Well done boys!

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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To our Sharks – well done out there today, boys!

It was by no means a perfect performance, but the improvements are coming week after week and the most crucial thing of all is that we managed to secure the win. Every guy on the field gave his all and given where we have come from this season, it really was a superb victory.

Enjoy it, lads. You made your fans proud today.

Sharks forever!


  • Rob, I second that!!!!

  • Comment 1, posted at 20.03.10 10:48:12 by Me2 aka Mama Shark Reply
    Me2 aka Mama Shark
  • this was such a hugely important step in the right direction

  • Comment 2, posted at 20.03.10 10:52:12 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • True. True. Not a petty game, but Kankowski’s try-saving tackle epitomised a team desperate not to lose. I think we can only get better from here. Perhaps finish somewhere respectably in the mid-table.

  • Comment 3, posted at 20.03.10 10:56:14 by CapeShark Reply
    The Great Couch Shark
  • Bloody fantastic game!!! The second half was great rugby. Our boys won and it feels like we won the final!I ams o proud of them.

    Lambie definitely shold be allowed to own the 15 jersey. (wish they made them like that when I was his age….also, imagine having him, Ruans AND Frans Steyn in the same side!!!!!)

    While his chip kicks are frustrating, and he obviously was told to reign them in the second half….Stefan was sublime on the wing. I am a JP fan but Stefan showed just how lazy JP and ODwa have been. Oupa was all over the park, working overtime.

    Congrats to the Dup bros….played well and behaved even better!

    Well done to the refs, touchies and TMO – All New Zealanders, and all new stock! Maybe thats what rugby needs, lose the old bias’s. The guy with the whistle blew fair and consistently. And didn’t allow himself to be bullied by anyone.

    What a day – Sharks win and got my copy of the New Moon DVD!!!!

    Black and White – All that matters!

  • Comment 4, posted at 20.03.10 11:06:50 by Just a Fan Reply

    Just a Fan
  • Well done Sharks. Proud of the boys.

    Also our Captain, playing out of position and there he gave his all for the team. Good stuff from you John.

    Lambie was superb. PURE CLASS. Now hold onto him Sharks don’t lose him like you lost Fransie.

    Lambie must start next week. Ruan was good today and his goal kicks were spot on.

    Proud of the team. 😉

  • Comment 5, posted at 20.03.10 11:07:27 by Puma Reply

  • What got into JP, he was a different player today! 😛
    Congrats to Lambie, he came thru with flying colours.
    Bismark was massive. As was Adi. A few question marks about Swannepoel’s defence as was the general defence in the second half. But the change in attitude was so evident…

  • Comment 6, posted at 20.03.10 11:10:49 by CapeShark Reply
    The Great Couch Shark
  • @Just a Fan (Comment 4) : Yes would have been great to still have Frans Steyn in this side too.

  • Comment 7, posted at 20.03.10 11:11:29 by Puma Reply

  • Allez Les Requins!!

  • Comment 8, posted at 20.03.10 11:13:11 by lostfish Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter Competition Winner
  • @CapeShark (Comment 6) : Adi was good but trying for a drop 🙄 when we should have been trying for a try for the bonus. Mistake there by Adi.

  • Comment 9, posted at 20.03.10 11:13:13 by Puma Reply

  • “It was by no means a perfect performance..” – Geez, can’t you bask in the glory regardless?

  • Comment 10, posted at 20.03.10 11:13:39 by Baldrick Reply

  • I hope Plum now sticks with Lambie at 15. He was outstanding, huge BMT for debut.

  • Comment 11, posted at 20.03.10 11:14:45 by Baldrick Reply

  • @Just a Fan (Comment 4) : Have to agree, match officials were good today. Probably the first time we had that in our 6 games. Well against the Saders that ref was not bad.

  • Comment 12, posted at 20.03.10 11:15:48 by Puma Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 9) : And if it was over 😉

  • Comment 13, posted at 20.03.10 11:16:41 by Charlie Reply

  • Would have meant nothing. Game was won by then. A extra point was what we were wanting. Needed a try not a drop on full time. 😯

    Anyhow a extra point at this stage for the Sharks don’t mean much we never going to make the semi. Just pleased to see us win today.

    Lambie was superb. Ruan getting all his kicks too. John playing out of position but playing well. He is a real team player for sure. Dup brothers played well 😀

    Now for the Canes next week. Hope we can have another win there but that will be more difficult.

  • Comment 14, posted at 20.03.10 11:20:15 by Puma Reply

  • Great to get the win at last. Lambie was great. Stefan made a lot of errors. Did Swannie play? And the biggest surprise was the scrum. Congrats John Smit . Bismark was huge and give Jannie some credit as well.

  • Comment 15, posted at 20.03.10 11:23:04 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • Well done to the guys!

    Win all the rest and pick up about 4 bonus points and they can still finish 4th. 😆

  • Comment 16, posted at 20.03.10 11:23:50 by Os Reply

  • There is a sense of renewed confidence in this team…shoot me down, if you like, but I will be sorry to see Goode go. Ruan was playing where he should always be…No.9, and the combo. was beginning to work! Also has given Rory a beeg wake up call!

  • Comment 17, posted at 20.03.10 11:39:13 by Me2 aka Mama Shark Reply

    Me2 aka Mama Shark
  • @Pokkel (Comment 15) :
    I think Stef was under pressure…playing wing for first time in….?????… many years….made some good moves…pity his hands let him down….BUT …it will come right…and when it does…we can look forward to some great tries 😀
    And no one can say he didn’t work hard….showed JPP & Odwa a thing or 2!

  • Comment 18, posted at 20.03.10 11:43:03 by Me2 aka Mama Shark Reply

    Me2 aka Mama Shark
  • @Os (Comment 16) : I like your thinking!

  • Comment 19, posted at 20.03.10 11:43:43 by Me2 aka Mama Shark Reply

    Me2 aka Mama Shark
  • My view:

    Goode was kak – had a pre-game injury but still.

    Still feel your 12 is a dead-weight, nothing happening off his channel.

    Stefan’s hands let him down badly at times, but generally better.

    Still maintain you are playing the wrong loosie combo.

    Tight 5 in general good.

    If it wasnt for Bismarck’s value in crossing the gain-line I would kick him out of the team. I hate it when he isolates himself and he struggles to link up with support – he goes dead too often with the ball and there was too many missed line-outs.

    Adi was again good – just see how many line-breaks this guy makes, Lambie spectacular. Kanko my man of the match.

  • Comment 20, posted at 20.03.10 11:45:52 by Morné Reply
  • Oh yes, welcome back Sharks…

  • Comment 21, posted at 20.03.10 11:48:24 by Morné Reply
  • @CapeShark (Comment 3) : If the team was playing like that then it does seem to squash the in fighting rumours.

  • Comment 22, posted at 20.03.10 12:05:19 by lostfish Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter Competition Winner
  • After having to suffer through another dismal Lions performance the Sharks made my Saturday morning!

    Young Lambie looks to be the real deal. Interesting that once the Sharks got some momentum thanks to decent reffing for a change they never really looked like losing. There are too many stars in this team to be 5 and 1 – come on Sharks kick on from here!

  • Comment 23, posted at 20.03.10 12:06:33 by Rugby Guru Reply

    Rugby Guru
  • A win at last! Much better and there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time some semblence of a game plan. Quick reclcling good fron foot ball from the forwards and better running lines from the back.smit was awesome,kanko elusuve as ever,pienaar more confident and lambie a gem.

  • Comment 24, posted at 20.03.10 12:19:18 by zenrugby Reply

  • @Rugby Guru (Comment 23) : nice to see you here again, Guru!

  • Comment 25, posted at 20.03.10 12:32:55 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • afternoon everyone 😉

  • Comment 26, posted at 20.03.10 12:56:54 by Chaz Reply

  • Well done to the Sharks!! 😎

  • Comment 27, posted at 20.03.10 12:57:07 by wpw Reply
  • well done guys a win at last cost me a point on SB but thats ok shit that was good got a frog in my throat but thats fine it was worth it at the end well so proud to be a shark and to have a good team keep up the good playing and today you all had fun,
    Smit glad you could play the whole game it was great :mrgreen:

  • Comment 28, posted at 20.03.10 12:59:35 by Chaz Reply

  • Andnow you see what i telling bring in the young blood Lambie had a great game and had fun give him time with the team and well have ourselves a 2nd Steyn good work Lambie

  • Comment 29, posted at 20.03.10 13:01:11 by Chaz Reply

  • And big guys sitting up there leave him where he is don’t let him go hold onto him he was great i’m so proud of how he played he was great :mrgreen:

  • Comment 30, posted at 20.03.10 13:02:59 by Chaz Reply

  • @Rugby Guru (Comment 23) : yes the ref for a change was great and played a fear game :mrgreen:

  • Comment 31, posted at 20.03.10 13:04:13 by Chaz Reply

  • I hope Lambie’s contract is watertight…

    Some Super 14(15) franchises would have taken note today, not too mention the greedy Frenchies…

  • Comment 32, posted at 20.03.10 13:18:57 by Morné Reply
  • @Morné (Comment 32) : And the Rebels 😐

  • Comment 33, posted at 20.03.10 13:35:27 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 32) : well they must just leave him alone he is a sharks and a very good one to :mrgreen:

  • Comment 34, posted at 20.03.10 13:38:52 by Chaz Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 32) : But I can’t see the Sharks letting him slip, they’ve obviously invested a lot of time in him, hence him getting a chance today.

    The boy seems to be fearless…..kamikaze diving to catch the ball and actually pulling it off. I think he is here to stay, as long as he keeps it up.

    But really impressive for a first game at this level at his tender age. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!

  • Comment 35, posted at 20.03.10 13:39:08 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 33) : Rebels can have bb

  • Comment 36, posted at 20.03.10 13:39:18 by Chaz Reply

  • @Chaz (Comment 36) : bb?

  • Comment 37, posted at 20.03.10 13:42:17 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 33) :

    Hence I mentioned (15) franchises… 😉

    Problem is, if the Sharks management frustrate him with lack of game time, this kid might just be persuaded to make a move where he will get it…

  • Comment 38, posted at 20.03.10 13:44:10 by Morné Reply
  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 37) : blue bull 😳

  • Comment 39, posted at 20.03.10 13:46:20 by Chaz Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 38) : Eish, I got blindsided by that one….sorry, brain still buzzing from the Sharks win.

    Would be a travesty if the Sharks screw this one up, I hope his new-better-bigger-pay-checque-contract has been drafted and is currently waiting for him in his inbox.

  • Comment 40, posted at 20.03.10 13:47:38 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 40) :

    I hope he stays witht he Sharks as I am not a fan of a youngster moving out of decent structures in the first place.

    But I am worried looking at who the Sharks have lost in the last 2 years…

    Barritt, Steyn… all relatively young…

  • Comment 41, posted at 20.03.10 13:49:18 by Morné Reply
  • Any idea who his agent is???

    Hopefully not the guy who has the above mentioned two on his books…

  • Comment 42, posted at 20.03.10 13:50:10 by Morné Reply
  • @Chaz (Comment 39) : You mean the Nulle. 😉

  • Comment 43, posted at 20.03.10 13:50:13 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 43) : oh yes you got me on the nulle and btw 😳

  • Comment 44, posted at 20.03.10 13:55:05 by Chaz Reply

  • @Morné (Comment 42) : Haven’t the slightest.

    Yeah the Sharks history has been very poor, they’ll just have to manage him well. Luckily he’s a Durban boy which should make a move a little less attractive, but this is professional rugby and he has to think about his future.

    I think Terblanche will be looking to retire at the end of this year (hopefully) which means FB is between Lambie and Ludik….good to have two players in a team competing for top spot.

    The Sharks might be grooming Lambie for FH.

  • Comment 45, posted at 20.03.10 13:56:13 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 45) : yes it is to have 2 young blood for the same spot but it shows you and what we’ve saying all along bring the milky sharks and we’ll start wining but that game well got no words just great game and a first win :mrgreen:

  • Comment 46, posted at 20.03.10 13:59:35 by Chaz Reply

  • Congratutaions Sharks….you well deserved the victory, the best team won.

    My thoughts to follow…once i recover from another loss !

    Congrats again…. onwards and upwards

  • Comment 47, posted at 20.03.10 14:04:12 by Hertford Highlander Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner Author
    Hertford Highlander
  • @Hertford Highlander (Comment 47) : also lost a point 😛

  • Comment 48, posted at 20.03.10 14:08:19 by Chaz Reply

  • @Hertford Highlander (Comment 47) : That’s pretty darn big of you HH….thank you for being a true rugby supporter (I should probably take some tips from you 😉 )

  • Comment 49, posted at 20.03.10 14:24:06 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • cheers till later guys :mrgreen: 😉

  • Comment 50, posted at 20.03.10 15:03:54 by Chaz Reply

  • Megatron did you watch the sharks game :mrgreen:

  • Comment 51, posted at 20.03.10 15:12:00 by Chaz Reply

  • must go till later 😛

  • Comment 52, posted at 20.03.10 15:13:41 by Chaz Reply

  • Delighted by the win!! I thought our defense fronted up today, and I was hoping that we would keep them tryless. Lambie had an awesome Debut, and put his pre-season warm up against the stormers behind him. He was solid under the high ball and very good as the last line of defense. JP needs to up his workrate as shown by Stefan today.

    I thought we did make some stupid passes and poor decisions at times. If we can reduce those, then we will gain a lot more momentum in attack and stretch any defense. Andy “Average” had a poor game I felt, he kicked away good attacking ball, just as we were gaining some momentum. Pienaar is starting to get some confidence back and it shows.

    Did anybody else feel aggrieved by Murry Mexted’s awful commentating. As a coach, he is suburb, but when you can’t tell the difference between the Hoff and Keegan, or Willem and Johan/Steven, then you haven’t done your homework!!

    Roll on next week for the sharks first 5 pointer!!

  • Comment 53, posted at 20.03.10 15:32:25 by Gaff Reply

  • @Gaff (Comment 53) :

    I think Murry is on the juice – similar to our own old Hugh who pissed me off to no end last night with his commentating in the Bulls game.

  • Comment 54, posted at 20.03.10 15:36:45 by Morné Reply
  • @Morné (Comment 54) :

    He is well past it and should call it a day. 🙁

  • Comment 55, posted at 20.03.10 15:52:14 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • @Morné (Comment 54) : @Gaff (Comment 53) : That’s why I prefer the Afrikaans commentary, except when Ashwin is on…..then it’s very painful.

  • Comment 56, posted at 20.03.10 15:57:03 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 56) :

    And only AFTER they Fired Joost and his nose.

  • Comment 57, posted at 20.03.10 15:58:17 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • @Gaff (Comment 53) : Sharks could easily have put the Landers away by 6 tries had it not been for the ‘nervous’ errors.

    Next week however it’s a different team altogether. Canes showed their class against the Nulle last night, I’m feeling a tad bit nervous about next week.

    GO SHARKS!!!

  • Comment 58, posted at 20.03.10 15:59:14 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @KSA Shark © (Comment 57) : Yeah Joost was a pain, my wife especialy ‘dislikes’ him (stronger word has been subbed due to parental guidance-read Rob :mrgreen: )

    Ashwin is however close on his heels. Hope he improves over time.

  • Comment 59, posted at 20.03.10 16:01:03 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 59) : i heard from hubby that they might bring old joost back ❓ 👿

  • Comment 60, posted at 20.03.10 16:16:10 by Chaz Reply

  • @Chaz (Comment 60) : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 👿 😥 👿 😥 😕

  • Comment 61, posted at 20.03.10 16:19:09 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 61) : 👿 yes thats right they say he is best in what he does ❓

  • Comment 62, posted at 20.03.10 16:24:54 by Chaz Reply

  • what a difference a sound scrum platform makes….well done sharks…great win…thrilled for all the sharks fans….believe me i know the anguish well!

    Now learn from this plum….no more smit at 3….that has been the problem.

    Once the turbo reverse is not there the team is dangerous….

    Smit at 1 or 2 …although Bissy , to me, was damn great today!

  • Comment 63, posted at 20.03.10 16:38:06 by grant10 Reply

  • @Hertford Highlander (Comment 47) : You’re a class act and a proper sport HH.

  • Comment 64, posted at 20.03.10 16:43:32 by Dancing Bear Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Dancing Bear
  • @grant10 (Comment 63) : agree but will old tree open his eyes 😕 ❓

  • Comment 65, posted at 20.03.10 16:44:52 by Chaz Reply

  • Don’t know why i do this to myself and read the keo follow up match report. You’d think the Sharks had lost reading it. Honestly, can’t they find writers with less veiled hatred of the Sharks… 👿

  • Comment 66, posted at 20.03.10 16:44:53 by CapeShark Reply
    The Great Couch Shark
  • @grant10 (Comment 63) : Bissy’s two glaring problems were still there for all to see today. He got himself isolated running and died with the ball and his throw in to the lineouts were terrible. His scrumming was better though.

  • Comment 67, posted at 20.03.10 16:44:59 by Dancing Bear Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Dancing Bear
  • @Chaz (Comment 62) : Hooking and sniffing ❓ ❗

  • Comment 68, posted at 20.03.10 16:47:02 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @grant10 (Comment 63) : Ah Mr Grant10. You don’t miss a trick. Have to agree that the scrums were better, but so was John Smit’s allround play. He just seemed to be up for this one.

  • Comment 69, posted at 20.03.10 16:49:04 by CapeShark Reply
    The Great Couch Shark
  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 68) : hhmmmm 😆 😉

  • Comment 70, posted at 20.03.10 16:49:06 by Chaz Reply

  • *Ignore button*

  • Comment 71, posted at 20.03.10 16:52:11 by wpw Reply
  • @Chaz (Comment 62) :

    Best at sniffing coke and lying about it?

    Or the best at cheating on his wife and lying about it?

  • Comment 72, posted at 20.03.10 16:53:51 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 68) : 😛

  • Comment 73, posted at 20.03.10 16:54:37 by KSA Shark © Reply

    KSA Shark ©
  • Owen Nkumane hates the Stormers!! It is so obvious.
    He says he is backing the Cheetahs to win!! 🙄

  • Comment 74, posted at 20.03.10 16:56:57 by wpw Reply
  • Sorry! Wrong thread… 😳

  • Comment 75, posted at 20.03.10 16:58:11 by wpw Reply
  • @KSA Shark © (Comment 73) : aaaahhh yes see what you are telling me 😳 😉

  • Comment 76, posted at 20.03.10 16:58:44 by Chaz Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 75) : ❓

  • Comment 77, posted at 20.03.10 16:59:28 by Chaz Reply

  • Well done guys, now win the next one as well

  • Comment 78, posted at 20.03.10 18:34:06 by JarsonX Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • @JarsonX (Comment 78) : :mrgreen: 😉

  • Comment 79, posted at 20.03.10 18:36:24 by Chaz Reply

  • 😀

  • Comment 80, posted at 20.03.10 23:35:51 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @CapeShark (Comment 66) : Did the same thing…..and came away feeling the same thing. Def last time I go on his site.
    well done to the sharks again…

  • Comment 81, posted at 21.03.10 13:25:40 by Just a Fan Reply

    Just a Fan
  • @wpw (Comment 71) : 😆 😆 😆 amen bro ignore is all that oke deserves :mrgreen:

  • Comment 82, posted at 21.03.10 14:35:54 by sharks_lover Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
  • The Hurricanes loom large next week hey Sharkies??

  • Comment 83, posted at 21.03.10 15:27:55 by wpw Reply
  • well i think the sharks have got a hard game 🙁 against the canes but shit if cheetahs and stormers can make them size 🙂 then our sharks won’t go down without a fight, they will do their best to bring a 2nd win 🙂 and i myself trust the team will work together and with self dissapline and team spirit :mrgreen: they will make the fans and supporters smile with joy 🙂 we might not be at the top 🙁 but in our hearts the sharks team are tops 🙂 so go and have fun and the points will follow :mrgreen:

  • Comment 84, posted at 21.03.10 17:22:35 by Chaz Reply

  • And with that happy holiday tomorrow for me is granson sports day
    i know that in my heart he’ll make me proud as the sharks will do on Saturday Cheers till Tuesday :mrgreen:

  • Comment 85, posted at 21.03.10 17:29:12 by Chaz Reply

  • Hey Chaz,
    The Canes lost their last 3 games so they’ll be VERY tough to beat, especially on their home ground!!

  • Comment 86, posted at 21.03.10 18:28:51 by wpw Reply
  • All The Sharks have to do is keep it tight, these Kiwi teams with a large Maori/Islander influence enjoy you trying to run at them and they are great at counter attacks after they have smashed you in a tackle. I can still see the Hurricanes faces from 2 years ago when the Sharks mauled them out of the game ( rolling maul). One good thing is Plum knows these guys well. Well done SHARKS. John was great at Loosehead, no the Front Row was great. Kanko was also great, but needs to learn how to pick the ball up from a reversing scrum!! 😉

  • Comment 87, posted at 21.03.10 21:20:25 by Dynamite Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 86) : true 🙁 but with all that i don’t think the sharks will go down without a fight they got all what is needed i believe 2 young players ❗ 🙂 so we just have to wait and see i’m just glad this o seas tour is nearly over :mrgreen:

  • Comment 88, posted at 22.03.10 05:07:01 by Chaz Reply

  • @Dynamite (Comment 87) : i think the whole team was great and with the youngers in was great move from Tree still say GO SHARKS GO :mrgreen:

  • Comment 89, posted at 22.03.10 05:09:00 by Chaz Reply

  • Well cheers till later :mrgreen:

  • Comment 90, posted at 22.03.10 05:10:30 by Chaz Reply

  • So who will play at 10 once Goode has left?? Ruan??

  • Comment 91, posted at 22.03.10 08:03:15 by wpw Reply
  • Well done Sharks – I am and always will be proud of you 😀

  • Comment 92, posted at 23.03.10 09:55:00 by dawnwallenkamp Reply


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