Wanted: The ULTIMATE Sharks fan: Round 3.

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So you think you know your stuff about the Sharks? Time to prove it.

This thread contains the questions for Round 3 of our Ultimate Sharks fan competition. If you missed out on Round 1, or want some more information about the competition and how it works, check out this post. For Round 2, the link is here.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with round 3. To enter, simply click here to email your answers through and please don’t forget to include your Sharksworld user name with your entry.

Here are the 15 questions for Round 3, each of which is worth 3 points.

1 Apart from both being Sharks loose forwards, what do Keegan Daniel and Jean Deysel have in common?
2 Why was Rory Kockott red carded in the 2009 Super 14 match against the Highlanders?
3 Against which side did Pat Lambie make his senior provincial debut?
4 Name the four members of the 2010 Sharks under 21 squad who attended Welkom Gimnasium.
5 Which two players scored tries for Natal in the 1996 Super 12 Final?
6 Tony Watson retired from the game after sustaining facial injuries in an aerial collision with which player?
7 Of the following five players, which one never played for the Sharks? Toks vd Linde, Nico Wegner, Wylie Human, Justin Swart, Wayne Julies
8 What do Gary Teichmann, Wayne Fyvie and Bob Skinstad have in common, apart from playing loose forward for the Sharks?
9 Who was the first player from Natal to captain the Springboks in a test match?
10 Name Andre Joubert’s cousin, who played wing and centre for Natal in the 90s.
11 How many points did Gavin Lawless score against the Highlanders in the 1997 Super 12?
12 Apart from the same last name, what else do Johann Muller and Pieter Muller have in common?
13 In 2000, the Sharks won only a single match in the Super 12. Which team did they beat?
14 Name the two props that left the Sharks to play for Castres in the French Top 14.
15 JP Pietersen’s uncle played wing for Natal in the 1980s. What was his name?

As it stands after round 2, here is the current leader board:

war1 45
Rhineshark 43
King Deysel 43
CS 42
Danman110 41
Champion Shark 41
Barrel 41
BB 40
Letgo 40
Frikkie se broer 39
JustPlainShark 39
Butchie34 38
jarsonx 38
butchboy 37
salmonoid 36
Sharks Spotter 36
Richard Ferguson 35
Fattmann 33
PTAShark 31
nh7 28
Chaz 20
Pokkel 15
Farlington 15
bergshark 15
perran_dw 14
S.H.A.R.K.S 14
Gwest 14
Ben 13
Mish 13
deanneroberts 12
AileenF 9

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