How good are we?

Written by Morné Nortier (Morné)

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For once, let’s remove the crap.

Having a discussion with a fellow rugby supporters yesterday I was asked to remove all the bullshit surrounding the much discussed current Bok coach Peter de Villiers, so I did.

You see the funny thing with opinions is that they are all based on things you either read, see or hear. Now I am not as fortunate as Gavin Rich to be close to the team as much as he is, after all, I have a real job to look after, but if we remove all the bullshit, perceptions, hearsay and rumours, then we are left with simple, factual evidence to base opinions on.

You see opinions and arguments can change quite a bit depending on which mechanics and dynamics you are trying to dissect, and what reference you use as a base for your opinion or argument.

For instance, specific mechanics and dynamics during Jake White’s tenure can be analysed and scrutinized and make him out to be a bit of a failure as a coach since he was not too hot against the best teams in the world, but ultimately, the man won the World Cup so from a completely different reference point, his career as Bok coach will be the most celebrated one.

The problem often comes in that we all debate from a different reference point trying to prove a point, and through this, miss each other and the point completely. That and the fact that the human element that forms part of rugby is usually discussed based on who you support, and who your favourites are.

Reports in most media sectors recently suggested that we all but ‘failed’ in the recent Lions series and the main reason for this it seems, is because this team should klap all comers.

These same guys basically suggest we should be able to win the Tri Nations comfortably, given the fact that we have a world beating team currently being held back by the coaching staff from reaching their true potential…

On what do we base this?

What is the most reliable point of reference we can investigate this claim with? Surely this should be the ‘form’ of this team, or its current crop of players against the very guys we should now, smash for all love or money?

So here is my angle I am going to take. Firstly I am going to consider our record against some of the top teams in the world since re-admission, and to be fair to the current crop of players, also consider it since 2004 where the majority of them came together under White and won a Tri Nations.

The normal percentages are followed in brackets by our winning percentages since 2004.

All Blacks – 26% (33%)
Australia – 45% (50%)
France – 47% (25%)
England – 54% (71%)

Overall – 43% (45%)

(Figures and stats from

So since 1992, we have only managed to win more games against England from the 4 teams highlighted. Since 2004, we improved slightly by starting to beat Australia by as much as we lose against them.

But then, how accurate is this reference point? The Bokke as we know is constantly under barrage of attack from the media and politicians which handicaps any coach that has taken charge of them. Add to this poor selections and weak game plans this reference might not reflect the full picture here.

So where do we go to become even more accurate?

Why not compare our best 150 players to that of Australia and New Zealand!

That’s right, let’s take a look at Super rugby, the elite competition which serves as a stepping stone for national selection in each of the SANZAR partners.

The average winning percentage for the champion team of the competition since its inception comes in at 79% of matches won in the season. We all know quite well South Africa has won the title only twice through the Bulls.

As with the Tri Nations, the Super rugby tournament has always placed difficult travel restrictions on SA teams but that will never change.

Below I have listed the winning percentage of each of the South African teams since the competitions inception.

Sharks – 48%
Stormers – 45%
Bulls – 40%
Cheetahs – 30%
Lions – 28%

SA Overall – 38%

But again, is this really a true reflection of where we find ourselves now as a rugby nation, in a ‘golden era’ as most would elude to?

Let’s be fair here, let’s only look at how we did since 2004 in the time where we won two of those titles.

Bulls – 55%
Sharks – 52%
Stormers – 45%
Cheetahs – 25%
Lions – 18%

SA Overall since 2004 – 39%

The Bulls have shown a massive 15% improvement as did the Sharks who went over the 50% mark – as for the remaining three – well the less said the better…

So since the majority of our Boks are picked from the Sharks, Bulls and Stormers it would be safe to assume that we might just be in a little golden era here since 2004? I would think so, the figures are plain and simple, even though our overall percentage as a country only shows a 1% increase. But since when did we look to the Lions for inspiration?

But now, if we have improved, what have our competitors been up to?

Here is a breakdown of the NZAR statistics since the competition launched.

New Zealand

Crusaders – 66%
Blues – 62%
Hurricanes – 52%
Highlanders – 49%
Chiefs – 46%

Overall – 55%


Brumbies – 60%
Waratahs – 52%
Reds – 46%
Force – 35%

Overall – 48%

Remember SA came in at 38%

Since 2004

New Zealand

Crusaders – 75%
Hurricanes – 59%
Blues – 57%
Chiefs – 54%
Highlanders – 39%

Overall – 57%

So in New Zealand, the Highlanders seemed to have fallen off the bus and the Blues has regressed a little bit (still more than any SA team in the same time though!), but overall, NZ has improved as a whole by 2%, and given they are close to 20 percentage points ahead of us already, that is quite a statement when it comes to form…

Australia since 2004

Brumbies – 59%
Waratahs – 57%
Force – 35%
Reds – 27%

Overall – 45%

(Figures are rounded and found on

Australia as a whole seemed to have regressed apart from the Tahs who improved their overall record in the last 5 years.

But even then, their two top teams (which BTW contributes to a large portion of the Wallabie squad) are still better than anything SA had to offer! Their overall success rate since 2004 is also well above South Africa by 6 percentage points!

I don’t think it is necessary for me to do a Super rugby log listing the teams, you have all the information there to do it yourself. The message however is quite clear.

Which leaves me asking everyone this question;

Are we as good as we believe we are?


  • Yes we Are!!!!!!!!!!!

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    KSA Shark ©
  • “specific mechanics”


  • Comment 2, posted at 08.07.09 09:01:53 by klempie Reply
  • @klempie (Comment 2) :

    You are the first guy that picked up on that…

    My sense of humour seems to fail on most.

  • Comment 3, posted at 08.07.09 09:03:22 by Morné Reply
  • Speaking of opinion being determined by what we read, see, or hear, Joffers-my-boy said this morning that from what he hears one John Smit is running the show. 😎

  • Comment 4, posted at 08.07.09 09:04:36 by klempie Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 3) : Well I was only the second poster, so you may be making too early a call. 😛

  • Comment 5, posted at 08.07.09 09:05:19 by klempie Reply

  • @klempie (Comment 5) :

    No this was posted elsewhere already too and no-one picked up on that!

  • Comment 6, posted at 08.07.09 09:06:41 by Morné Reply
  • @klempie (Comment 4) : oh yeah – that doyen of rugby knowledge, Graeme Joffe… grasping at straws a little, klamps? :mrgreen:

  • Comment 7, posted at 08.07.09 09:13:15 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @klempie (Comment 4) : What a [email protected] coach he must be for us to have lost the final Test against the Lions then!

  • Comment 8, posted at 08.07.09 09:14:21 by Baldrick Reply

  • @klempie (Comment 2) : Also picked that up while reading… I allowed to ask what colour he is??? 🙄 😈

  • Comment 9, posted at 08.07.09 09:14:27 by Pokkel Reply
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  • Rob, a very good article especially as you use facts to back up your arguments. I think in general itmight be conceded that SA has the most depth of the SANZAR nations. That SHOULD give us the edge, but doesn’t seem to.

    We are also perceived as arrogant, and in some cases, rightly so.

    1. Louis Luyt says at the RWC 95 that if SA had been in the tournament in previous years, we would have won themn as well.

    2. SA players go all childish in manner and handwriting with the “Justice for Bakkies” armbands (and judging by the fact that they sunk, not swam, in the last game, the armbands should ahve been of the blow-up type.

    3. Why was there the whole “let’s get the Japies” email? Perhaps arrogance?

    And I am sure there are plenty other examples, but which all boil down to your headline “Are we good enough?” – and we all resolutely believe we are.

    My final say on the matter is that we probably have the player, but not the direction. By this I mean we spend 15 years producing a quality, international player, but how much time do we spend producing coaches?

    How many coaches are given three years to build a team and continue to fail? Besides coaching, what other instruction have they received?

    With Sean Everitt and now Deon Kayser, I think what Plumtree is doing by bringing in coaches at a top level who will, down the line coach at a lower level is exactly the kind of focus we need in this country.

    Baldie’s Epic over.

  • Comment 10, posted at 08.07.09 09:21:13 by Baldrick Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 6) : Well in that case, I will take all the kudos. 😎

  • Comment 11, posted at 08.07.09 09:30:17 by klempie Reply

  • @Baldrick (Comment 8) : Yeh. Who makes 10 changes? JS should know better. 🙄

  • Comment 12, posted at 08.07.09 09:30:55 by klempie Reply

  • If it wasn’t for all the evil conspiracies from all match officials the world over, incompetent coaches/administrators, unreasonable travel demands etc. the Boks would never lose a match. 😉 🙄

  • Comment 13, posted at 08.07.09 09:30:59 by McLovin Reply

  • @Baldrick (Comment 10) :

    I think the stats reflect the results we have achieved in recent years.

    Of course there is the human element in rugby which cannot be measured. I have seen underdogs smash favourites against all odds, but that is the exception rather than the rule, and as for South Africa, Super rugby and 3N success has also been the exception rather than the rule.

    I also think the Super rugby stats reflects our Bok results fairly accurately.

    I do not think it is a case of talent, or lack of it, I just think we are getting things wrong in Super rugby as well as Bok rugby so although we can slam PDV for getting things wrong at times, we are not considering the bigger picture or addressing the actual cause.

    Also, PDV is getting just about as much wrong as any other Bok coach before him.

    But then again, he basically has to work with the same resources that they had to or the quality of resources and quality of supporting structures so should PDV’s result surprise or anger us really?

    Success can only be measured in the frames you operate in. Georgia might want to lift the World Cup one day but they are not operating in those frames currently so their measures of success is far different from ours.

    This is where I believe most fans and the media believe we operate in a certain frame of success, where in reality we are actually perhaps punching above our weight???

    I think the success from 2004 to today, has put us in a position to consistently challenge the top teams in the world – something we only achieved in 1997 under Mallet last.

    But to think we should smash all comers is far-fetched.

    To say the Boks under performed against a weak Lions team not only insults the Lions as a team but also underestimates how tough this was and how well we did to win the series.

    But then again, analysing specific mechanics and dynamics is far more sensational in terms of journalism than to simply look at cold hard facts and figures.

  • Comment 14, posted at 08.07.09 09:32:47 by Morné Reply
  • @robdylan (Comment 7) : 😛

  • Comment 15, posted at 08.07.09 09:33:29 by klempie Reply

  • @Baldrick (Comment 10) :

    I think Morne wrote the article… 😛

    @Morné (Comment 14) : But to think we should smash all comers is far-fetched.

    Can’t agree more. I was shocked to see some article suggesting that the 3N is there for the taking. Based on what exactly?

    I think we have enough talent to match anyone – and on our good day we can beat anyone – but we must accept that not all days will be good.

    Let’s just be grateful if we win the games that REALLY matter.

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    blackshark - I'm back!
  • @Baldrick (Comment 10) : I didn’t write it! 🙂

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  • approve my pic please. At Morne, well written article, i believe we are better than the stats show us, somewhere something is very wrong though

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 18) : Been approved since you submitted it bru,i can see it.

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  • @klempie (Comment 2) : @Morné (Comment 6) :

    I did too…but Klemp stole my claim to fame … 😆

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    Ctrl F5….. 🙄

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 18) :


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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 20) :

    I haven’t read the whole article… 🙂

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 20) : You snooze, you lose. 😎

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 18) : Cool avatar. :mrgreen:

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  • @blackshark (Comment 23) :

    You gonna fight with me about that too, now??? 😉

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  • This CC is starting to early. I am all rugbyed out. I mean, it’s been ON since the start of the Super 14 with NO break at all. 😳

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  • @klempie (Comment 27) : too * 😳

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  • @robdylan (Comment 17) : Apologies all round, and to you Morne, well-written and plenty of food for thought.

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 26) :

    When i finish reading the article – i’ll claim my fame as well… 🙂

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  • @klempie (Comment 27) :

    Are you serious? I can’t wait…

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  • @klempie (Comment 27) : wuss 🙂

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  • @provincejoulekkading (Comment 19) : what do u see? I see the same avatar as blackshark’s, dont ask me how that happened

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  • Dude, do the ctrl f5 thing, I approved your cartoon Shark at 8:30 already

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  • @blackshark (Comment 31) : @robdylan (Comment 32) : Too much of a good thing. 😳 I feel like I have had too many sweets.

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 34) : Are those errant jellyfish in the background? 😕

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    My Fridays have been empty… 😛

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    Why do some people have to be told THREE times to do something.. 🙄 😆

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    I was the FIRST on to say to you what to do – and you Ignored it – is this a sexist thing??? Maybe Try Time was right – I need to change my avatar in order for some men to listen to me.. 🙄 😉

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 43) : I don’t listen to you. But that’s just to spite you. So boobs won’t change a thing. 😉

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    well if you listened to me for a change, you would have been much the wiser already….now look at some dimb things you say!! 🙄 😆

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 26) : lets see if my experiment works. 😉

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    1. Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella, unless at rugby, and your biltong is getting wet, then, for the eating period only, it is permissible.

    2. It is ok for a man to cry under the following circumstances:
    a. When a heroic dog dies to save its master.
    b. The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse.
    c. After wrecking your boss’ car.
    d. One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into “The Crying Game”
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    I Lke nr 16…

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  • @try time (superrugby’s kryptonite is SANZAR) (Comment 47) :


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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 46) : I cower in front of your intellectual prowess. 😳

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 51) : at Klempie, its bulls supporters :mrgreen:

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 48) : so u are a spy 😉

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 48) : I hate when people want to make converation when I’m having a wee. 🙄

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  • @klempie (Comment 50) :

    You should..

    @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 53) :

    Wanna go watch the rugby Saturday at the pub???

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  • @JarsonX (Insomniac) (Comment 53) : I think Prof is ‘one of us’

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  • @McLovin (Comment 54) : Some men even break that rule. A cursory nod or mumble is all that is needed.

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  • @klempie (Comment 57) : Even if we’re both having a wee I don’t like it. Strangers that would never otherwise talk to me all of a sudden feel compelled to strike up a conversation whilst we both standing there dick in hand. 😕

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  • So much for Morne’s well written article!!! 🙄

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  • I like number 9. 😎

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  • @wpw (Comment 59) : There’s an article? :mrgreen:

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  • @McLovin (Comment 58) : Yeh I know! ROFL.

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  • England have won the toss and will bat first in the Ashes opener.

    Must have been a close contest!

  • Comment 63, posted at 08.07.09 11:54:11 by Rahul Reply

  • @klempie (Comment 60) : Absolutely.

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  • @Rahul (Comment 63) : Yip, the toss usually goes down to the wire. Always a 50/50 contest. 😛 :mrgreen:

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  • @McLovin (Comment 58) : What also annoys me is the dumbasses who don’t follow the urinal assignment algorithm. In geek speak it is similar to a binary sort algorithm. If they’re all empty, then you go to one on either end (preferably the one furthest from the wash basins). The next oke takes the other end. The third should take the middle and you progressively divide remaining urinals in half. I can’t stand it when there are like four free ones and a doos comes and stands right next to me. 🙄

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  • We should shut up now. We are giving the “others” unique insight into our world. 😕

  • Comment 67, posted at 08.07.09 11:59:44 by klempie Reply

  • @Rahul (Comment 63) : I really don’t know who I want to win. I hate the Aussies less than I used to but they’ve got a nice lead on us in the championship. On the other hand, Poms are insufferable when they win.

  • Comment 68, posted at 08.07.09 12:02:48 by klempie Reply

  • @klempie (Comment 67) :

    Asseblief, ja… 😳

  • Comment 69, posted at 08.07.09 12:04:26 by Prof. Ice Reply
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  • @klempie (Comment 68) :
    Im also torn, born in Scotland but I am South African! Hate them both equally

    Could have been an intersting England squad… Broad Onions Cook Swann!

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  • @Prof. Ice (Comment 55) : arent u married 😉

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  • @klempie (Comment 42) :

    My weekend starts better if there’s a Friday evening game…

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  • @klempie (Comment 66) : Makes me very suspicious when they do that. I sommer piss on their shoes.

  • Comment 73, posted at 08.07.09 12:23:39 by McLovin Reply

  • I dunno Morne…

    SA currently holds the follwoing silverware:

    World Cup
    Lions scalp
    Sevens league champions

    Add to that the fact that we wouldve been ranked first in the world if Lions tours were taken into account in the rankings.

    There are therefore only two pieces of silverware we could possibly still win are the the Sevens World Cup and the 3N.

    As NZ lost against France at home the other day and struggled against France in the second test and Italy, I’d say we’re carrying a bit more form into the 3N.
    Wrt Oz who knows which side will pitch for the 3N.

    As SA has just come out of the toughest series I’ve seen in my lifetime you really have to rate our chances better than previous years.

    And if we win the 3N we really will have a full trophy cabinet… and then I’d rate us as pretty damn good… no matter what your “stats” say… sorry chum.

  • Comment 74, posted at 08.07.09 12:28:03 by VinChainSaw Reply
  • @VinChainSaw (Comment 74) : Good point TT. The All Black are not looking great….I think the biggest threat will come from the Aussies

  • Comment 75, posted at 08.07.09 12:35:12 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @Pokkel (Comment 75) : TT? Really? 🙂

  • Comment 76, posted at 08.07.09 12:35:59 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Pokkel (Comment 75) : my thoughts exactly, and we are playing NZ twice here 😀

  • Comment 77, posted at 08.07.09 12:37:13 by JarsonX (Insomniac) Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • Urinal Etiquette.

    1. No Talking
    This is the most important rule of urinal etiquette! There is no talking allowed. EVER! No exceptions!

    2. Always leave a buffer urinal
    Unless it is absolutely necessary, do NOT ever pick an empty urinal that is located directly next to an occupied urinal. Seriously. If there are five urinals, take the one that is furthest away from me. Why would you publicly park your penis right next to mine? This may result in a very uncomfortable awkwardness that resonates between you and your temporary urinal neighbor.

    3. Look straight Ahead!
    Count the tiles. Read the advertising. Mentally calculate your tab. Think of an ice-breaker for the girl you’re not going to even try to pick up. I don’t care what you do…. Just look straight ahead. Not up or down, or anywhere around…. Straight ahead! You don’t want people getting the wrong idea.

    4. Posture & Position Is Very Important
    Stand up straight. Don’t stand too far back from the urinal. And don’t lean back either. Nobody wants to see a side view of you holding your junk. On the same accord, nobody wants to see a stream coming from your genital-area. Get in close, and get down to business.

    5. Don’t Waste Time
    Get in. Get out. Especially if there is a line of people waiting to use the urinal.

    6. Never Make Direct Eye Contact
    Making direct eye contact with another man standing at the urinal is never a wise idea. Nothing good can come out of direct eye contact. Either a severe beatdown or unwanted sexual contact are the most likely consequences for making direct eye contact with another man, while he is comfortably urinating in public.

    7. Making Sounds Is NEVER Acceptable
    No moans. No grunts. No sighs. No satisfying sounds what-so-ever. Just step in front of the urinal, and get to the point. If you are behind closed stall-doors, then exceptions can be made. But, if you are holding your junk in your hands, while standing directly next to another man, you should NEVER make these bodily-noises! Ever.

    8. Everybody Farts, Nobody Acknowledges Farts
    If you happen to fart during urination, do not look around to see if anybody heard it. Chances are they already know it was you, and chances are, they’ve done it too. Just pretend like it didn’t happen and go about your business.

    9. Flush It. Only If You’re Brave
    Flushing is NOT always necessary. Mainly because nobody wants to touch a handle that other people touch directly after they were holding their junk. However, if there is a strong aroma of urine or a dark shade of yellow-orange, flushing may be a necessity. On the other hand, washing your hands is an ABSOLUTELY necessary! Don’t be lazy. Spend the 30 seconds to sanitize your hands. Because we all touch the same door handle on the way out.

    10. Shake it, Don’t Spray It
    When you shake it off, make sure drops of urine do NOT get all over you or the floor. It’s a bad idea to shake wildly, due to the mystery of where it will land. Nobody wants to step in it, and drops of urine on your pants or shirt may prove to be quite embarrassing. Shake with care, especially if the person in the next urinal is wearing brand new Air Jordans… Bottom Line – Just remember to shake with care.

    11. No Cell-Phones Allowed!
    We have established that talking to other patrons in a bathroom is never allowed. Ever! This also applies to those on your cellphone. Cell Phone conversations ruin the whole urinal experience, for you and everybody else around you. Honestly, one of the main reasons I leave for the bathroom is to get away from the noise. To get away from the constant chatter, and spend a few moment of peace with just me and my penis. I don’t want to hear your mindless drunk dialing.

    12. Leave Your Beer Behind
    Don’t take your drink into the bathroom. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary, depending on the venue in which you are drinking. But, Urinal germs can float in the air. And when I say Urinal germs, I mean some strange man just took a piss right where you are taking a sip from your beer. Why would you bring your tasty beverage into that area? You should ONLY take your beer in front of a urinal, is when it’s absolutely necessary! And you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! (yes, this includes bottled-drinks)

  • Comment 78, posted at 08.07.09 12:44:54 by McLovin Reply

  • If win both our home games against the AB’s I’ll be a very happy man.

    But the talk of the AB’s are not good and the Boks ar so good, makes me uneasy.

  • Comment 79, posted at 08.07.09 12:51:44 by McLovin Reply


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