Saders down Sharks in London classic

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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The Crusaders recorded a convincing 44-28 victory over the Sharks at Twickenham this afternoon in a thrilling display of open, running rugby that had the 35 000-string crowd on their feet throughout. While the Crusaders dominated the first half, running up a big lead and securing the bonus point before half time, a good comeback by the Sharks saw them score a bonus point too.

In what was pretty much a game of two halves, the first 40 belonged almost entirely to the Kiwis, with Dan Carter inspiring the oh-so-skillful Crusaders backs to some truly sublime play that had their Sharks counterparts flummoxed, bamboozled and, ultimately, completely outclassed. While the Sharks produced a typical series of sustained forward pick-and-drives to set up the opening try to Willem Alberts, it wasn’t long before the Crusaders had pulled away to an unassailable lead, courtesy of three quick-fire scores to Sean Maitland, Carter and fullback Israel Dagg. With the Sharks their own worst enemies at times, regularly gifting the “home side” possession through woeful set-piece work, Carter had no shortage of good ball with which to unleash his deadly outside backs and this he did with frightening ease. By the time Jacques-Louis Potgieter, who had a terrible afternoon with the boot, managed to stretch the Sharks’ tally out to a meager ten points, their opponents already had 27 on the board.

Zac Guildford duly added the icing, along with the bonus-point try, not long afterwards, but it was, ironically, Potgieter who would have the last say of the first half – and set the tone for what was to come, as he ghosted through some completely non-existent Crusaders defence to score the Sharks second try, direct from the next kick-off. Having fluffed the conversion, he added a penalty shortly afterwards to bring his side within 16 points as half time came. The Crusaders lead 34-18 at the break.

While the Sharks are generally acknowledged to have had the better of the second half, in the final analysis, they did less well than we think they did, though. It’s true that the Crusaders never reached the same giddy heights in the second 40 as they’d managed in the first, but the match ended with the half tied up 10 apiece, notwithstanding further Sharks tries to Alistair Hargreaves and a Odwa Ndungane. Both conversions were duly missed, one apiece by Potgieter and Bosman and together with the shoddy basics at times, it was really this dearth of quality kicking at goal that robbed the Sharks of any chance of a surprise win here, or perhaps even a second bonus point. By the time Maitland scored his second – the try, against the run of play, that ultimately ended any faint hope of a Sharks win – one felt that the Durbanites had used up every last bit of skill, resolve and luck that was going to come their way on a day that was probably always going to belong to the Crusaders.

Coach John Plumtree will have plenty to ponder on the flight back to South Africa tonight and while he was visibly pleased about both the four-try bonus point, as well as the tenacity (and some bloody good play) the Sharks dished up at times, he will know that the execution in all parts of the game, but particularly the kick-offs, scrums and lineouts, will need to be 100% better against the Stormers on Saturday. For any team who has yet to face these Crusaders, though, the challenge is far greater, because while one or two of the tries conceded by the Sharks could possibly be blamed on a missed tackle by an individual, most of them came through backline play the likes of which has not before been seen in this competition. The Dan Carter and Sonny Bill Williams show is just getting warmed up and it’s going to take a very special team to stop them in Super Rugby this year.

Crusaders: Tries – Sean Maitland (2), Dan Carter, Israel Dagg, Zac Guildford. Conversions – Dan Carter (4), Matt Berquist. Penalties – Carter (3).

Sharks: Tries – Willem Alberts, Jacques-Louis Potgieter, Alistair Hargreaves, Odwa Ndungane. Conversion – Potgieter. Penalties – Potgieter (2).


  • Great game!

    Hope you had fun Rob, you are very lucky!

  • Comment 1, posted at 27.03.11 19:40:30 by Richard Ferguson Reply
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    Richard Ferguson
  • A better kicking performance might have seen a bonus point!

    But its water under the bridge..

    A lot of positives to be taken into the Stormers game!

  • Comment 2, posted at 27.03.11 19:41:39 by Richard Ferguson Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Administrator
    Richard Ferguson
  • I hope all those Crusaders injuries aren’t too serious. I wouldn’t want our fellow Saffa teams to miss out on the fun and games of playing against Kieran, Sam and whatshisface! The flyhalf guy! Dane somebody or other πŸ˜€

  • Comment 3, posted at 27.03.11 19:45:01 by beet Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
  • @beet (Comment 3) :

    Yeah, I agree. Looks like we may have softened them up for the rest of the SA teams. This was a spectacle. Proud of the way the boys kept their heads up the full 80. Hope they can build on this platform.

  • Comment 4, posted at 27.03.11 19:55:26 by Starvekos Reply

  • @beet (Comment 3) : I’m just glad none of the sharks came off the field with injuries and Bosman seems to be the better bet at 10, JLP can try 12 or Plum can give Adi a go I believe he deserves a start.

  • Comment 5, posted at 27.03.11 19:55:28 by Danman110 Reply

  • we lost but so proud of our boys was a great spectacle and the poms finnaly saw wat they missing out on. We def played our part, afew changes and less “flat” passes and better kicking and it could hav been so different anyway love our boys

  • Comment 6, posted at 27.03.11 19:58:47 by RuckingFun Reply

  • First half was heart-breaking to watch. Our second half performance was encouraging. There are obviously defensive concerns but I’m not too sad about this loss. The tour should be considered a success.

  • Comment 7, posted at 27.03.11 20:03:59 by vanmartin Reply
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  • Carter and Reid will both be fine. Whitelock is a concern – might be out for 3 weeks.

  • Comment 8, posted at 27.03.11 20:26:30 by robdylan Reply
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  • Well the SBW and Carter off loads was never to be stopped, what we miss was the fact that tackles on the supportive running players, one player was good enough to keep them busy in the tackle why did a second Shark player commit there aswell…

  • Comment 9, posted at 27.03.11 20:40:28 by Charlie Reply

  • @Charlie (Comment 9) : De ja vu?

  • Comment 10, posted at 27.03.11 20:48:20 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • zac guilford killed the sharks, he looked for work and popped up everywhere, saffa wings can learn a lot from his performance.

  • Comment 11, posted at 27.03.11 20:48:40 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 11) : Listen mate, there’s no 2 ways. Saders were masters. Dan carter the conductor. SBW – amasing, but a @@%$#@%#% with that shoulder charge on Kanko…we could have done it if we had the people up front. Bad to us, but hell, sorry – those guys were great and inspiring – awsome display of rugby from both sides!. Still do beleive, we could have done it…

  • Comment 12, posted at 27.03.11 20:55:25 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • Dan Carter scored a try, not Sonny Bill πŸ™‚

  • Comment 13, posted at 27.03.11 21:30:45 by Jarson (AddicteD) Reply
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  • After the Saders’ 3rd try I thought: ”today we’re gonna get a moerse hiding”. But the guys showed great heart to keep on fighting till the end. My Sharks players of the match: Beast and Bismarck.

  • Comment 14, posted at 27.03.11 21:34:32 by Jarson (AddicteD) Reply
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  • @Jarson (AddicteD) (Comment 13) : where were you?

  • Comment 15, posted at 27.03.11 21:34:36 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 15) : In front of the TV :mrgreen:

  • Comment 16, posted at 27.03.11 21:36:36 by Jarson (AddicteD) Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • Great game lovely to see the boys never gave up πŸ™‚

  • Comment 17, posted at 27.03.11 21:59:56 by Poisy Reply
  • I was concerned about us being able to contain SBW and Freuen, well in the end Freuens name never cropped up. The front row was hammered everything seemed to improbe once JS was subbed, the Beast seemed to be everywhere. SBW should be cited for his swinging arm shoulder charge into Kanko, but probably won’t as SAFFA teams don’t seem to do so as frequently as their Antipodean counterparts. However 9 tries tell its own story, well done for both teams showing off Southern Hemsiphere rugby.

  • Comment 18, posted at 27.03.11 22:01:08 by Dynamite Reply

  • Very proud of our boys. Was a great game to watch.

    Now if Walsh saw that forward pass that lead to a try and we got all our kicks. We could have won it. But happy that we got a point. 12 points on tour is really good.

    Hope our boys are well rested for at least 2 days before training. Think they will need it to be ready for the Stormers.

    Yes we did soften em up. Quite a few came off limping…hehehe. Remember Saders have a bye the next week. So they will be fine I think.

    Well done Sharks. Proud of our team. 😎

  • Comment 19, posted at 27.03.11 22:34:26 by Puma Reply

  • We really need to go and work on our defense. Really think John Smit and Stefan Terblanche were poor, they have to have a good look at themselves and realisr they are the seniors in the team and have to lead by example. But I’m sure they will pull their act together. I think we would have learnt a lot from this game. Not to upset because I predicted this to happen. Crusaders are an truly amazing team and deserved the win they got today.

  • Comment 20, posted at 27.03.11 22:38:20 by Ben Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • Great game to watch if you’re a neutral.

  • Comment 21, posted at 27.03.11 22:41:32 by Ben Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • We SA’cans keep on doing the same thing….. Keep playing captains above form players. Its not the only reason but defnetly one of the reasons why the proteas is sleeping in their own beds tonight. From international level to provisial. I am a big suporter of both stef and jhon but they are being found wanting. –
    Mostert must also be metioned, made a lively impact when he came on.

  • Comment 22, posted at 27.03.11 22:44:18 by franshark Reply
  • If we play with the same intensity that we played in the 2nd half I believe we can beat 13 out of 15 teams,

  • Comment 23, posted at 27.03.11 22:50:35 by franshark Reply
  • @franshark (Comment 22) : Mostert should be a regular starter after this.imo

  • Comment 24, posted at 27.03.11 23:04:58 by Honey Badger Reply

    Honey Badger
  • What an amazing game of rugby from both sides. This was a southern hemisphere showpiece of how rugby should be played with as little aimless kicking as possible and each player showing their individual skills. A pity The Sharks kicking for goal was awful πŸ˜• and their tackling in the first half was terrible, though The Crusaders running off the ball was a joy to watch. The second half was an inspiration and The Sharks have little to fear in their coming matches if they can play like that. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Twickenham “in the sun” as I am sure everyone at the ground did πŸ˜† . A game I will remember for a long time to come.

  • Comment 25, posted at 27.03.11 23:49:38 by Donald Reply

  • the team that needs to start…
    1 beast
    2 bizzy
    3 jannie
    4 sykes
    5 hargreaves
    6 keegs
    7 big wil
    8 kanko
    9 mcleod
    10 lambie
    11 mvovo
    12 jlp
    13 jacobs
    14 jp
    15 jp

  • Comment 26, posted at 28.03.11 01:42:30 by RuckingFun Reply

  • 15 ludik

  • Comment 27, posted at 28.03.11 03:31:41 by RuckingFun Reply

  • What a great game of rugby, well done to the Sharks for never giving up!! Pity Potgieter missed those kicks, you needed to keep the pressure on them and that unfortunately was part of the Sharks undoing, the Crusaders were definitely starting to look a bit bewildered in the second half, but their last try sealed it for them. I am now firmly convinced that John Smit should not be going to the world cup, the difference in the packs, cost the Sharks big time in the first half and if Plum cant see that, then I don’t know. He should have retired after the world cup, easy for me to say now, with hindsight and he has been a wonderful servant to both SA and the Sharks, but he is not strong enough at prop and he is not the best hooker in SA anymore.

  • Comment 28, posted at 28.03.11 05:58:36 by Whindy Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • We should be careful not to blame the scrumming meltdown all on Smit here! As a former front-rower myself I thought the impetus in most of Crusaders’ scrums came on Jannie’s side of the scrum where crockett killed him! Pressure was then transferred to the rest of the pack. Its also too easy to say we suddenly became competitive when Beast came on, Crusaders 8 could be tiring by then, numerous injuries by then as well…

  • Comment 29, posted at 28.03.11 06:57:13 by neilster Reply

  • @Whindy (Comment 28) : disagree. john smit may not be as good as beast, but he definitely is better than most other props in sa. beast also looked better because he had mostert behind him. hargreaves is too weak in the scrum. it is time for him to move to the bench and for mostert to start.

  • Comment 30, posted at 28.03.11 07:14:32 by try time Reply

  • @neilster (Comment 29) : agreed. jannie popped not john in the one scrum.

  • Comment 31, posted at 28.03.11 07:16:02 by try time Reply

  • @neilster (Comment 29) : Interesting observation by someone who knows the position, I have no clue played wing and Fullback, but why then did it come right when Smit went off and the beast took over. As I say I have no clue about what goes on up front, but it did seem to improve once he left the field or am I bing to harsh on him??

  • Comment 32, posted at 28.03.11 07:16:54 by Whindy Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • i can sit here all day and point out all the flaws in the sharks team, but really i have better things to do with my time. so i’ll leave some points to ponder.

    the sharks have a crap backline coach. i could blame our centers, but better coached they could be dangerous.

    jpp is not better than mvovo, so why weaken the team by bringing him in.

    charl needs the feel of splinters on his arse. he has lost his mojo.

    ryan kankowski is predictable, and although gains some meters he offers little else.

    mostert needs to start ahead of hargreaves. i like alistair, but he isn’t where he needs to be yet.

    meyer and stefan combo seem to be battling as soon as adi got between them they looked better.

    the sharks backline releases the ball too early making it easy for the opposition to defend against.

    jlp is either rusty or shit. but he cannot start this weekend if the sharks want to beat the stormers.

    alberts needs backup around him and he needs to pass the ball when he batters a defender. currently teams neutralise him by letting him bring the ball to ground and the knock the sharks back while he is getting out of the last breakdown. he needs to attack a defender and as he is going to ground he needs to pass the ball. he takes down two defenders with him opening a big gap for players following up to exploit.

    and finally thank the rugby gods we never kept mapoe, he would have been a waste of money. he is over rated.

  • Comment 33, posted at 28.03.11 07:35:05 by try time Reply

  • @Whindy (Comment 32) : mostert help a lot and the saders were losing big players at that stage. hargreaves is weak in the scrums.

  • Comment 34, posted at 28.03.11 07:37:20 by try time Reply

  • All well said Try Time. You didn’t touch on John Shit though.

  • Comment 35, posted at 28.03.11 07:41:46 by Speed7 Reply

  • @neilster (Comment 29) : john got fat so that he can play tighthead, crockett destroyed him last year and he never played that position for the sharks – until this year against force – he admitted he was scared for his health, he had a neck operation.

    He then lost the weight so that he can be mobile as a hooker, as last year he was too fat! But he hasn’t played hooker in any game instead the first choice Bok loosehead gets splinters to accommodate him.

    He should be competing with Bissie, which we know he can’t!

  • Comment 36, posted at 28.03.11 07:46:48 by Megatron Reply

  • @Speed7 (Comment 35) : john smit played well. there is a problem in the scrum, but it can be sorted out by putting more weight behind john. sykes and mostert behind the frontrow will fix the problem. as neilstar says jannie has to shoulder some blame. by him not taking more pressure he put a lot on smit. in the one scrum the sharks were penalised because jannie popped. so i am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Comment 37, posted at 28.03.11 07:48:31 by try time Reply

  • The Crusaders played brilliant rugby and exposed all our weaknesses, so hats off to them. But is must be said that it was a very successful tour for the Sharks. We picked up 12 points in total on tour and what lies ahead will define the season for the Sharks. If we were offered the 12 log points before our tour we would have taken it.

    Let’s support the boys in black and hope that they can string a couple of wins together and regain pole position in the SA Conferences.

  • Comment 38, posted at 28.03.11 07:49:04 by Viking Reply
  • @try time (Comment 33) : Have to agree with you about the coach, it took them a long time to work out a defense to the Crusaders attack and yes they are good but, they have been doing it all season and granted Sonny Bill does have a good offload but again nothing new so plan for it, the game was gone before they did get the hang of the defense. JLP is okay, but he is not a Patrick Lambie so maybe you are a little harsh on him. As for Mvovo did he do anything yesterday that warranted him staying on the ground longer than he did, he does not look for work the way JP does (imo) and JP was showing good signs down under of getting back to his best before he was injured, agree yesterday he did not have a great game, but you cant blame the coach for that. Yes agree you saved yourselves some money with Mapoe, but I think you may be missing Cockett, not sure Hoffman is a good backup, get Pienaar back he is playing brilliant rugby for his Irish club.

  • Comment 39, posted at 28.03.11 07:50:30 by Whindy Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • @try time (Comment 37) : Agreed…We are too quick to blame John when we don’t scrum well. He is the first person everyone jumps too. It has to be a team effort with the front row taking the blame or glory for what happens at scrum time.

  • Comment 40, posted at 28.03.11 07:51:46 by Viking Reply
  • lets look at a simple fix that could have won the sharks the game. place kicking. sharks were 28 saders 37. at that point the sharks had missed 2 conversions and 2 penalties. none of them very difficult. jlp’s brilliant try, doesn’t fix this mess he made. totally unacceptable at this level of the game.

  • Comment 41, posted at 28.03.11 07:54:00 by try time Reply

  • I’m going to be the one to touch the John Smit topic … Beast cannot be made to play second fiddle to John. I’m afraid the skipper as much as we love him, is currently keeping better players out of the team. Maybe as a reserve hooker, but that’s about the best I can come up with. Oom Stef is doing a gr8 job as captain so John is really not needed there as well?

  • Comment 42, posted at 28.03.11 07:54:54 by Flintshark Reply

  • This was a great occasion for showing of SH rugby to Europe. And two great teams (running with the ball) to show it. Even when the match was over, the Sharks ran from behind their own goal line up to half way only to be stopped by a forward pass…. At least we have got some character in the team πŸ˜•

  • Comment 43, posted at 28.03.11 07:57:33 by SharksRTB Reply

  • Whatever ,John was getting hammered on the engagement and going backwards from there. Jannie can’t help him there.

  • Comment 44, posted at 28.03.11 07:58:00 by Speed7 Reply

  • @Flintshark (Comment 42) : Are we coming to a time where John’s leadership does not trump his playing ability anymore?

  • Comment 45, posted at 28.03.11 07:58:15 by Viking Reply
  • @Whindy (Comment 39) : mvovo is getting ball and three defenders on him at the same time, because the backline is not attacking the gain line. jpp came on and got in everyone’s way because he didn’t know where the hell to stand.

    i actually liked what i saw from hoffman, considering he has played diddly squat rugby. he could put pressure on charl if he is given a chance. i don’t think charl is shit, i think he is tired and this is leading to stupid errors.

  • Comment 46, posted at 28.03.11 07:59:00 by try time Reply

  • @SharksRTB (Comment 43) : Must say that this weekend’s game has shown the northern hemisphere that you can run the ball and score tries there. Great spectacle. Shows the dominance of the southern hemisphere rugby.

  • Comment 47, posted at 28.03.11 08:00:59 by Viking Reply
  • To add onto previous comment: The saders scored a try with a forward pass allowed… We got blown up for two forward passes, with pretty much no one in front, and Keegs / Kanko on the ball……………………… O how it could’ve been. Overall I was pretty happy with the way Steve Walsh refereed… But these incidents I just mentioned, brought a lot of ugly memories rushing back involving Steve and some pretty bad calls.

  • Comment 48, posted at 28.03.11 08:01:01 by SharksRTB Reply

  • ok the positives. we got a bp and we are sa bound for the rest of the tournament. stormers and bulls still have to travel.

    waratahs aren’t looking as safe as log leaders anymore, so sharks still have a good chance of getting a home semi.

    mostert, botes, adi and hoffman all put there hands up for starting positions.

    the sharks walked away unscathed while the crusaders are counting the costs after losing some valuable players as well as a possible citing for sonny’s shocking shoulder charge.

  • Comment 49, posted at 28.03.11 08:03:38 by try time Reply

  • @try time (Comment 46) : And what a lot of these stupid errors he made yesterday!!!! The decison making is also a bit shocking from him. Where is the Charl of last years CC?

  • Comment 50, posted at 28.03.11 08:03:51 by SharksRTB Reply

  • @try time (Comment 49) : Especially Mostert and Hofman

  • Comment 51, posted at 28.03.11 08:04:41 by SharksRTB Reply

  • @SharksRTB (Comment 48) : i don’t want to blame the referee. had we kicked our points over the forward pass try would have meant little.

  • Comment 52, posted at 28.03.11 08:04:52 by try time Reply

  • 😈 i think that the one try which was scored when the ref was floored should have been disallowed as the ref was in the road when the shark player wanted to tacked him and the last try the player came in from the side in front of the ref.john smit has had his day and we missed lambie big time. πŸ™„

  • Comment 53, posted at 28.03.11 08:05:50 by pete69 Reply

  • @SharksRTB (Comment 50) : i think charl is burnt out. poor player management by plumtree.

  • Comment 54, posted at 28.03.11 08:06:03 by try time Reply

  • @try time (Comment 49) : We have completed out tour and sitting 4th overall and 2nd on the SA log. Looks pretty good. However, we will have to make the rest of the games count. We have to top the SA log and get a home semi if we want to win this thing. The next 2 weeks before our weekend off will be crucial.

  • Comment 55, posted at 28.03.11 08:07:45 by Viking Reply
  • @Viking (Comment 38) : The scrums was a surprise, I thought we would stand our own or dominate. The line-outs again was 50/50, but then again we also took some of there balls when it mattered. The biggest weakness exposed was between 10 and 12. And JLP and MB played together for two seasons at the cheeters, so it was not suposed to be a “new combination”

  • Comment 56, posted at 28.03.11 08:08:37 by SharksRTB Reply

  • @try time (Comment 54) : He is doing the same thing to Alberts, he needs a break not only for the good of Sharks but for the Boks later in the year we need a rested Alberts not a stuffed one.

  • Comment 57, posted at 28.03.11 08:09:16 by Whindy Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • Glad to see tha JLP is getting some game time but in hind sight we should have given him more time earlier the season. Maybe have started him on 12 a couple of times. Tough to get your first start against the Crusaders at Twickers…Let’s hope he can make the step up for the Sharks against the Stormers. He will have to kick 100% though…

  • Comment 58, posted at 28.03.11 08:10:51 by Viking Reply
  • @pete69 (Comment 53) : ya mate. the ref was in the road, definately not on the twickers grass….. πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 59, posted at 28.03.11 08:11:38 by SharksRTB Reply

  • @Viking (Comment 55) : totally agree. the next two games are probably the deciders. lets be honest very few of us expected the sharks to beat crusaders away from home. but if the sharks lose the next two games the hill to the top will be too steep. the sharks have had their fun now it is time to earn their paycheques. alberts and bissie need to smack grant hard and the game is ours.

  • Comment 60, posted at 28.03.11 08:12:20 by try time Reply

  • @SharksRTB (Comment 56) : Yeah…I would have thought the two would play better together as they should know one another. MB has not yet impressed me so far. Expected more from him as he was a very solid player for the cheetahs…I would like to see lambie at 10 and JLP at 12 though. If they can combine it could be lethal.

  • Comment 61, posted at 28.03.11 08:14:39 by Viking Reply
  • @Whindy (Comment 57) : i am also worried about alberts carrying too much work load. lets hope he can keep it going until deysel gets back.

  • Comment 62, posted at 28.03.11 08:14:52 by try time Reply

  • @try time (Comment 60) : :mrgreen:

  • Comment 63, posted at 28.03.11 08:15:36 by Viking Reply
  • guys – I don’t suppose there’s any chance we could just accepts we were beaten by a better team on the day and just move on from there?

    Is it necessary to attack virtually every individual involved?

  • Comment 64, posted at 28.03.11 08:17:41 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 64) : it was acceted after the bonus point was secured by the saders in +- 30min. just discussing some points of concern…. Sorry pa!

  • Comment 65, posted at 28.03.11 08:25:17 by SharksRTB Reply

  • We MUST get Juan de Jong ,we need talented ,skillful centre,s. JdJ and Adi together would make an awesome combo,silky smooth like the saders were!!

  • Comment 66, posted at 28.03.11 08:25:42 by ruggabugga Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 64) : were they better? had we got our kicks over the deficit wouldn’t have been too big to close.

    also as far as i can see everyone is bringing up valid issues in the blog. and it is issues that a little glue can fix. overall most of us are agreeing the sharks are in a good place, but they cannot be like the proteas and not acknowledge the problems and hope they go away on their own.

    if we want to beat the stormers and lions the sharks going to need to fix those little problems this week.

    and what is the point of having a blog if we all have to sing amazing grace and kumbaya. i think the posts have been fair and no personal attacks on a team that did well last night.

  • Comment 67, posted at 28.03.11 08:25:56 by try time Reply

  • @Viking (Comment 61) : Viking, I’m sorry mate, but did you actually watch the game that Meyer played? I thought he was bloody awesome… the number of times he got involved and kept movements alive with a quick pass or offload was frightening. I don’t think you can blame him for more than (at most) one of the Saders tries and otherwise, I don’t think he put a foot wrong.

    He’ll be at flyhalf against the Stormers and I think he’ll do a great job.

  • Comment 68, posted at 28.03.11 08:28:27 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 64) : It seems like that’s the South African way and it actually smacks of arrogance. The Sharks were beaten by a much better team. Any news on Sharks injuries Rob?

  • Comment 69, posted at 28.03.11 08:29:29 by war1 Reply
  • i will sing amazing grace and kumbaya if the sharks can get to the bye with only two losses. that would be a great feat. considering the schedule the team has had. πŸ˜†

  • Comment 70, posted at 28.03.11 08:29:32 by try time Reply

  • I will say what I said last week. John Smit needs to do whats best for the Sharks and the Bokke.

  • Comment 71, posted at 28.03.11 08:29:42 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @try time (Comment 67) : how does calling the backline coach “shit” constitute anything constructive? Don’t you agree that saying things like that simply bring down the team and all the hard work they have done?

  • Comment 72, posted at 28.03.11 08:30:34 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @war1 (Comment 69) : Potgieter hurt his calf and will be out for a week or two

  • Comment 73, posted at 28.03.11 08:31:08 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 68) : Rob I agree, he only started playing well the second half though @ flyhalf, and think he did a awesome job there I must say and would like to see him there this coming weekend.

    After the first half, I actually thought he needs to get off the field asap.

  • Comment 74, posted at 28.03.11 08:32:21 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @war1 (Comment 69) : you and rob make it sound like the sharks were thrashed. the sharks matched the crusaders in almost every department except the boot. which team is counting its injuries today? not the sharks, and that is testament to their fitness levels. so the sharks weren’t the only team beaten last night.

  • Comment 75, posted at 28.03.11 08:33:22 by try time Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 68) : Maybe I’m expecting more from him at this stage. I don’t think he is playing bad rugby but he has been exposed a couple of times on defence. But so has the rest of our backline. I still believe that he has a lot of potential and would like to see him live up to it.

    It would be interesting to see him start at 10 this weekend.

  • Comment 76, posted at 28.03.11 08:36:00 by Viking Reply
  • @robdylan (Comment 72) : he is a consultant letting the team down. the poor centers are getting taken apart, while he hides behind the scenes and gets no ridicule. call that comment a challenge to the backline coach to show he deserves to coach a team of players as good as the sharks. weren’t you whining about hugh reece last year?

  • Comment 77, posted at 28.03.11 08:36:06 by try time Reply

  • Why is John getting the blame when it was Janne popping up? I have to say that our guys look tiny compare to the monsters in the Saders team…they are HUGE. In the end i think our kicking was the difference…but our guys played with guts. Really can’t asked for more from a game when you are sitting on the edge the whole time. That’s what it is about!
    Lambie was missed…but the other guys fronted up, and we need to make sure we have a back up for him anyway.
    Honestly that is the hardest game of the tournament for us, out of the way, adn we came away with a try bonus point.

  • Comment 78, posted at 28.03.11 08:38:06 by Just a Fan Reply

    Just a Fan
  • @try time (Comment 77) : If the centers don’t tackle, its not his problem is it?

  • Comment 79, posted at 28.03.11 08:38:06 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @robdylan (Comment 73) : Hard luck for Pottie, I know he’s the kind of guy who like to come back with a good performance. Step up Meyer Bosman.

  • Comment 80, posted at 28.03.11 08:39:18 by war1 Reply
  • @Uli (Comment 79) : it is when the reason for the missed tackles were do to the players being in the wrong positions. a backline coach looks at the opposition and makes sure the backline knows how to cover the channels the opposition attacks. it is clear he hasn’t been working on the gap between the centres as it has been broken a lot this season. and meyer and stefan aren’t poor defenders. if they are in the right position they take their man down. where are the loosies? why aren’t they covering? if they did their job better on defence, meyer and stefan could drift. this is an area botes covers well, but the coach must allow for this gap if botes is going to be benched.

  • Comment 81, posted at 28.03.11 08:45:42 by try time Reply

  • I think it was a great game and probably the best of the SupeRugby season so far. The Sharks were outplayed in the first half but I don’t think there is a team in the world that would have given the Saders a hiding yesterday. JLP was rusty and to play your first game of the season against Carter & co was always going to be tricky. I expected a loss for the Sharks but I was really hoping that the game would be an advert for SH rugby and that it sure was.

    We made a lot of mistakes but we also did a lot right. I have to agree with the most of the bloggers that we can’t afford the luxury of having Smit in our starting 15.

  • Comment 82, posted at 28.03.11 08:47:20 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @Uli (Comment 79) : Yes it is, he is responsible for the defense and there was no counter to the Crusaders, I am with try time on this one, the Sharks could have won, if their planning had been a touch better, they had no counter for the crusaders attack, in the first half. They either did not do their homework or they did not do it well enough. I will be the first to admit the Crusaders are an awesome team, but they have been scoring the same sort of tries all season, surely the backline coach plans for that??-

  • Comment 83, posted at 28.03.11 08:48:14 by Whindy Reply
    Competition WinnerCompetition Winner
  • @Uli (Comment 79) : The problem is that the centres didn’t know who to tackle and by the time they figured it out it was too late πŸ˜‰

    I think the way to counter SBW’s off-loads is for the defenders on his outside to stand a little deeper, so that he doesn’t get his pass in behind them. For that to work the guy that tackles Sonny Bill will have to do the job, though.

  • Comment 84, posted at 28.03.11 08:48:26 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @try time (Comment 67) : the Saders were better! They messed up 3 clear cut tries in the first half with dagg knocking on, that would’ve pushed the 1st half score into the 50s…the saders held on without read, carter, sam whitelock on the field…with jonathan poff, matt todd & sonny bill williams as loosies…

    Sharks got annihilated period, but awesome fightback spirit from them!

  • Comment 85, posted at 28.03.11 08:54:16 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 85) : The Saders are amazing and will be very hard to beat this year. The Sharks are finished with their tour and still very much among the front runners. I’m a happy Sharks supporter at this stage. The Sharks have a lot of work to do but they will be contender come the play-offs and in one-off games anything can happen.

  • Comment 86, posted at 28.03.11 08:58:24 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • I reckon we must study this game and take on the Saders gameplan!! It looked at a stage like they had 20 players on! πŸ˜† Everything fell in place for them on the day…the ball handling, perfect timimg in offloading and Sharks who did not defend in the first half…who would NOT win a game them.

    GO SHARKS!!! πŸ˜€

  • Comment 87, posted at 28.03.11 08:58:39 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @try time (Comment 81) : @Whindy (Comment 83) : @rhineshark (Comment 84) :

    I agree to some extend, but you have to question the men on the field. They are the ones who make the decisions on the field the coach can only do so much and then the player needs to stand up and be accounted for.

    The fact that the Crusaders ran through us like a u/14 team was very big concern, and the fact that our players did not see what was coming, that was the problem, our cross cover defence from both wings and our fullback was non existent in those backline tries from the crusaders.

    They could not see or visualise what was coming to them and that they need to sort out and study on their part. They seemed to be dazed and confused most of the time.

  • Comment 88, posted at 28.03.11 09:03:19 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • okay we lost,but everybody is making the crusaders team sound like they are unstoppable.
    We could have won.
    I do not know why MB did not cover sbw many times.
    If we kicked better and the forward pass try from them are taken into account.
    ,the score would have been 37-37.
    So we lost a game we could have won because of our mistakes.
    Mb played good at 10,Smit he should not be a starter I think.

  • Comment 89, posted at 28.03.11 09:11:00 by Honey Badger Reply

    Honey Badger
  • @Ice (Comment 87) : And now for something completely different. I see Knersus on News24 reckons you’re a “lekker stukkie” πŸ˜†

    All class on those news blogs. Not.

  • Comment 90, posted at 28.03.11 09:12:21 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • We are softening this loss by saying the crusaders were unstoppable.
    If we lost to the stormers like this it would have been a whole other story I am sure.

    We should have won but it was a great game of rugby.

  • Comment 91, posted at 28.03.11 09:14:01 by Honey Badger Reply

    Honey Badger
  • @Pokkel (Comment 86) : i agree, look the saders are not invincible, the sharks scored first through keeping the ball @ close quarters & battering through the forwards.

    The saders had no reply to that kind of brutal ball-carrying, so they did what any clever side does ‘play to your strength’ and they found the sharks soft in backline defence.

    As much as kanko tries to be a fancy pants side-stepping ballerina, he adds nothing in terms of grunt for the sharks, after every ruck he receives the ball at inside centre meaning he never joined the ruck.

    Odwa Ndungane has to be Sharks’ most improved player.

  • Comment 92, posted at 28.03.11 09:15:48 by Megatron Reply

  • @Uli (Comment 88) : Dude, I consider myself an intelligent bloke, but some of those Crusaders moves dazed and confused me while I was sitting in front of the tv watching them!

    But you do have a point in that we didn’t seem to adapt. Why did we keep rushing up in defense when it’s obvious that SBW’s strength is delaying his off-load and getting the support runner in behind defenders? I don’t mean hanging back, just standing deeper so that this doesn’t happen. If you do that it doesn’t matter that two players commit to SBW.

  • Comment 93, posted at 28.03.11 09:21:07 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • SBW 2 arms,2legs,1 head what is the problem for a possessional rugby player.

    Yes he is a freak but still,you should be able to stop him,and when beast came on and the saders did not get any front foot ball,sbw did not mean anything.

  • Comment 94, posted at 28.03.11 09:28:03 by Honey Badger Reply

    Honey Badger
  • @rhineshark (Comment 90) : Where??? Knersus? LOL

  • Comment 95, posted at 28.03.11 09:33:50 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @rhineshark (Comment 93) : I agree! I was like WFT??? Where’s the ball?? Oh Okay there! Nope! Not there any more! Okay, where’s it Now? Oh F…they gonna score – they have 5 men on the run a nd we have no defenders available! Coz the whole team tackled the one guy! πŸ˜†

  • Comment 96, posted at 28.03.11 09:35:40 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 95) : Oh…found it! :mrgreen:

  • Comment 97, posted at 28.03.11 09:39:28 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 96) : lol

  • Comment 98, posted at 28.03.11 09:41:00 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • Ive said it before, I know squat about front row play but please all you guys slating Smit just explain to me how he is suffering in the scrum when what I see is Jannies head popping out of the scrum and the the scrum starting to wheel from Jannies side around Smit who is anchored in one spot – obviously the pressure then stats building up on him (as he, his lock and flank) are the forming a central pivot point standing firm against the oppositions thrust which has now swept up the rest of the Sharks scrum mass and is using that against them (the pivots) who then obviously buckle like a turbine at Duvha power station.

  • Comment 99, posted at 28.03.11 09:46:16 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Ice (Comment 96) : πŸ˜†

  • Comment 100, posted at 28.03.11 09:51:54 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 99) :

    Ok then, please explain to me why the scrum actually performs when he is not there? For the Sharks and the Bokke? Either the team doesn’t want him there or he is a weak link.

    To me it is so, so obvious that when ever he is off the field the Sharks play rugby. When he is on they stutter….

  • Comment 101, posted at 28.03.11 09:52:26 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 99) : I dont think people is slating at such. It’s a case of ‘differences and changes” – the quickest problem solving tool available. “What is different?” and “What has changed” – the difference was – the scrum performed better as a whole. The change was, Beast replaced Johnno… πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 102, posted at 28.03.11 09:58:02 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Uli (Comment 101) :
    So you reckon Jannie and Bismark get popped to make Smit look bad. πŸ™„ Read the whole thread and see what others said about replacements and injuries to the opposition. Beast came on with most of the game gone, fresh legs against tired ones. Not every scrum was dominant once Beast came on and he has also had his bad days in the scrum.

    Now if you are talking about Smit in open play….

  • Comment 103, posted at 28.03.11 10:01:08 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Have to agree with Uli I may have missed something but Jannie, Bissie and Beast offer more in general play.

  • Comment 104, posted at 28.03.11 10:03:32 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Ice (Comment 102) :
    At that stage the Saders were crocked, Read off, SWB packing down at flank.
    Fact is Smits side stood firm while Jannies popped and started rotating. How is this Smits fault?

  • Comment 105, posted at 28.03.11 10:08:40 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Saders were oustanding in the first half. The 2nd I felt belonged to the Sharks. Have not read any posts above. BUT what about that forward pass? It was WAY forward. How did Walsh miss that? If we count those 7 points Saders should not have had and the 9 points we missed getting our kicks over. We could have had 37 a piece πŸ˜› 😎

    Man I thought we were gonna get a real thrashing. Then watching the first half thought here it comes, but heck we climbed in the 2nd half. Really very proud of our boys.

    We got a bonus out of getting 4 tries against the Saders. Yes we crossed their line 4 TIMES :mrgreen: I am one that has always been against picking up a bonus point for losing by less than 7. They should scrap that. If you lose you lose, teams should get nothing for that. Only if you lose and get 4 tries should teams pick up a bonus point.

    Anyhow how our team gets two day rest now before training. Some monster hits in that game. Bodies must be sore. Need plenty rest and we will be ready for the Stormers. 😎

    12 points from our tour. Proud of our Sharks.


  • Comment 106, posted at 28.03.11 10:10:21 by Puma Reply

  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 104) : Fair point but then dont slate his scrumming when in fact he did yeoman work playing out of position.

  • Comment 107, posted at 28.03.11 10:10:37 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • I never said that, but can you warrant that Smit is a top prop?

    The thing is that you must actually consider the facts. Smit is not a prop, period. Now look into his past. He was started out at prop, but he got hammered all the time in senior rugby and therefore he changed to hooker. He is at his best @ hooker.
    But @ his best he still doesn’t beat Bissie on a bad day….

    Also I had a good look, now how much does Smit actually do on the field? I am not sure but I have not seen him go over the advantage line for some years now. I have seen him pitch late at numerous rucks/mauls all the time…

  • Comment 108, posted at 28.03.11 10:11:17 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 105) : It is my “observation” that we performed better – being it fresh legs or whatever – but we did and it happened when John went off. Also Beast made a much better impact in the open play.

    One thing that also stuck out to me was the “type” of defense. Since when do you wait for a guy to run past you and then try an tackle him from behind when he is on speed?? or Jannie who grabbed a guys’ jersey then let him go, and merely jogs back without trying to get the man down??

  • Comment 109, posted at 28.03.11 10:15:09 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Uli (Comment 108) :
    When did he start as a prop in senior rugby and then move to hooker when he couldnt make it.
    I wont argue about Smits general play, my point is that he was not crap in the scrums and I think it is unfair to blame him for the scrum woes. That comes across as selective posting in the hope of finding a scapegoat for getting bested in the scrums.

  • Comment 110, posted at 28.03.11 10:17:39 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Megatron (Comment 92) : Nice post from you there buddy. (for a change 😎 ) Except the 3rd paragraph πŸ˜›

  • Comment 111, posted at 28.03.11 10:17:39 by Puma Reply

  • Jeepers, reading some posts here think I logged onto keo. Come on man, stop slating John. This sort of thing belongs on that site not this one.

  • Comment 112, posted at 28.03.11 10:20:14 by Puma Reply

  • Salmaoid I am a firm believer that in prof sport you choose on merit only and it is my belief having watched JS in the lsat 3 games he is not the best @ any of positions 1,2,or 3

  • Comment 113, posted at 28.03.11 10:22:05 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Ice (Comment 109) :
    Beast was unbelievable in open play and he was great in the scrums.

    Im actually incredibly proud of the Sharks comeback and show of charachter. Yes we got klapped but I really think the team that climbed on that plane back to Durban will be far more galvanised than they were when they left for London. They will also know that the Saders can be beaten.

  • Comment 114, posted at 28.03.11 10:24:31 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 110) : Good on you mate for standing up for John.

    Really this is a Sharks site thought we only saw this pulling a player down on keo not here.

  • Comment 115, posted at 28.03.11 10:24:32 by Puma Reply

  • @Salmonoid (Comment 110) : oh my…. dude go back in history…. JW made him move to hooker so that he could have him in his team.

  • Comment 116, posted at 28.03.11 10:24:37 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Puma (Comment 112) : No one is slating John – the only people on here that has said “slating” comments are not even Sharks supporters…all of us other just felt that John should be on the bench and Beast should start.

    Whindy is a Lions, so is Speed7 if I am correct..

  • Comment 117, posted at 28.03.11 10:25:23 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Puma (Comment 115) : Hey, we want what is best for the team. I don’t have the knife out for him. But being naive is another thing…

  • Comment 118, posted at 28.03.11 10:26:36 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 113) : I dont remember him playing at 2 in the last 3 games but be that as it may have a look at what you wrote – playing at 1,2 or 3 – that alone should tell you what a special player he is.

  • Comment 119, posted at 28.03.11 10:28:02 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Ice (Comment 117) : Everyone is up in arm. Crikey put your guns down the lot of you. I am the oldest here so listen. Bugger thought I had logged on to keo.

    I don’t know who is who here actually. Don’t always blog here.

    BUT it could have been and should have bee 37 a piece. A FORWARD pass that Walsh conviently missed πŸ˜• Gave Saders a try. 7 points they should never have had. WE missed just about all our kicks at post.

    Where is Sharon to whip you all here. Damn this is disappointing to read on this site. May as well go blog on keo. Don’t except this nonsense here slating players. Not you but who is Uli?

    @Uli (Comment 118) : Are you a Shark supporter?

  • Comment 120, posted at 28.03.11 10:31:33 by Puma Reply

  • Well said Ice, no one is slating jS just he should come off the bench

  • Comment 121, posted at 28.03.11 10:33:07 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 113) :

    With all due respect, whether YOU think Smit is a merit selection or not doesnt matter. :mrgreen:

    The last time I checked Plumtree is the coach of the Sharks!! πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 122, posted at 28.03.11 10:35:47 by wpw Reply
  • @Uli (Comment 118) : Stop griping man, we lost it. We could have had a draw. We never.

    The player we missed the most was Lambie. Damn those missed kicks cost us the MOST. Had we got them we would have been on their tails. Forward pass that Walsh never saw also gifted them 7 points. This is a cracking team the Saders but we could have beaten them or at least had a draw with them. We have to get our kicks. That hurt us more than anything. Just think about this. Had Lambie missed just ONE kick at goal against Rebels we would have lost that game. He got em all. Just shows how much we need our kicker to get the kicks.

    Anyhow we came home with a bonus point. I am pleased about it. It could have been 2 points. But move on. We have Stormers next week. WE have to win our home games. We won two away and picked up a bonus point in the other two. We have done bloody well.

    Well I am a proud Shark supporter today. 12 points on tour is superb.

  • Comment 123, posted at 28.03.11 10:37:29 by Puma Reply

  • @Uli (Comment 116) :

    John Smit played hooker for the Boks before Jake White was coach!!

    Get your facts straight meisie!! 😈

  • Comment 124, posted at 28.03.11 10:37:48 by wpw Reply
  • @wpw (Comment 122) : Very right wpw. Also while you here. Well done to your Stormers.

  • Comment 125, posted at 28.03.11 10:39:23 by Puma Reply

  • @Ice (Comment 117) :
    If Beast had started Jannie would still have been popped. Would we then be nailing Beast for his scrumming?

  • Comment 126, posted at 28.03.11 10:39:42 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @wpw (Comment 124) : I was also confused with that post of Uli’s.. 😐

  • Comment 127, posted at 28.03.11 10:40:04 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Puma (Comment 120) : I reserve my comments.

  • Comment 128, posted at 28.03.11 10:41:01 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 126) : YES! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I really am not nailing John for scrumming – rather feel that Beast could offer more overall…wil you stop jaggety jaggety naggety me? πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 129, posted at 28.03.11 10:41:33 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @wpw (Comment 122) :
    This is the amazing thing its always the player that takes the flak – not the coach who makes the selection. The coach who by the way has played provincial rugby, coached the world over, won tournaments and is regarded as one of the better coaches around.

  • Comment 130, posted at 28.03.11 10:43:08 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • The Saders game was my first game of the season. I came back from the us on thursday. Watched all the sharks games on Friday and Saturday. I was so proud pf the boys. The Chiefs game was really dissapointing. They didn’t play like they did in the previous games.

    Sundays game started of as the Chiefs game ended. The Sharks didn’t look like the same team. The defence was shocking, I realize the Crusaders are a great attacking team, but really lettling them through just like that was really bad form by the guys.

    I really proud of how they pulled themselves together for the second half. If they played like that for the whole 80 we could have won this game and I even had hope until we let slip with our defense one last time.

    Overall, just like everyone on this thread, I’m happy with the Sharkies. They’ll have to work on a couple of things, but I think they’ll be ready for the Stormers.

  • Comment 131, posted at 28.03.11 10:44:50 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • Salmanoid you are right he has not played @ hooker but do you honestly feel he is better than Bismarck? How many turnovers did Bissie effect? Even the kiwi comentators waxing lyrical abot saders admited that bissie would be the 1st player penned into their team

  • Comment 132, posted at 28.03.11 10:45:36 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 130) : They are human and can make mistaked too, you know….the fact that “The coach who by the way has played provincial rugby, coached the world over, won tournaments and is regarded as one of the better coaches around.” does not guarantee him success and to be failure-proof..

  • Comment 133, posted at 28.03.11 10:46:40 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 129) :
    I will stop jaggetying now that you have said you are not nailing Jon for scrumming. 😎 πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 134, posted at 28.03.11 10:47:27 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Letgo (Comment 131) : Now here is a lady that knows her rugby. 😎 Good to see you back here.

    Well said. Had we played like we done in the 2nd half we would have won.

    We play like we done in the 2nd half we will be ready for Stormers. Players gonna be tired, plenty rest is needed this week.

  • Comment 135, posted at 28.03.11 10:49:18 by Puma Reply

  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 132) :
    Please read my posts, I am not saying Jon was better than Beast, Bissie or Jannie. I am saying that to blame Jon for the scrum woes in this came is downright unfair on him and his teammates.
    I do think the lineout throw ins would have been better had Jon taken them.

  • Comment 136, posted at 28.03.11 10:52:12 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Puma (Comment 135) : And this is different from what a lot of us (also woman included) have been saying since we finished the game, how? πŸ˜‰

    Welcome back Letgo! Followed your travels on FB – seemed awsome!

  • Comment 137, posted at 28.03.11 10:53:30 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Puma (Comment 125) :

    Thanks Puma.

    Hard luck to the Sharks for yesterday’s loss. I am not to confident about facing you guys this coming wkend!! πŸ™„ 😐

  • Comment 138, posted at 28.03.11 10:54:46 by wpw Reply
  • @Ice (Comment 133) :
    No it doesnt make him failure proof but it makes him somebody that knows alot more about rugby than me and probably everyone else that blogs here. Im good with that, others are clearly not but instead of addressing the coach about it they nail the individual. πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 139, posted at 28.03.11 10:57:32 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Well then Salmanoid we r on the same page I am not criticising him scrumming but in gen play, as I said in my original post, the others offer more, that is all I have been trying to say πŸ™‚

  • Comment 140, posted at 28.03.11 10:59:16 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Letgo (Comment 131) :
    Welcome back, was wondering where you had got to.

  • Comment 141, posted at 28.03.11 10:59:37 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 130) :

    Did we just agree there bro?? 😯

    WTH?? :mrgreen:

    Btw, there’s a cricket thread about klempie’s favourite captain!!

  • Comment 142, posted at 28.03.11 11:01:03 by wpw Reply
  • @Ice (Comment 137) : I know, but Letgo never came on here griping, just straight talking rugby from that gal.. πŸ˜›

    I look forward to her stats she does as well.

  • Comment 143, posted at 28.03.11 11:01:05 by Puma Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 115) : Thanks, I was starting to wonder about where we were. πŸ˜‰

  • Comment 144, posted at 28.03.11 11:01:53 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Ice (Comment 127) : Ice can you confirm to me that JS started his rugby @ hooker? As memory serves me right JS started @ prop all his life even played about 10-20 games for the Sharks @ prop, he was then moved to hooker.

    He also got his 1st Bok cap @ prop as far I remember..???

    @wpw (Comment 124) : I will get back to you tonight with the exact stuff. I am sure its in JW’s book.

  • Comment 145, posted at 28.03.11 11:02:25 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Letgo (Comment 131) : Welcome back Letgo…it must have been so hard not to follow the rugby while you were away. I suppose you went through a lot of highs and lows while watching the recorded games…luckily there were more highs than lows.

  • Comment 146, posted at 28.03.11 11:03:22 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @wpw (Comment 142) : Smith captaincy was brilliant. He was outstanding in the field. His batting has let him down though, not his captaincy.

    Once the batsmen are on, nothing much the captain can do. It is then up to the individual batsmen. πŸ˜›

    Think after the stupid run out it went all down hill for us. Had Faf not got AB run out we could have won it. My feeling.

  • Comment 147, posted at 28.03.11 11:04:07 by Puma Reply

  • @wpw (Comment 142) :
    Yep we did and now to agree on something else – Stormers are clear favourites for Saturday.

    Seems like most are now happy that Jon was not so bad in the scrums, time to check out the other captain Smith.

  • Comment 148, posted at 28.03.11 11:05:21 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @wpw (Comment 142) : Well done to your team on Saturday.I didn’t see the game but it looks like the Stormers are back to their try scoring ways. I think Saturdays game is going to be a cracker I just hope the Sharks aren’t too tired after all their travels.

  • Comment 149, posted at 28.03.11 11:05:31 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @Uli (Comment 145) : Uli I understood that u meant JW only made him hooker for the WC. Just thinking that he did play hooker before that!

  • Comment 150, posted at 28.03.11 11:06:20 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @wpw (Comment 138) : Never saw the Stormers game mate, but the score says they thrashed Force. Stormers have a very good team.

    Saffa games are tough, doubt we will see a spectacular game like the Saders/Sharks game. Will be a tighter game. Also after a long, long drought in Durbs we finally getting the rain. So hope no rain for Saturday.

  • Comment 151, posted at 28.03.11 11:09:25 by Puma Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 143) : Hey! Griping is an integral part of being a woman! Did you not know that? What does it matter if you take a long road to the exact point where someone else takes the short cut! πŸ˜‰

    BTW – if you go and find my posts straight after the game, you’d see that I too took “the short” road…

    Besides, if we all took the short road, then there would be lots less hits and blogging on this site, so we are just keeping the balance! 😈

  • Comment 152, posted at 28.03.11 11:10:45 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 150) :When did he move to hooker?
    I think he played his first test @ prop @ 2003 world cup against Georgia and was captain for that test match. The following year he played hooker (When JW was Bok Head coach) and captained the Boks…??? Can you confirm or deny this?

  • Comment 153, posted at 28.03.11 11:11:52 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • A couple of thoughts, some positive, some negative:

    1) We were beaten by the better team. Let’s face it, the Crusaders is a pretty special team, and seeing them in full flight is an awesome sight. So let’s give credit where it is due. HOWEVER, had we nailed our kicks, had the ref seen the forward pass, etc. etc. etc. it could have been much closer, and we may even conceivably have won the game. That, coupled with the never-say-die attitude displayed in the second half fightback, means that if I were a member of the Sharks team I would not be too demoralised – the Crusaders are beatable, and we have what it takes to do it.

    2) With regards to the scrummaging/John Smit debate, last time I looked scrummaging had to do with the efforts of 8 men. Furthermore, it is not just about brute strength, but technique too. Which means that while John was not necessarily at fault, he is part of the problem, if you’ll pardon the semantics; I believe he has the attributes to be a success at loosehead prop, but at the same time, the fact hat he has not played there much this season probably disrupted the synergy of the pack. Which brings me to point 3…

    3) Having a clear idea of who your best 15 is is important (ask the 2007 All Blacks), and I applaud John Plumtree for his clarity in this regards, but by the same token, it is important that the rest of your squad gets adequate game time so that they are not undercooked when they have to be called upon. Bringing on a player with 5 or ten minutes remaining when the result has already been determined does not exactly send a message of confidence to the player, nor do you get the opportunity to assess the player fairly. I’m specifically thinking of JLP, Adi, Conrad Hoffman and John Smit here.

    4) Just for the record, back on the John Smit bandwagon, I do believe both Beast and Bismarck to be superior players. However, that still does not mean they have to start. Had our scrums gone better and we nailed our kicks, the destruction sowed by Beast in the second half may have cast a completely different complexion to the game. Think also of the impact of the substitutions in the Blues/Lions game.

    5) Adi HAS to get a start.

    6) What is a personal concern for me though is the lack of creative flair in our backline, and here I’m not referring to individual flair, but rather planned moves. The Crusaders clearly had a whole bag of pre-planned tricks, where we seem to be more reliant on individual line breaks/moments of brilliance, and then having guys playing off of that.

  • Comment 154, posted at 28.03.11 11:13:43 by Culling Song Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
    Culling Song
  • @Ice (Comment 152) : I like the short cuts…. :mrgreen:

  • Comment 155, posted at 28.03.11 11:16:17 by Puma Reply

  • @Uli (Comment 153) : no I lie, I found this.

  • Comment 156, posted at 28.03.11 11:17:20 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Culling Song (Comment 154) : Who to leave out when Adi start ?

  • Comment 157, posted at 28.03.11 11:18:26 by Charlie Reply

  • @Salmonoid (Comment 148) : @Pokkel (Comment 149) :

    Thanks gents. I wonder if Eddie Jones’ presence had anything to do with our backline firing on Saturday.

    He was at the Stormers’ High Performance Centre last week!! 😎

  • Comment 158, posted at 28.03.11 11:18:51 by wpw Reply
  • @Culling Song (Comment 154) : Morning CS….are you up to watch the Sharks/Stormers game this weekend?

  • Comment 159, posted at 28.03.11 11:19:19 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • Look we’re 140 comments in, and there’s been a lot of slating the players but I’d like to just encourage these bloggers out there to be proud of the way their team fought back and showed great character. Any supporter whether it’s in footie, cricket or rugby, wants to be behind a team that gives it their all and never-says-die. We were poor against the Chiefs and it was actually embarrassing, but okes, this last game was a great game and we played out of our skins to come back from the first half deficit. Yes, we’ll lose games here and there, but at least our team believes in itself, which is more than i can say for the Lions or Proteas. Go Sharks.

  • Comment 160, posted at 28.03.11 11:22:07 by CapeShark Reply
    The Great Couch Shark
  • @wpw (Comment 158) : your backline fired on saturday?

  • Comment 161, posted at 28.03.11 11:22:51 by KSA Shark Β© Reply

    KSA Shark Β©
  • @Culling Song (Comment 154) : Superb post. Agree 100% especially with some of our bench players that have to have a start. They all need game time. Another 9 games in this tourney to be played. We need them up to the level of our 1st choice players. They can only get there if they get to start.

  • Comment 162, posted at 28.03.11 11:23:15 by Puma Reply

  • hey all
    havnt read all the coments! but what counts is that we got some points from an away game ,against the best provinvial team in the world, that could probably beat most national sides.

    Points of concern, John Smit @ prop ,i hate saying that but we have to be honest now ,this game raised more questions about his place in the springbok squad than anything else :(:(

    Even tho carter got mom ,SBW was insane . Big question marks around our midfield 10 12 13 -bosman looked good at fh jacobs good @ 12 .

    Glad sharks gave it all , forwards played well ,beast was fantastic ,saders had no answer for him at all ,class class class

  • Comment 163, posted at 28.03.11 11:23:50 by Talent Reply
  • @KSA Shark Β© (Comment 161) :

    So how are you doing on SB thus far seeing as your predictions about the Stormers is actually worse than mine (I havent made any picks thus far) 😈 :mrgreen:

  • Comment 164, posted at 28.03.11 11:24:17 by wpw Reply
  • @Uli (Comment 153) : “He has played most of his career as a hooker, but played twice for the Springboks off the bench as a prop prior to the South Africa coaching staff’s decision to use him as a tighthead prop for the 2008 end of year Tests.”

  • Comment 165, posted at 28.03.11 11:25:16 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @CapeShark (Comment 160) : Yes, we came back at em hard in the 2nd half. Thought after the first half we were gonna get a thrashing, we never did. Sharks could have won or at least got a draw out of this game.

    I am proud of our team for that come back. We played way, way better than against the Chiefs.

  • Comment 166, posted at 28.03.11 11:25:53 by Puma Reply

  • @Culling Song (Comment 154) : J smit was poor aqt prop and has been for a while now, in the last few games his departure from the field coincided with the revival of our scrums , play him at 2 .

  • Comment 167, posted at 28.03.11 11:26:57 by Talent Reply
  • Okay I am off. Catch up later. Need to work now…hehehe.

    @Ice (Comment 165) : Icey. Sorry for the harsh words from me. I still think you very cool πŸ˜‰ 😎

    Catch up later.

  • Comment 168, posted at 28.03.11 11:28:16 by Puma Reply

  • Well I am not going to add much to this debate as most of the key points have already been made, but I will say it was a pleasure to meet up with the SW crew at Twickenham yesterday.

    Also, our defense was woeful in the first half, and for that alone we deserved the loss. JLP was poor on the kicking tee, but he hasnt had a huge amount of gametime. He has proved in the past he can kick under pressure, but we still want Lambe back asap!

    Finally, the Steve Walsh comedy roadshow proved yet again, why the guy should not be refereeing at this level. The guy is a four letter word.


  • Comment 169, posted at 28.03.11 11:28:27 by Nhumrod Reply

  • @Ice (Comment 165) : John represented the Blue Bulls at Craven Week, played SA Schools and led the South African U21 side to the Sanzar/UAR title in 1999 at tighthead.

    He has played most of his career as a hooker, but played twice for the Springboks off the bench as a prop prior to the South Africa coaching staff’s decision to use him as a tighthead prop for the 2008 end of year Tests

    Position: Prop (13) Hooker (77)

  • Comment 170, posted at 28.03.11 11:29:09 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • PS Woohoo, I got my second star! πŸ™‚

  • Comment 171, posted at 28.03.11 11:29:33 by Nhumrod Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 168) : Water off a ducks back… πŸ˜†

  • Comment 172, posted at 28.03.11 11:32:25 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Nhumrod (Comment 171) : nice πŸ™‚

  • Comment 173, posted at 28.03.11 11:39:29 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Ice (Comment 170) : ok now we know. Thanks πŸ™‚
    Now as far I know JW said somewhere that he asked JS to move to Hooker as he thought it would suit him better playing there.

  • Comment 174, posted at 28.03.11 11:41:44 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @robdylan (Comment 173) : You all met up before the game, Rob?

  • Comment 175, posted at 28.03.11 11:44:11 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • Sharks beaten by a sublimeyl talented team who played some of the best rugby I’ve ever seen in the first half.

    The Carter-Williams axis is simply sublime.
    That was 40 minutes of complete rugby.
    Credit to the Sharks for coming back and still being in with a shout – lots of guts and determination.

    And lest I forget… in my eyes the John Smit propping debate is now settled.

  • Comment 176, posted at 28.03.11 11:44:29 by VinChainSaw Reply
  • @Uli (Comment 174) : You are welcome!

  • Comment 177, posted at 28.03.11 11:45:05 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Uli (Comment 174) :

    Was at u/21 if memory serves.

    But then he said the same thing to Luke Watson…

  • Comment 178, posted at 28.03.11 11:48:20 by VinChainSaw Reply
  • yep john smit is NOT a prop!

  • Comment 179, posted at 28.03.11 11:59:29 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 179) : Your cousin looked great at the HK 7’s over the weekend! I hope the Sharks hold onto him!

  • Comment 180, posted at 28.03.11 12:01:39 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @Pokkel (Comment 180) : yeah he made me proud, he’s gone big though, don’t know how that will affect his pace…

  • Comment 181, posted at 28.03.11 12:11:27 by Megatron Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 173) : so how many points needed for 3rd star

  • Comment 182, posted at 28.03.11 12:14:26 by franshark Reply
  • as much as it pained me watching that first half, the comeback of the Rebels on Friday gave me hope, and they resilience of the Sharks made it great watching. What an excellent advertisment (minus the shoddy defending at times) for rugby to the Northern Hemisphere. Very disappointed with Stefan last few performances, but IM praying he proves me (And a load of others) wrong over the next few weeks. Excellent impact by beast who even had Kevin Pietersen shouting Beeeeeeeeeeeeast on his twitter feed.

  • Comment 183, posted at 28.03.11 12:18:43 by Jeremiser Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
  • @Megatron (Comment 181) :
    Somehow guys that have been in the sevens squad dont seem to get back into 15s very easily. They seem to struggle in finding their form again. Does the question at some time get asked, 15 or 7s and if so which way do you think he will go.

  • Comment 184, posted at 28.03.11 12:35:37 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Megatron you have a cousin @ Sharks and you are set against us 😈 do you get invited to his house often? ;). How are u mate?

  • Comment 185, posted at 28.03.11 12:42:25 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 185) :
    I dont think his/her cousin actually likes the Sharks, professional era now, doesnt mean you have to like the team you play for – its only us fans that believe otherwise.

  • Comment 186, posted at 28.03.11 12:56:20 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Oh okai then πŸ™

  • Comment 187, posted at 28.03.11 13:12:39 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @try time (Comment 31) : I saw Jannie popping up a couple of times in the scrum .

  • Comment 188, posted at 28.03.11 13:19:15 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 187) :
    Of course I hope Im wrong.
    Lets see if Megatron comes and sets me straight or not.

  • Comment 189, posted at 28.03.11 13:21:46 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • The British rugby journos are in awe 😎 πŸ˜€

    Chris Hewett – The Independant:

    “Candyfloss? Eat this stuff off a stick, and you’d break your teeth.”

    Mick Cleary – The Telegraph:

    “Breathless at Twickenham. The action was fast, fierce and unrelenting, the brand motif of Super rugby. They came in their thousands (35,094) and they liked what they saw: racy, pacy, and a joy to watch.”

    Robert Kitson – The Guardian:

    “Last but by no means least this was the day when several fond, smug northern hemisphere assumptions were systematically torn apart. Yes, the weather was glorious and conditions perfect for running rugby. Yes, there were 22 internationals on the field at kick-off. Yes, a few tackles went astray. But long before the Crusaders wing Sean Maitland scored the decisive ninth try of a pulsating match it was equally clear that those who reckon the Super 15 has nothing to teach its European counterparts inhabit the myopic land of cloudy cuckoos.

    It is not to denigrate the competitiveness of the Aviva Premiership to suggest the Crusaders, particularly in the first half, played rugby the like of which the English domestic game is not familiar. A more direct comparison is with a cross-border competition like the Heineken Cup but even Leinster, Toulouse, Leicester et al would have been suitably impressed. In terms of attacking running lines it was like being transported in from a distant galaxy.

    Candyfloss? Hardly. The Sharks pack averaged almost 18 stone per man. Owen Franks, the All Blacks prop, smashed everything that moved and it was a minor miracle Ryan Kankowski played on after receiving a shoulder hit from Sonny Bill Williams which would have hospitalised most players. Just as striking was the scrummaging venom of the Crusaders’ forwards as they splintered an all-Springbok front-row comprising John Smit and the Du Plesis brothers. In such circumstances, the Sharks did well to stay in the contest at all. It is doubtful whether even England’s Six Nations winners on home turf would have lasted the pace.”

  • Comment 190, posted at 28.03.11 13:33:14 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @rhineshark (Comment 190) : Although I’m not happy with the result it was a fantastic rugby match and I said to some friends before the game that even if the Sharks lose I hope that we can show the NH how rugby should be played and I’m sure they are sitting up and taking notice. Well done to the Sharks for playing their part in the game.

  • Comment 191, posted at 28.03.11 13:45:44 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • All you John Smit haters, here are some lovely stats to keep you cosy in your dreamworlds. tackles made/missed Bissie 3/2 Jannie 2/4, Beast 3/0, John Smit 2/0. John doesn’t look that bad now, does he.

  • Comment 192, posted at 28.03.11 14:01:13 by try time Reply

  • charl definitely needs a little rest. 11 handling errors. but in his defence he handled the ball 86 times. a guy can’t be expected to do that week in week out. the load has to get shared.

  • Comment 193, posted at 28.03.11 14:04:42 by try time Reply

  • My team for saturday is.
    John Smit
    Van Staden

  • Comment 194, posted at 28.03.11 14:13:35 by try time Reply

  • @try time (Comment 192) : Pwahaha!
    so you are saying that tackles made/missed Bissie 3/2 Jannie 2/4, Beast 3/0, John Smit 2/0.

    Then it shows how little he did on the field. Beast did mroe in the 20 min he played that JS in 60 min.
    and Bissie tried 5 times, and Jannie 6 times, JS only tried 2 times….

  • Comment 195, posted at 28.03.11 14:18:19 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • the most amazing stat is the crusaders defended twice the amount the sharks did. says a lot about the sharks players inability to turn possession into points. a few questions need to be asked of the coaching staff. oh and thanks ruggastats for these great facts and figures.

  • Comment 196, posted at 28.03.11 14:18:19 by try time Reply

  • @try time: any other stats to show.?

  • Comment 197, posted at 28.03.11 14:22:47 by bergshark Reply

  • our players have to start off loading in the tackle.

  • Comment 198, posted at 28.03.11 14:23:56 by try time Reply

  • @try time (Comment 196) :
    Havent seen the stats but I think we also topped them in territory and possession. Great positives that can be worked on.

  • Comment 199, posted at 28.03.11 14:24:00 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Try time what were the stats for Willem? Bosman and stef?

  • Comment 200, posted at 28.03.11 14:24:48 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 199) : yup. 57% possession sharks. scariest stat of all only 3 of 7 kicks made. that definitely was the difference on the score sheet.

  • Comment 201, posted at 28.03.11 14:26:46 by try time Reply

  • I missed the match,bit most people told me the sharks got smashed big time..

  • Comment 202, posted at 28.03.11 14:28:59 by bergshark Reply

  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 200) : i think it is good that ruggastats gets the hit on the site. it is good for their rating. they deserve it for all the hard work they put into the games. so here is the link.

  • Comment 203, posted at 28.03.11 14:30:40 by try time Reply

  • @Uli (Comment 195) :
    He could only tackle/attempt to tackle what was there to be tackled. Are you trying to say he shied away from the hard work. The Crusaders for most part the took the ball directly to their backline where they mesmerised us, if they had been concentrating on picking and driving around the fringes Im sure Smit would have been bussier. Maybe you should be a little more circumspect in your willingness to nail Smit.

  • Comment 204, posted at 28.03.11 14:31:25 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Gk couldve turned it around then in the sharks favour??!

  • Comment 205, posted at 28.03.11 14:31:36 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 202) : no sharks were very good. missing ten points with the boot is what ultimately cost them the game.

  • Comment 206, posted at 28.03.11 14:32:40 by try time Reply

  • Why isn’t our line-out working??

  • Comment 207, posted at 28.03.11 14:34:15 by bergshark Reply

  • @Uli (Comment 195) : yeah bis and jannie tried, john succeeded. anyone can try, but few succeed.

  • Comment 208, posted at 28.03.11 14:34:44 by try time Reply

  • Thank you tt will go see

  • Comment 209, posted at 28.03.11 14:35:28 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @bergshark (Comment 207) : bismarck. his throwing isn’t that good. no excuse for a skew throw on a windless day.

  • Comment 210, posted at 28.03.11 14:36:33 by try time Reply

  • @try time: so lambie was missed ..:-( or maybe,just maybe ,that cocky scrumhalf the sharks management and coaching staff decided to let go to jhb.. (Angry face)

  • Comment 211, posted at 28.03.11 14:36:35 by bergshark Reply

  • @Salmonoid (Comment 204) :
    @try time (Comment 208) :

    Trying is better than not trying BTW.
    Being naΓ―ve is another story…..

  • Comment 212, posted at 28.03.11 14:37:54 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • First half some guys on defense were rushing up, which left huge gaps. Second half we had a straight-line defense, and we looked much more solid. Meyer Bosman looked very good at flyhalf. Took the ball going forward, and great distribution to the centres. Hoffman also looked very good when he came on, getting to the rucks quickly and with accurate passing in front of the player, encouraging forward momentum. I actually saw Adi tackling around the ankles, which is VERY encouraging! I’m feeling good about the rest of the season. We finally clicked for the first time this season, if only it happened in the first half.

  • Comment 213, posted at 28.03.11 14:38:18 by jackal Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 202) : Most people are talking sheit! Theyhad us say 1st 20 – 30 minutes, but when our boys kicked in we kicked in serioulsy – like TT said – biggest diffs was made by kicks missed..second half we were pretty decent!

  • Comment 214, posted at 28.03.11 14:38:31 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • Bissie’s (and the locks) have been struggling in the lin-outs..can’t understand why?

  • Comment 215, posted at 28.03.11 14:39:22 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 211) : no kockett is not missed. the damage he does with his selfishness doesn’t give the team anything to kick. but pat was missed. meyer did well at ten. but the sharks definitely are going to have an interesting game without jlp or lambie on saturday.

  • Comment 216, posted at 28.03.11 14:39:37 by try time Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 215) : The biggest concern was that the players would not catch the ball upon kickoff.

  • Comment 217, posted at 28.03.11 14:41:29 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Ice: the score makes it seem like a bit of a lesson..but sometimes the score does nit reflect the game.. Read some comms bout some dodgy saders tries that were allowed by walsh:-(

  • Comment 218, posted at 28.03.11 14:42:31 by bergshark Reply

  • @Pokkel (Comment 191) : Exactly. And that is what I will take from the game – the great skills, the guts, the brutal collisions and generally the great spirit in which the games was played. Awesome stuff.

    Even my wife said afterwards that it was the best rugby match she’s ever watched. 😎

  • Comment 219, posted at 28.03.11 14:42:58 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @bergshark (Comment 207) :
    Must be Jons fault. :mrgreen:

  • Comment 220, posted at 28.03.11 14:43:44 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Couldve done with marius joubert in the backline by the sound of things..
    And a certain mr kockott..or ruan pienaar..
    And most def jean deysel!

  • Comment 221, posted at 28.03.11 14:44:14 by bergshark Reply

  • Trytime, mate you need a pair of dark glasses and white stick.

    Its been several years since I saw a South African scrum get destroyed like that.
    I’m sorry, I like John Smit as much as the next guy, but thsi really has settled it for me – its hooker or nothing.
    You simply cannot afford to carry guys in any aspect at this level.
    Its was horrific how poor the scrum was. Granted, once John was off it didnt go swimmingly, but at least they didnt get their heads shoved up their arses.

    What we saw in the scrums was simply not good enough.
    The fact he made two tackles and you cite this as evidence of his worth is simply laughable.
    Two tackles in a game? And thats a positive? Lol. youre crazy old man.

  • Comment 222, posted at 28.03.11 14:45:10 by VinChainSaw Reply
  • Hope they also manage to sign ronnie cooke..that guy is a bok or very close to it!

  • Comment 223, posted at 28.03.11 14:46:36 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 218) : I think there might have been only one questionable one…

    BTW – any news on a possible citing on SBW? or was that serious?

  • Comment 224, posted at 28.03.11 14:47:30 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • I somehow still think the stormers wouldve beaten the saders.. πŸ™

  • Comment 225, posted at 28.03.11 14:47:44 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 225) : We are going to give the Stormers a hiding.

  • Comment 226, posted at 28.03.11 14:48:43 by rhineshark Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Spirit of Rugby
  • @bergshark (Comment 218) : ja there was one try but it could have happened to the sharks if they took their chances. if you try your luck you may get rewarded. you can expect the odd bad decision. overall walsh had a good game.

  • Comment 227, posted at 28.03.11 14:49:19 by try time Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 123) : That is something i still don’t understand 😯 How can you ref a game in which one of the teams is from the country of your birth , you’re bound to be biased 😐 But on the forward passes , i thought it was ingrained in the Kiwi game and to be expected 😈

  • Comment 228, posted at 28.03.11 14:50:10 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 218) :
    At one stage in the first half a score of 60+ seemed on the cards. There was a 10-15 minute period when the Sharks looked done and dusted. They came back in a great way and owned the second half.

  • Comment 229, posted at 28.03.11 14:50:26 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • That we might do,but I still reckon the stormers wouldve beaten the saders yesterday..

  • Comment 230, posted at 28.03.11 14:51:38 by bergshark Reply

  • @Salmonoid: I need to watch the game! Thanks u guys πŸ™‚ hope I’ll be near the tv when there is a replay.

  • Comment 231, posted at 28.03.11 14:53:14 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 221) : I had a good look at Kockett during the 2 games that he started for the Lions….his service is just slow plain and simple.

  • Comment 232, posted at 28.03.11 14:53:59 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @bergshark (Comment 225) : No ways in hell BS – not on Sunday! I reckon the Stormers shoudl be aware of the Sharks after that 2nd half showing. You simply cannot even make that comparison or statement if you did not see the game. Mate – the Saders was out of this WORLD! Best rugga I have seen. And the Sharks were not too far off. Try and get a copy of the game – well worth watching!

  • Comment 233, posted at 28.03.11 14:54:08 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @VinChainSaw (Comment 222) :
    How was Smit liable for Jannie popping and starting to swivel while he (Smit) was still anchored?

  • Comment 234, posted at 28.03.11 14:54:48 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Ice: hope the saders peaking now ,means the abs have also peaked lol

  • Comment 235, posted at 28.03.11 14:55:44 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 231) :
    Watch the game as a neutral and you will enjoy it even more. It was really a spoecial game.

  • Comment 236, posted at 28.03.11 14:56:21 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Just remember:sounds like we got killed in the midfield.. Compare stormers centre combo plus jdj and saders..a bekker @ lock..grant’s gk..

  • Comment 237, posted at 28.03.11 14:57:38 by bergshark Reply

  • @bergshark (Comment 230) : You need to watch the game before making statements like that……It must be one of the first games where the Sharks had lost where I wasn’t overly disappointed about the loss. The Sharks really showed some great play…if the Beast and Lambie had started I reckon we would have come closer or even have won the game.

  • Comment 238, posted at 28.03.11 14:58:15 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @

  • Comment 239, posted at 28.03.11 15:05:07 by bergshark Reply

  • @Ice (Comment 233) : I watched it live , and i’m going to watch it again this avo when i get home 😈 It was an unbelievable day , game and experience . One which my Dad , Son and I shall never ever forget . I also got too meet our fearless leader Rob and Nhumrod :mrgreen:

    The Sharks make me so proud to be a Sharks supporter 😎

    And as for the BEAAAAAAAAAAAAST , he is a Legend 😈 apart from his running amok all over the park , I will always remember this image for the rest of my life 😈

    I call it ” He ain’t Heavy , He’s my Brother ”


  • Comment 240, posted at 28.03.11 15:05:14 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • @Pokkel: have been saying the stormers will beat the saders pre-season also.. I prefer the stormers to the saders.. Rather a saffa than a kiwi ..

  • Comment 241, posted at 28.03.11 15:07:26 by bergshark Reply

  • Rather schalk burger than richie mcgaw..

  • Comment 242, posted at 28.03.11 15:10:33 by bergshark Reply

  • I hope we beat the stormers,make no mistake.bit I also hope the stormers knock over the saders..and if it means they or the bulls or whoever tops the sa conf,well then the sharks should re-visit the games they lost..

  • Comment 243, posted at 28.03.11 15:14:36 by bergshark Reply

  • @SharkyTaylor (Comment 240) : Awesome pic!! 😎

  • Comment 244, posted at 28.03.11 15:18:52 by Pokkel Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Author
  • @SharkyTaylor (Comment 240) : Damn what a great picture – a fitting title indeed! πŸ˜€

  • Comment 245, posted at 28.03.11 15:19:07 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @SharkyTaylor (Comment 240) : What a great photo.
    Hargreaves and Sykes both owe Beast big time for supporting them when they should have landed on their back/necks in earlier games.

  • Comment 246, posted at 28.03.11 15:20:59 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 246) : How’s that – another fitting title for the pic could be “Trust” – but I like ST’s name! Sommer gives me goosies and makes me teary -eyed!

  • Comment 247, posted at 28.03.11 15:23:10 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Ice (Comment 247) : That is some serious TRUST shown by these big guys.

  • Comment 248, posted at 28.03.11 15:34:13 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • What’s this about Sykes leaving the Sharks????

  • Comment 249, posted at 28.03.11 16:24:46 by Uli Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter
    Uli Boelie
  • @Salmonoid (Comment 246) : and Bresler

  • Comment 250, posted at 28.03.11 16:52:36 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 250) : Thats right, I was already buying the flowers when the Beast somehow held onto him while he somersaulted in his arms and placed him safely on the ground.

  • Comment 251, posted at 28.03.11 17:03:00 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • Still a great game but those crowed were just about all for our team they scream for our beast and the rest of the Sharks :mrgreen:

  • Comment 252, posted at 28.03.11 17:58:44 by chaz Reply

  • Guys and guyettes… I missed the chance to contribute to this debate as I am stuck at a wildlife film-maker’s conference at Spier, in Cape Town, for the week. I arrived in time to see the match live on TV. I am sad we lost, believe we could have won, but am nonetheless proud of what we achieved with our tour, and of how we clawed back at the Saders in the second half.
    Yes. Had I been “here” yesterday I would have cracked out my whip and chains and beat a few of you amongst the eyes until the blood became, but I was without internet until buying my voucher just now (as opposed to now now).
    I am pleased that the majority of you (except the usual trolls and troll wannabes) are still supporting our team 150%. I have every faith that we will prevail over the Stormers on Saturday and am counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks until our SuperPat returns to the field. My unrivalled support goes to Meyer for his turn in the No 10 until that time comes.
    Love and kisses
    Somewhere in Stomers Country … where a chicken salad and slice of apple pie sets you back R150.

  • Comment 253, posted at 28.03.11 18:14:02 by SharonvanWyk Reply
  • And now I must away, once more, to dine on braaivleis and slaai and network with my animal-mad colleagues and chums…
    Catch you laters (if I am still sober) or on the morrow…

  • Comment 254, posted at 28.03.11 18:17:19 by SharonvanWyk Reply
  • Ouch, I have been out of touch for the past three weeks, since my father passed away and I have had to deal with family issues. Kind of sucks to come back to see the Sharks having lost to the Chiefs and Saders, and the spectacular choke from our cricketers. If my absence had anything to do with this, I am back now, so no more excuses.

    To all the Sharks players and supporters, the tour is over now, settle down and get back to the great rugby we know you are all capable of.

    As for my father, he was a true rugby man, playing hooker for both Pretoria Boys High and Wits. He loved the beautiful game, and taught me to love it like he did. Rugby Union is the game played in heaven, so Dad, you will fit right in.

  • Comment 255, posted at 28.03.11 18:54:27 by Dancing Bear Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Dancing Bear
  • Sincerest condolences, DB. Can’t hink what else to say. What era was your gaffer at Boys High?

  • Comment 256, posted at 28.03.11 19:05:16 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 255) : Hey Heavy news mate. Our Condolonces. πŸ™

  • Comment 257, posted at 28.03.11 19:21:19 by KSA Shark Β© Reply

    KSA Shark Β©
  • Thanks Rob and KSA. I appreciate your thoughts. Rob, Dad matriculated from Boys High in 1942.

  • Comment 258, posted at 28.03.11 20:12:47 by Dancing Bear Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Dancing Bear
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 258) : wow, ok… seriously before my time (and my dad’s too).

  • Comment 259, posted at 28.03.11 20:20:00 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 255) : sorry to hear DB

  • Comment 260, posted at 28.03.11 20:28:54 by chaz Reply

  • @Puma (Comment 135) : @Salmonoid (Comment 141) : @Pokkel (Comment 146) : Our power went out directly after I left my comment, but thanks for the welcome back guys.

  • Comment 261, posted at 29.03.11 08:34:17 by Letgo Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 255) : Very sorry to hear of your Loss DB πŸ™

  • Comment 262, posted at 29.03.11 08:57:00 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 250) : WHAT???? 😯 why is Anton leaving ? Do you know where he’s going too Rob ?

  • Comment 263, posted at 29.03.11 09:01:19 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • @SharkyTaylor (Comment 263) : nee man silly! They are talking about the photo – when beast caught bresler who made almost a backbend, but beast manage to hold on to him!

    :mrgreen: FOCUS!! :mrgreen:

  • Comment 264, posted at 29.03.11 09:10:25 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 258) : Sorry for your loss DB! 😐

  • Comment 265, posted at 29.03.11 09:11:19 by Ice Reply
    Competition Winner Ice
  • @Dancing Bear (Comment 255) :
    Condolences DB.

  • Comment 266, posted at 29.03.11 09:43:44 by Salmonoid Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld
    Salmonoid the Subtle
  • @Ice (Comment 264) : Hello Ice Ice Lady πŸ˜‰ Yeah I got that now that I read it in context . I originaly read it as the next comment rather than in reply 😯
    Feel much better now :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Comment 267, posted at 29.03.11 10:51:17 by SharkyTaylor Reply

  • Some of my photos from the game posted here:

  • Comment 268, posted at 05.04.11 01:27:47 by Nhumrod Reply


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