Accuracy is the key for Sharks

Written by Warren Smith (war1)

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One thing that should have come out in the build-up to the Currie cup final for the Sharks is that they will need to be sure they are accurate in the final, especially against a team like WP who have so many gamebreakers in their ranks.

Accuracy is a word thrown about quite a bit by coaches, but what do they mean by it? I will try and give my best answer to that. Players need to be accurate at the breakdown, meaning making sure they are on their feet when contesting for the ball, not holding on to the ball, etc. so as to ensure they are keeping the ball when they take it into a ruck and slowing down or stealing opposition ball when they have a defending ruck while not giving away penalties in the process. What comes into this is also the support play which has to be accurate to ensure good ball from the rucks. One thing that has been a common theme with the Sharks in games they have lost is their lack of handling accuracy with crucial passes going astray or being knocked on, the Sharks need to make sure these passes stick tomorrow.

Defense is another important area where players need to be accurate. Players need to make sure they keep to their defensive patterns and make sure they make their first time tackles. We cannot afford WP to make line breaks tomorrow. Defense often comes down to desire and I think the Sharks will not be lacking in that department.

The Sharks gameplan has worked well all Currie cup season, as evidenced by them topping the log with a match to spare, however this gameplan hinges on the players keeping the accuracy right and taking scoring opportunities as well as keeping the opposition back with defence.

The key to keeping the accuracy up comes down to concentration, the desire and hunger is there no question and the final piece of the puzzle is for the team to be calm and concentrating on the job at hand. I can’t emphasize this enough, the senior players in the team are crucial in this regard. Even someone like John Smit might have a big role to play here. From what I have read, the Sharks camp is incredibly intense in the build up and will prove to be a tough team to beat, especially if they get their accuracy right.


  • Final . .. In Our House!? We`ve got this! 😈

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  • GO SHARKS! :mrgreen:

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  • Accuracy, discipline and intensity.

    That’s what it will take.

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