strongest rugby nations in the world together [in one tournament] continues the strength of southern hemisphere rugby.”

    Hickey warned that in an expanded tournament teams would have to review their player numbers, training programs and match preparations.

    “Not seeing the format, it’s probably difficult to be too specific. But with 22 games you would have to take a different approach to the season, back to when you started your pre-season and managed that,” he said. “It’s probably difficult to imagine reducing squads and increasing games from 13 [plus a bye] to 22. I would imagine that would require extended squads, not reduced squads.”

    The Waratahs have reduced their player stocks from 33 to “29-30” this year, and had looked to settle on 29 from next year.

    “We are not locked in on one hard figure. Around 29 is something we will aim for,” he said. “You may have to go back and look at size of the squads again. It may be a matter of going back to 32 to 33 players.

    “If you have to play an extra eight or nine games, injuries become a big factor in that. It’s a high standard of footy [already]. To extend by that much, something somewhere along the line will need to change.

    “You would have to rethink the whole approach to pre-season, how you would approach the season, training loads, injury management and the players – [whether] they are physically and mentally fit enough to play 22 games.”

    Although the AFL and NRL seasons extend far longer than Super rugby, Hickey believes travel demands over 22 weeks would make the Super season equally demanding for players.

    “Other competitions you might play 22 games, but you don’t have the travel component,” Hickey said. “That is one of the thing that makes Super rugby such a difficult competition.”

    South Africa’s continuation in SANZAR also keeps alive one of the greatest challenges for Australian players – touring in one of the toughest environments in world rugby.

    Besides the challenge of playing physically massive and talented teams from one of the true world rugby powers, visiting teams have had to deal with myriad off-field stresses. Foremost of those have been the barbs and taunts of the hostile crowds who pack the steep, towering grandstands .

    Australian players have eventually learnt to embrace the atmosphere – one that they would probably miss had South Africa quit SANZAR.

    “They are pure rugby grounds. The stands are steep and the crowds are right on top of you. It creates the best atmosphere,” Waratahs back Lachie Turner said. “It is why we play footy. I would hate to think I would never get the chance to play there again.”

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  • does Hickey know something we dont, 22 weeks? Arent the competition already 22weeks including the semis and final

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  • i hope adolf wakes up and sign a couple of much needed quality players, who can start next year and have some experience in 2011

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  • @JarsonX (Comment 4) :

    Nope the comp is only 16 weeks at the moment. 🙁 I see the Currie cup taking a big blow. 🙁

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  • @KSA Shark © (Comment 6) : i must suck at maths or logical thinking 😳 i was thinking 14 teams, 13 rounds, 1 weekend of per team(7 byes) 13 add 7 =20 plus semis and final, such and idiot. Wheres the blushing smilie?

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