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McCaw is Smart, Boks are Idiots

Written by Andre Bosch (KSA Shark ©)

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All Black captain Richie McCaw says “smart” players are able to adapt to refereeing differences and only “idiots” fail to read match officials and make the necessary adjustments.

McCaw, who has been at the centre of a storm spark by claims that the All Blacks cheat at the breakdown and get away with murder, scoffed at suggestions that his team get “preferential treatment” from match officials.

When asked about statistics – used by former Wallaby coach Bob Dwyer – which suggest the All Blacks averaged 43 penalties before conceding a yellow card, compared to the six of South Africa and seven of Australia, McCaw said those figures did not reveal all the facts.

“My point of view is that there has been no disparity in the refereeing,” McCaw told a media gathering.

“People put stats out and then come to a conclusion, but the statistics don’t give the full picture.

“If we [the All Blacks] feel we are close to a yellow card, then we back off and we don’t give away a penalty in that facet again.

“If you’re on the borderline, then you back off, if you’re warned about something then you adapt. That’s what I make sure I do personally and the team does too.

“I would be very frustrated if we did not learn from how the referee is blowing, you’d be an idiot not to change if you’ve been warned,” McCaw said.

The 29-year-old loose forward made it clear he will not change his approach to the game.

“I think since the start of the Super 14 we have gone back to having a good contest at the breakdown,” McCaw said.

“The change of habit, getting the tackler out of the way, has been a good thing. But if the ball-carrier is isolated and I arrive on my feet then I should get the benefit. The same applies for the team with ball in hand if their support does arrive.

“If players do the right thing at the breakdowns then teams can play. The big thing is to adapt to what is being blown because no referee is identical,” McCaw added.

Article courtesy of Rugby 365.


  • For how many years have I been saying this now.

    You know what the ref allows and if it is beyond the law then you play to what he allows not the what the law allows.

    Don’t bitch and moan when the other team doesn’t get penalised for holding on and your players haven’t tried to hold on for just as long.

    Then you ARE an idiot.

    That said, I think the ABs have been allowed to get away with things that the others teams have NOT been allowed to get away with.

  • Comment 1, posted at 19.08.10 04:46:49 by KSA Shark © Reply
    KSA Shark ©
  • McCaw makes a very good point here..

    In this day and age you have to be a smart rugby player (please take notes Bakkies). If the All Blacks can play to the ref on the day, then great for them.. they then deserve to win and not concede penalties..

    Its called using your IQ, something that not all our players have.. (well not much higher a figure than room temperature)

  • Comment 2, posted at 19.08.10 08:19:09 by Richard Ferguson Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Administrator
    Richard Ferguson
  • Some player’s IQs doesnt even go higher than their jersey’s number.

  • Comment 3, posted at 19.08.10 08:22:17 by Jarson Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • @Jarson (Comment 3) :

    Bakkies’ jersey number being higher than his I.Q ofcourse..

  • Comment 4, posted at 19.08.10 08:25:41 by Richard Ferguson Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Administrator
    Richard Ferguson
  • Well thats why you got rules so abide by them and give ur best and points will follow
    so BOKS stop being sore loosers we can win if you put ur heart into the game and stop think about how strong they are 😕

  • Comment 5, posted at 19.08.10 08:46:07 by chaz Reply

  • @KSA Shark © (Comment 1) : i am always very upset when the refs decisions don’t go the way they “should” but truth is the guy is right you have to adapt – it’s not a computer game – you play to the whistle blown by a human. sometimes goes your way sometimes doesn’t.
    whining never a good thing.

  • Comment 6, posted at 19.08.10 18:59:08 by rekinek (back to rugby) Reply
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  • If everyone did what Mccaw is talking about then they,d be no running rugby at all because ,there would be slowing down at every point so McCaws point is that of a 5 year old which is if I can get away with it than I,m doing it ,there has to be a certain frame work of what players should do and not do in the main of a fair entertaining contest

  • Comment 7, posted at 20.08.10 02:46:54 by zvision10 Reply

  • @rekinek (back to rugby) (Comment 6) : That’s better 😎

  • Comment 8, posted at 20.08.10 14:24:45 by rhineshark Reply
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    Spirit of Rugby
  • @rhineshark (Comment 8) : 😎

  • Comment 9, posted at 20.08.10 14:52:01 by rekinek (back to rugby) Reply
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