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Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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Isn’t it strange how a single good result can really change the complexion of things? I don’t know about the rest of the Sharks fans out there, but I’m on top of the world right now!

We’ve been through a hell of a lot of emotions since the start of the season – most of them pretty negative. There was the bitter disappointment of losing both games of the pre-season tri-series, followed by a nightmare start to the Super 14 proper which saw a record of 0 and 5 going into this weekend’s game. We speculated, postulated, argued and debated about exactly what the problem with the Sharks could be and wondered what drastic steps needed to be taken to get our beloved team back on track.

But now they’ve won and I must admit, naive though it may be, those sorts of negative thoughts couldn’t be further from my mind. The Sharks put in a bloody fine performance on Saturday and no amount of negative coverage, whether in the past or the present, can (or should be allowed to) take anything away from that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, right now and for the remainder of this week at the very least, I’m not even going to spare a thought for all the other stuff. That’s in the past now, the sort of thing that bogs down losing teams and my team is not a losing team. You’re only as good as your last performance, they say and if that’s the case, then the Sharks are a bunch of bloody champions!

I’ll say it again, boys – thanks a bunch! You’ve no idea how much that result means to all of us and if you need us all to get off your case and let you get on with the job, I think that’s about the least we can do. After all, if you can turn up and play like that – as if the jersey means as much to all of you as it does to all of us – then I guess that’s pretty much all we can really ask for.


  • It is nice to be winning again and it’s amazing how much more it means when you aren’t used to it anymore. Just don’t get to carried away Rob. If you are going to bask in the euphoria you might just come back to earth very hard and we as Sharks supporters know the feeling just to well. We must also not fall into the trap that all is now hunky dory. We beat the Highlanders and so did 4other teams this season. Bug it is still very nice to end a weekend supporting the winning side again . Sharks forever

  • Comment 1, posted at 22.03.10 07:32:09 by Pokkel Reply
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  • You guys won because John was not at 3. There, i said it!! šŸ™„

  • Comment 2, posted at 22.03.10 08:27:59 by wpw Reply
  • @wpw (Comment 2) : getting your trolling in early this mornin? šŸ™‚

  • Comment 3, posted at 22.03.10 08:32:06 by robdylan Reply
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  • @wpw (Comment 2) : Big bek Wes, because finally the stormers are winning, never mind Wes enjoy the feeling. The way the Lions are playing I am not getting excited about the prospects of chirping the Boys, any time soon :mrgreen:

  • Comment 4, posted at 22.03.10 08:44:46 by Whindy Reply
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  • Rob
    My comment seems not to have done the trick. It was aimed at Grant10’s mindless babbling…
    Im glad the Sharks won!! šŸ˜Ž

  • Comment 5, posted at 22.03.10 09:07:27 by wpw Reply
  • Dissipline was a lot better.
    And on Patrick Lambie… When I watched he seemed the most solid of the back three, and I can’t recall a huge defensive mistake. He needs to join the line a bit more ( as soon as we get more ball, I guess ) and place those few up-and-unders better.

    Having read some comments in articles and on some of the blogs, it seems as though I ( including Murry Mexted ) watched the wrong game.

    Might be that I was just happy we were winning for a change.Maybe some feedback from you guys?

  • Comment 6, posted at 22.03.10 09:16:55 by Ossa Reply

  • public holiday in SA today? No wonder everyone is AWOL.

    Lazy bleeders. Get back to work!

  • Comment 7, posted at 22.03.10 09:33:23 by robdylan Reply
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  • @robdylan (Comment 3) : I hope you’ve put Colin Hawke on your Christmas Card list ! šŸ˜† šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 8, posted at 22.03.10 09:52:00 by Hertford Highlander Reply
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    Hertford Highlander
  • šŸ˜€ Well I am still feeling good. Nothing going to dampen that feeling this week. Unless one of the players get injured in training. See Muller might be out but we have good back up there.

    Hope Lambie starts again this Saturday too. šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 9, posted at 22.03.10 10:01:49 by Puma Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 7) : public holiday – lucky you

  • Comment 10, posted at 22.03.10 11:18:01 by lostfish Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter Competition Winner
  • @wpw (Comment 2) : šŸ™„ šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 11, posted at 22.03.10 11:21:11 by Chaz Reply

  • hi everyone a bit late šŸ˜³

  • Comment 12, posted at 22.03.10 11:22:14 by Chaz Reply

  • I’m obviously glad we won and well done Sharkies!

    But, bloody hell guys, when are we going to learn how to catch and pass. The skill levels of some of our players are shocking and that is why we aren’t putting teams away.

    Either we are throwing away scoring opportunities through bad handling, poor decision-making and bad running by the support players or we are turning over ball in very good positions and ending up under pressure in our 22.

    Some will argue that it’s because we aren’t winning and the kind of thing that comes with lost confidence, etc. but this factor is why we are in this position in the first place, so that can’t be it.

    As far as Lambie goes, he was as solid as I’ve seen any fullback this year (I think he made one error in the entire game when he ran out of our 22 when he should have kicked or used the players on his outside) and could become one of our greats. In contrast Stefan had another forgettable game, even with his try taken into account.

    Here’s holding thumbs that we can build on this victory (which, face it, everyone bar HH predicted) and not get to Wellington only to find out it was just a flash in the pan. The Hurricanes showed at Loftus that the Bulls can be rattled, so we will have our work cut out if we want to be competitive.

    At least that feeling of dread on a Monday morning is gone today.

  • Comment 13, posted at 22.03.10 11:26:50 by rhineshark Reply
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  • Well just back from the sports day and now i must get something off my chest for the rest of the teams the speaker was jumping for joy and ask who are the b bulls and so everybody stood up and shouted for there team when at last he got to the sharks and my word you should of seen this he didn’t think we had so many sharks where we stay and all the sharks stood up and shouted go sharks it was something then he said he didn’t think the sharks would stand up and scream for their team it just shows you even if we loose or win the supporters are out and just want to say again sharks team you did me proud the words can’t explain how we feel at the moment :mrgreen:

  • Comment 14, posted at 22.03.10 11:28:47 by Chaz Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 7) : well i was on yesterday and i think the fans were still having fun from that win :mrgreen:

  • Comment 15, posted at 22.03.10 11:30:12 by Chaz Reply

  • WRT to the handling pf Saturday – it was drizzling during the first half of the game – that’s why both teams battled with handling errors…and that’s why it was greatly improved in the second half.

    Welldone boys – feels like we won the final šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 16, posted at 22.03.10 11:52:42 by Just a Fan Reply

    Just a Fan
  • @Just a Fan (Comment 16) : šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 17, posted at 22.03.10 12:18:34 by Chaz Reply

  • I’m not nearly as excited as I thought a win would make me. šŸ™

  • Comment 18, posted at 22.03.10 15:03:18 by KSA Shark Ā© Reply

    KSA Shark Ā©
  • @KSA Shark Ā© (Comment 18) : better than another loss, though!

  • Comment 19, posted at 22.03.10 15:46:25 by robdylan Reply
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  • @robdylan (Comment 19) : Speak for yourself ! šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 20, posted at 22.03.10 15:48:14 by Hertford Highlander Reply
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    Hertford Highlander
  • @Hertford Highlander (Comment 20) : sorry mate! But you’ve got the gimme game coming up this weekend. Should allow you to recover and build some momentum

  • Comment 21, posted at 22.03.10 15:53:59 by robdylan Reply
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  • I for one am delighted at the Sharks winning, but i have a question, here goes.

    Can we reach the semis at all now and if we can how many games must we win, how many points do we need and who do i have to put joojoos on to loose so we can reach the semis.

  • Comment 22, posted at 22.03.10 17:15:58 by Treehugger Reply

  • @KSA Shark Ā© (Comment 18) :

    I agree, I think that feeling comes from knowing just how much potential greatness the Sharks have but the win really didn’t scratch the surface on it.

  • Comment 23, posted at 22.03.10 18:19:15 by Milissa Reply

  • @Milissa (Comment 23) : got to start somewhere, though… it’s a big old ship to try turn around

  • Comment 24, posted at 22.03.10 18:23:47 by robdylan Reply
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  • I think it is a case of know that we have won the 1st game, but realising that we have a tough season ahead still and will probabaly end with no more than 4 MAYBE 5 wins in the whole season ending around 8,9,10th

  • Comment 25, posted at 22.03.10 18:40:49 by KSA Shark Ā© Reply

    KSA Shark Ā©
  • @Treehugger (Comment 22) : Hi Treehugs, Good to see you, you been very scarce these days. šŸ˜‰

    We have to win all of our remaining games and some with a bonus. Will be far too tough I think, unless some of the top teams start to lose some, just don’t see that happen too often.

    Think we must just plan for next year. šŸ˜Ž

  • Comment 26, posted at 22.03.10 19:21:18 by Puma Reply

  • Beast was responsible for the rift all along. :mrgreen:

  • Comment 27, posted at 22.03.10 19:22:06 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 26) : All the top teams has to hit a speed bump at some stage, can’t see why it won’t be against our Sharks team. šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 28, posted at 22.03.10 19:24:10 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 28) : We have to win all the rest of our games. Will be tough. Still plenty tough sides to face. Canes going to be tougher than Landers. Though hope they feel the travel and having played 3 saffa teams in a row šŸ˜› now to face another saffa team after there travel…… šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 29, posted at 22.03.10 19:57:11 by Puma Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 28) : Well you never know we could beat some of the top teams šŸ˜Ž

  • Comment 30, posted at 22.03.10 19:58:20 by Puma Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 28) : Actually Fires, With the team we have we should never be where we are now. So hoping we can win more than lose now.

  • Comment 31, posted at 22.03.10 19:59:10 by Puma Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 29) : As long as the Sharks build on their win and feed on the confidence boost they’ve so dearly needed, we’ll be in with a big shot on Saturday.

    But I’m not counting my chickens yet, as you said, Canes a much tougher team than Landers, the boys just have to start getting clinical….no more nervous knock-on’s and stupid 70/30 passes.

  • Comment 32, posted at 22.03.10 20:03:08 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 32) : That is it. Stop the handling errors. That would help a lot. Canes will be coming at us with everything. After losing 3 out of 3 in SA. They will want to beat one SA team. So we have to be at our best. They a far, far better side than what they played in SA. So hoping we can do it. We win this one our confidence will be up. We should start with the same team as last week. Although we still have Goode.

    Then we have to face Reds at the tank after a huge journey back home. Reds are on the up. They going to play Cheetahs this weekend but Cheetahs are without about 3 of their best players now due to injury.

  • Comment 33, posted at 22.03.10 20:20:33 by Puma Reply

  • Well done guys.glad 2 c that my new team r ready 2 build and grow. I also want 2 give a well done to the non-springbok players on their performance.Steven sykes is continuously solid player.the newbee in the tank willem alberts,although he is playing out of his position he really delivers.just look at the impact he had made even coming from the bench.rory,will put my money anytime on him than an ex-rose player.lambie brilliant new well done 2 u guys as well.although u play in the shadows of the big names,we support u all the way.for the springbok players,well done.starting 2 c again why u r the chosen ones.thanx 4 a brilliant game on saturday.proud 2 b a new shark supporter.

  • Comment 34, posted at 22.03.10 21:33:12 by Converted shark Reply

  • I see there is a problem with Goode’s work permit for SA, apparently still being sorted out…..but obviously running out of time.

  • Comment 35, posted at 22.03.10 21:34:47 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Converted shark (Comment 34) : Welcome to our family….glad to have you, gonna get even better from here on out. šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 36, posted at 22.03.10 21:37:47 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • Finally, Telkom has installed my new home line.

    Great win by the Sharks – lets hope we have turned the corner.

  • Comment 37, posted at 22.03.10 22:45:56 by Big Fish Reply
    Big Fish
  • @Big Fish (Comment 37) : yeeha!

  • Comment 38, posted at 22.03.10 23:01:14 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Converted shark (Comment 34) :

    The question Begs, who did you support before? šŸ˜›

  • Comment 39, posted at 23.03.10 04:56:59 by KSA Shark Ā© Reply

    KSA Shark Ā©
  • @KSA Shark Ā© (Comment 39) : well only hint is that i am no longer true to the blue…:).win is not everything.

  • Comment 40, posted at 23.03.10 06:13:13 by Converted shark Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 36) : Thanx already feel at home:)

  • Comment 41, posted at 23.03.10 06:18:04 by Converted shark Reply

  • Morning everyone

  • Comment 42, posted at 23.03.10 08:05:27 by Chaz Reply

  • @Converted shark (Comment 34) : welkom to our family :mrgreen: i know you are going to been a fantasic supporter of the sharks blue is ok in colour buy black and white is the best and yes i think the sharks are going to give their best and try to get somewhere in the top šŸ™‚

  • Comment 43, posted at 23.03.10 08:08:08 by Chaz Reply

  • @KSA Shark Ā© (Comment 39) : well you see i see it this way true to blue all walk around and sometimes are not friendly supporters and us black and white are good and friendly supporters so converted shark must be a friendly supporter and he belongs with us in the sharks family šŸ™‚ :mrgreen:

  • Comment 44, posted at 23.03.10 08:11:04 by Chaz Reply

  • @Big Fish (Comment 37) : congrtas on the new line :mrgreen:

  • Comment 45, posted at 23.03.10 08:12:00 by Chaz Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 30) : yehhhhhahhhhh :mrgreen:

  • Comment 46, posted at 23.03.10 08:12:39 by Chaz Reply

  • enjoy it for all it’s worth rob, because the Canes will have no mercy on the Sharks, it will be back to losing ways for your team.

  • Comment 47, posted at 23.03.10 08:36:58 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 47) :

    I also think so Megatron!!!

    The Canes will be baying for blood after 3 successive losses!! šŸ™„

  • Comment 48, posted at 23.03.10 08:41:21 by wpw Reply
  • @Megatron (Comment 47) : And Closet Shark is back :mrgreen:

  • Comment 49, posted at 23.03.10 08:55:24 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @rhineshark (Comment 49) : who? šŸ˜Æ

  • Comment 50, posted at 23.03.10 08:59:34 by Megatron Reply

  • glad to see everyone’s back at work this morning!

  • Comment 51, posted at 23.03.10 08:59:40 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • Glad to see you all back at work today šŸ™‚

  • Comment 52, posted at 23.03.10 09:03:27 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Megatron (Comment 47) : maybe so but sharks aren’t going to make it easy and will fight until the game is over šŸ™‚

  • Comment 53, posted at 23.03.10 09:21:19 by Chaz Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 52) : the last 2 days have been hell nothing to do aahhh šŸ˜³

  • Comment 54, posted at 23.03.10 09:23:55 by Chaz Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 52) :

    Hey Robbo!! šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 55, posted at 23.03.10 09:24:51 by wpw Reply
  • @wpw (Comment 55) : morning wpw :mrgreen:

  • Comment 56, posted at 23.03.10 09:25:45 by Chaz Reply

  • @Chaz (Comment 56) :

    Hey Chaz!!! šŸ˜‰
    Hope the Sharks can pull another victory outa the bag this wkend!!
    I will be supporting them 100% cos my beloved Stormers team has a bye this wkend!! šŸ˜€

  • Comment 57, posted at 23.03.10 09:30:16 by wpw Reply
  • Just want to say something don’t under estimate the sharks they are back!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Comment 58, posted at 23.03.10 09:30:17 by Chaz Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 57) : thanks we need a lot of supporters for the game against the canes, they got a good team and they arn’t going to make it easy for the sharks but i beleive the sharks arn’t going to make it easy for them as well so still say GO SHARKS GO :mrgreen:

  • Comment 59, posted at 23.03.10 09:34:03 by Chaz Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 55) : howzit wesali

  • Comment 60, posted at 23.03.10 09:36:15 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Hertford Highlander (Comment 8) : Ohhhhhhhhhh. The Lions vs the Highlanders! Now there is a game to look forward too. Perhaps the Lions/Highlanders and Force should merge to make way for the Southern Kings? he he.

  • Comment 61, posted at 23.03.10 10:04:10 by Oubaas2009 Reply

  • @Oubaas2009 (Comment 61) : I have Higlanders on LMS. It’s a sure win šŸ™‚

  • Comment 62, posted at 23.03.10 10:19:32 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 62) :

    Me too!!!

    And about 9 others (at 9am this morning) :mrgreen:

  • Comment 63, posted at 23.03.10 10:22:17 by wpw Reply
  • Must do my LMS now who do i use between the
    Cheetahs, lions, blues, landers, brumbies, tahs & force help somebody don’t want to be dead šŸ™

  • Comment 64, posted at 23.03.10 10:25:46 by Chaz Reply

  • And i see catching upwith war1 with FL hmmmm šŸ™‚

  • Comment 65, posted at 23.03.10 10:26:27 by Chaz Reply

  • @Chaz (Comment 64) :

    Go for the Landers!!

    There’s no way the Lions are going to beat them!! šŸ˜•

  • Comment 66, posted at 23.03.10 10:31:02 by wpw Reply
  • The Tah’s gave a lot of us a big scare wrt LMS this weekend. It’s a pity I didn’t pick the Sharks for LMS this weekend.

  • Comment 67, posted at 23.03.10 10:37:51 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @wpw (Comment 66) : okay hope you right šŸ˜† šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

  • Comment 68, posted at 23.03.10 10:40:15 by Chaz Reply

  • @Pokkel (Comment 67) :

    The Sharks still need to face the Lions and the Force!!! :mrgreen:

  • Comment 69, posted at 23.03.10 10:42:02 by wpw Reply
  • Well done my LMS and went with landers go guys if you loose i’m dead šŸ˜³

  • Comment 70, posted at 23.03.10 10:42:52 by Chaz Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 57) : Jy like die Sharks man šŸ˜ˆ

  • Comment 71, posted at 23.03.10 11:10:35 by Charlie Reply

  • @Charlie (Comment 71) :

    En dit is alles JOU skuld!!! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜†

  • Comment 72, posted at 23.03.10 11:17:41 by wpw Reply
  • @Treehugger (Comment 22) : The Sharks needs to win all their games. (No debating that) The top 9 teams has to be competitive and win and loose against each other, you don’t want the top 4 to dominate, but it won’t be all that bad if one or two of the first 3 teams wins all the rest of their games…that will make the last or last two spots more competitive. And all the teams competing for the semi’s, lets say the top 9, should loose against one of the bottom 4 teams.

    This way, if the Sharks get a couple of bonus points and wins all their games, they could possible find themselves in the play-offs.
    If we loose this weekend, or any other weekend, then I will officially feel like our Super14 is over. Just too many things will have to go our way then.

  • Comment 73, posted at 23.03.10 11:18:18 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @wpw (Comment 72) : Sharksworld needs to reward me šŸ˜ˆ šŸ˜ˆ šŸ˜ˆ

  • Comment 74, posted at 23.03.10 11:21:57 by Charlie Reply


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