Terblanche at centre for his centurion game

Written by Warren Smith (war1)

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Sharks coach John Plumtree has stuck largely to the team which beat the Hurricanes. The only change to the starting lineup is a backline re-shuffle necessitated by the injury to Adi Jacobs where Stefan Terblanche moves to centre with Odwa Ndungane coming in at wing.

The other changes see Andries Strauss and Lwazi Mvovo come onto the bench.

Sharks team:

15. Patrick Lambie
14. Odwa Ndungane
13. Stefan Terblanche
12. Riaan Swanepoel
11. JP Pietersen
10. Andy Goode
9. Ruan Pienaar
8. Ryan Kankowski
7. Willem Alberts
6. Jacques Botes
5. Alistair Hargreaves
4. Steven Sykes
3. Jannie du Plessis
2. Bismarck du Plessis
1. John Smit ( Captain )

16. Craig Burden
17. Tendai Mtawarira
18. Wilhelm Steenkamp
19. Jean Deysel
20. Rory Kockott
21. Andries Strauss
22. Lwazi Mvovo

Stefan Terblanche plays his 100th game for the Sharks.


  • Mvovo on the bench……yahooooooo ❗

  • Comment 1, posted at 01.04.10 11:30:54 by FireTheLooser Reply
  • I see Plum says we made 170 tackles against the ‘Canes….that’s quite hectic.

  • Comment 2, posted at 01.04.10 11:36:37 by FireTheLooser Reply
  • YES πŸ˜€ Mvovo finally gets a place, even on the bench that is good news. Think Stefan playing outside centre is a good move. Would have started with Mvovo though, maybe with Odwa you get experience. Also might have started with Deysel. All in all good side. πŸ˜‰

    Now going to do my bru picks.

  • Comment 3, posted at 01.04.10 11:37:10 by Puma Reply
  • I remember Terblanche playing centre before, cant remember exactly when, just remember Anton Pitout came in at wing

  • Comment 4, posted at 01.04.10 11:40:28 by war1 Reply
  • @Puma (Comment 3) : Very excited to see Blanche at outside centre….and Mvovo on the bench, chances are he’ll get a much anticipated run at wing….hopefully.

    We’re still in need of a decent inside centre…..or Swannie has to come to the party, he’s been very disappointing thus far

  • Comment 5, posted at 01.04.10 11:40:38 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 5) : I know, we miss Frans Steyn huge. Maybe Swannie will do it, has too. We also have Goode there. Hope he enjoys Durbs. Nice time to be there. See they had some more snow up in England. He will be pleased to be playing in some good weather.

  • Comment 6, posted at 01.04.10 11:48:49 by Puma Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 5) : Swannie actually played his best game of the season last week against the Canes

  • Comment 7, posted at 01.04.10 11:50:03 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @Pokkel (Comment 7) : Yes, but sadly it’s still not good enough, maybe I should give him some time there, surely he wouldn’t have been a Shark if he didn’t have potential for greatness.

    Lets hope he’s still got plenty of talent hidden away.

  • Comment 8, posted at 01.04.10 11:55:15 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Pokkel (Comment 7) : Yes agree, but he has to keep that form up for this game. Still think we miss Frans there. Huge loss.

    See a few changes to the Reds side too that played against the Cheetahs. They going to be a far better side this week.

    Okay going to do my picks now. Hard, hard this week. Think a few easy ones but against, Sharks/Reds Bulls/Blues Saders/Canes those are tough picks.

  • Comment 9, posted at 01.04.10 11:57:23 by Puma Reply

  • Not a bad side, glad they gambled a bit instead of playing strauss,no waylon even in the squad? Good bench though, deysel,burden and mvovo all real impact players.

  • Comment 10, posted at 01.04.10 11:58:42 by zenrugby Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 9) : Reds/Blues/Saders

  • Comment 11, posted at 01.04.10 12:01:05 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • 😯 – anyone care to share why waylon is not in the squad?

  • Comment 12, posted at 01.04.10 12:01:47 by VanWilder Reply

  • @zenrugby (Comment 10) : We’ll probably have to wait for the VC side to know whether Murray is injured or dropped.

  • Comment 13, posted at 01.04.10 12:02:22 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Pokkel (Comment 11) : Sies, gaan spoel jou mond uit :mrgreen:

    Sharks/Blues/Canes (the perfect weekend)

  • Comment 14, posted at 01.04.10 12:04:12 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 13) : or maybe waylon asked for more game time – so he got his wish… in the VC team? Didnt see the weekends game agianst the Canes, how did waylon play? and did he play?

  • Comment 15, posted at 01.04.10 12:06:02 by VanWilder Reply

  • thanks for getting this up, War. I went to Caitlin’s Easter service this morning.

    Looks like I was wrong about Strauss starting, but right about him coming into the squad

  • Comment 16, posted at 01.04.10 12:06:41 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 13) : VC team have a bye this weekend

  • Comment 17, posted at 01.04.10 12:07:18 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @VanWilder (Comment 15) : He subbed Adi, can’t remember seeing him doing too much, he definitely needs more game time, so might be a good call….he still has a long way to go before returning to his original form.

    Holding thumbs for him, I really like old Murray, and he deserves to get back to his former form.

  • Comment 18, posted at 01.04.10 12:08:47 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 17) : Aaaah snap…..that sux.

    Sooooooooo glad you were wrong about Strauss though. πŸ˜€

  • Comment 19, posted at 01.04.10 12:11:10 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • That is not the quickest backline, Stefan not a strike runner and Odwa not in great form either…

    Forwards better bring their A game and starve the Reds of possession.

  • Comment 20, posted at 01.04.10 12:15:40 by MornΓ© Reply
  • @robdylan (Comment 16) : can we safely assume waylon is injured?

  • Comment 21, posted at 01.04.10 12:17:56 by war1 Reply
  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 18) : agree with you. Sounds crazy, but hope he`s got an injury. 😈 i`m not a big fan of straus.

  • Comment 22, posted at 01.04.10 12:26:34 by VanWilder Reply

  • Cheers all….Go the Sharks…may my Superbru prediction be totally wrong on this game :mrgreen:

  • Comment 23, posted at 01.04.10 12:43:26 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • Can’t complain about that side, but would really have liked to see Mvovo get a start.

    It’s obvious that Plum reads Sharksworld, because the Stefan at 13 thing was suggested by Letgo on Monday already :mrgreen:

  • Comment 24, posted at 01.04.10 12:48:41 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @war1 (Comment 21) : no – we cannot safely assume that at all.

  • Comment 25, posted at 01.04.10 12:56:30 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • well, this is better than those two donkeys swannie & strauss…but still digby ioane to have a jol showing oupa stefan his heels! πŸ˜‰ Go Reds

  • Comment 26, posted at 01.04.10 13:01:40 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 26) : Ioane’s been moved to the wing. He becomes oupa Odwa’s problem.

  • Comment 27, posted at 01.04.10 13:03:31 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @rhineshark (Comment 27) : We just need Oupa Mac coaching again and we’ll have a retirement village, nestled in the heart of Durban. πŸ˜€

  • Comment 28, posted at 01.04.10 13:08:58 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 28) : And we’ll need to build a wheelchair ramp in the tunnel at Kings Park :mrgreen:

  • Comment 29, posted at 01.04.10 13:13:02 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @robdylan (Comment 25) : do you know him well enough to ask him?

  • Comment 30, posted at 01.04.10 13:15:38 by war1 Reply
  • I like this team.

  • Comment 31, posted at 01.04.10 13:34:47 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @Letgo (Comment 31) : Not just the Sharks as a team, by the team selection…if that wasn’t clear. 😐

  • Comment 32, posted at 01.04.10 13:35:29 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • Can Oupa Stefs brain keep up with all the changes πŸ˜‰
    Good luck all
    GO SHARKS ❗ πŸ˜› ❗

  • Comment 33, posted at 01.04.10 13:38:24 by JarsonX Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • @rhineshark (Comment 24) : Maybe I’ve been the one calling the shots at the Sharks all along πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† I’ll have to talk to them about Mvovo on the bench, I’m not pleased.

  • Comment 34, posted at 01.04.10 13:40:15 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @Letgo (Comment 34) : Seems Plum signed up for ‘Letgo’s three steps to making your grandpa’s work for you….not against you’, he probably didn’t have the time to read the section on Odwa vs. Mvovo yet :mrgreen:

  • Comment 35, posted at 01.04.10 13:51:00 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @Letgo (Comment 34) : Letgo, You do that. πŸ˜‰ I too would have liked Mvovo to start.

  • Comment 36, posted at 01.04.10 13:51:55 by Puma Reply

  • @war1 (Comment 30) : no, but I have it on reasonable authority that he’s been dropped

  • Comment 37, posted at 01.04.10 14:05:57 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 37) : That’s just wrong, what’s up with Plum’s persistence with Dries?

  • Comment 38, posted at 01.04.10 14:15:12 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 38) : he’s considered a leader and a good communicator, whereas few others in the backline are…

  • Comment 39, posted at 01.04.10 14:20:37 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 39) : But cracks under pressure. I Wonder if Plum’s banking on Strauss to be the future Sharks captain. 😯

  • Comment 40, posted at 01.04.10 14:23:05 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 40) : cracks under pressure? When did he do that?

    OMG – I’m defending Straussie again. Need to go lie down. :mrgreen:

  • Comment 41, posted at 01.04.10 14:42:34 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 41) : Jeepers Rob, you haven’t been watching him at all. 😯

    He only plays well when the stands are empty, or when playing a minor team in the CC when there’s hardly anyone watching. This weekend will be the perfect occasion for Strauss to crack up again.

    Best you go lie down :mrgreen: , grab a disprin or 5 and sleep it off :mrgreen:

  • Comment 42, posted at 01.04.10 14:48:37 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 42) : I’m in a positive mood today. Going to try keep it going

  • Comment 43, posted at 01.04.10 14:52:05 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 43) : As long as Strauss stays on the bench I’ll be in a positive mood as well. πŸ˜€

    I actually liked Strauss, he played very well last year…until we got to the games that mattered…..I could see on his face the pressure got to him. If he could overcome that, then he’d be pretty darn good.

    I bet he plays superb rugby for the VC side?

  • Comment 44, posted at 01.04.10 14:57:33 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 44) : he does… they struggle to win without him

  • Comment 45, posted at 01.04.10 15:19:57 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 45) : Case in point….VC has no real pressure, he’ll be brilliant for 3/4’s of the CC as well, but the final 1/4 will be his undoing….too much at stake, so old Strauss starts cracking up.

    It’s a real pity, he needs his head fixed to overcome these fears.

  • Comment 46, posted at 01.04.10 15:29:48 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 46) : mebbe we can get a 2-for-1 deal on him and Waylon

  • Comment 47, posted at 01.04.10 15:43:06 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 47) : Hehehehe, maybe the Sharks should send them to the same place Tiger visited recently (for different reasons of course/hopefully) :mrgreen:

    Btw Rob, if you didn’t have all your stars I’d have thought you’re commenting towards your next star today. Been a busy boy, boss taken the day off? πŸ˜€

  • Comment 48, posted at 01.04.10 15:48:08 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 48) : ha ha πŸ™‚

    I’m winding down here dude… starting a new job in just over a week

  • Comment 49, posted at 01.04.10 15:53:39 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 49) : Ahaa, thought you’re already at the new job….makes sense.

  • Comment 50, posted at 01.04.10 16:06:04 by FireTheLooser Reply

  • @FireTheLooser (Comment 50) : I will be PROPER scarce from the 12th. Best get sick of me while you can. :mrgreen:

  • Comment 51, posted at 01.04.10 17:10:55 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator

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