Lions front row woes some relief for Sharks?

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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Having returned from a veritable mauling in the scrums in Cape Town, the Sharks could be forgiven if they’re heaving a sigh of relief at the news coming out of Johannesburg this morning.

Witnesses to the Lions-Hurricanes match in Johannesburg on Friday night saw a strange sight indeed, with replacement prop CJ van der Linde injuring himself pretty much the moment he stepped onto the field, summarily joining injured team mate JC van Rensburg back on the bench, rather than taking his place on the field as intended. Martin Bezuidenhout duly went to prop, contested scrums went out the window and the rest, as they say, is history. The fall-out, however, seems to be pretty severe for the men from Johannesburg.

Van Rensburg, poor thing, has apparently damaged a ligament in his toe, which will require surgery and a lengthy lay-off to fix. In the case of van der Linde, the prognosis on his groin strain is less clear; however it’s safe to say that in a career plagued by injury, the groin is definitely one of the things that he has hurt before. Should both be ruled out for this weekend’s trip to Durban, though, as now seems likely, the Lions may find themselves scratching their heads for front row options outside of Pat Cilliers.

Cilliers, just for the record, is playing such outstanding rugby for the Lions now that certain people in Durban must be tearing their hair out at how readily he was shown the door just over a year ago.

The Sharks are themselves short of experienced options up-front, with veteran Jannie du Plessis not on form, while the two youngsters in the squad, Dale Chadwick and Wiehahn Herbst, seemed to struggle against the Stormers. While never taking anything for granted, or any opposition lightly, the prospect of facing a Lions team similarly disrupted up-front must surely be one that the Sharks would relish as they aim to finally get their campaign started, after two disappointing losses.


  • Finally a Sharks scrum on the front foot..

  • Comment 1, posted at 05.03.12 08:35:56 by Richard Ferguson Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Administrator
    Richard Ferguson
  • well lets just hope we can win with those losses but sometimes it just come back to bite us when we are in need of a win, youngsters will have to pull out there socks like my mom would say if they want to play with the men.

  • Comment 2, posted at 05.03.12 08:41:09 by chaz Reply

  • Great opportunity for Adriaanse to establish himself. Him and his brother both probably don’t quite get the recognition they deserve.

    They’ll definitely struggle to find a good bench prop though. Not sure I’d be comfortable with Caylib Oosthuizen if I were Mitchell.

  • Comment 3, posted at 05.03.12 08:54:39 by hendrikp Reply

  • I am one of those upset by letting Pat move to the Lions! Along with Rhodes and Waylon Murray, we lost a lot of up-and-coming talent!

  • Comment 4, posted at 05.03.12 08:57:56 by ChrisS Reply
  • @ChrisS (Comment 4) :

    Can’t keep them all.

    You can’t expect to sign everybody from Cape Town through to Bloemfontein, and still expect to hold onto all your own players also :mrgreen:

    Besides, most of those guys wouldn’t have much of a role to play in Durban anyway. Maybe Michael Rhodes as a lock-forward…

  • Comment 5, posted at 05.03.12 09:02:05 by hendrikp Reply

  • I wonder if we could give away Jannie and get Pat back.

  • Comment 6, posted at 05.03.12 09:10:13 by lostfish Reply
    Valued Sharksworld Supporter Competition Winner
  • @hendrikp (Comment 5) : yep don’t forget them also cleaning up everything from the eastern cape… 🙄

  • Comment 7, posted at 05.03.12 09:11:10 by Megatron Reply

  • @Megatron (Comment 7) : you can have Keegan back if you would like 😈

  • Comment 8, posted at 05.03.12 09:15:34 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 8) : 😆 love you shawty

  • Comment 9, posted at 05.03.12 09:33:41 by Megatron Reply

  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 8) : bollocks, no they can’t.

    Show some faith, or at the very least be nice because it’s the guy’s birthday.

    Your poster-child Bismarck is letting the side down badly as well… how about some harsh words for him too?

  • Comment 10, posted at 05.03.12 09:39:46 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @Sharksmad – The Blog’s Dudette (Comment 8) :

    Keegan is a great player, who is unfairly being put as a captain when he really isn’t one..

  • Comment 11, posted at 05.03.12 09:42:59 by Richard Ferguson Reply
    Friend of SharksworldCompetition Winner Administrator
    Richard Ferguson
  • Daniel not so bad.

    Came down to the referees interpretation in the end. Many referees would have called that ball as “out”.

    On this occasion, he was penalized. Another day he could have rescued the situation.

  • Comment 12, posted at 05.03.12 09:45:23 by hendrikp Reply

  • @robdylan (Comment 10) : no Rob I agree I am just angry this morning, and I couldn’t offer him Bissie he isn’t from the EC. Believe me I am just as mad at Bissie! You would have noticed that I did call for his demotion from captain too 😳

  • Comment 13, posted at 05.03.12 09:51:19 by Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette Reply

    Sharksmad - The Blog's Dudette
  • Even the Bulls have issues at scrum time our two props can ‘t bind 😕 ..Greyling at the moment is a penalty machine.

    I hope the scrum doctor Oom Balie Swart works with Werner and Dean this week.

  • Comment 14, posted at 05.03.12 10:53:38 by Muzi Reply

  • Well any slight chance we had of beating the Sharks this Sat has now gone flying straight out the wondow … 🙄

    Leaving Ellis Park on friday evening there were alot of supporters scratching their heads and wondering WTF were we thinking !

    I can atleast climb into the Lions players on this site without fear of being told off … 😉

    Firstly Strauss most probably had his worst game in the jersey since joining the union. Why oh WHY after just going ahead for the first time in the match did we deciede to take a quick lineout …was that Mitch’s doing or the team not listening ..???
    It was the time to slow the match down a tad consilidate and play for territory …Pissed off at the that moment is a understatement …

    The honeymoon is well and truely over and its bloody high time that this team starts maturing and acting like a Superugby team cause if not its bye bye second chances !

    Its the same bullshit we had last year great enterprising rugby ..finding the gaps and the min we near the tryline we have a collective brainfart !

    Jantjies once again showed his class and long may it continue ..we are missing Mapoe and Murray bigtime in the midfield …I’m sorry but Doppies and Hollenbach are quickly losing my support as our starting midfield.

    Kamana MUST start in place of Van Rensberg ..he butchered a certain try for us by being too individulistic.
    Pat Cillers take a bow what a match by the man if only we had 2 more of him.

    All in all a very dissapointing game! 😈

    I was under the impression we’d be heading to the tank with atleast 8 log points under our belt …not to be we face a Sharks team that will be very desperate to win and frankly I can see them doing that rather easily.

  • Comment 15, posted at 05.03.12 11:00:51 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 15) :

    I think you guys lost the game when it went uncontested in the scrums. The plan was clear; sap their energy in the scrums and accumulate penalties, and then run them ragged and let altitutde do the rest. Unforunately that went out the window and the game became too loose which played into their hands and suited them; they blitzed you on the counter big time. I just felt the Lions played a bit too loosely and should have tightened up, but that said losing the two props didnt help.

  • Comment 16, posted at 05.03.12 11:21:42 by Pat Reply

  • @Pat (Comment 16) :

    Sure the scrums did not help …but we DID play to lose and on 2 occasions waved the Canes thru for a try …
    The game was screaming out for it to tighten up and play percentage rugby ..instead we continue with helter skelter rugby forcing 50/50 passes …

    Regardless of the scrums it still was a game we COULD and SHOULD have won …those 2 words have become synomisis with Lions rugby.
    Very frustrating to say the least …

  • Comment 17, posted at 05.03.12 11:32:01 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 17) : Come now csb, at least you guys have a win under the belt. The underdog tag is ours come this weekend! :mrgreen:

  • Comment 18, posted at 05.03.12 11:34:36 by vanmartin Reply
    Friend of Sharksworld Author
  • @vanmartin (Comment 18) :

    Naught dude ..I called shotgun first on the underdog tag 😎

  • Comment 19, posted at 05.03.12 11:37:44 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 17) :

    Yep too loose, but at the same time I dont think you had players to play a tighter game. Whiteley, Visagie, Bezuidenhoudt etc all thrive when it is looser. The only player that could have added value was Roodt to the tighter exchanges.

    That Canes side isnt as poor as people are making out, they have a poor scrum but they have fantastic players – Vito, Barret, Jane, Smith, Coles etc. The game really could have gone either way.

    I was impressed with the attacking endeavour overall though, you certainly created a lot of chances and with more composure would have easily scored two or three more. Elton’s speed and feet are excellent and the innovation is good to see.

  • Comment 20, posted at 05.03.12 11:37:58 by Pat Reply

  • @Pat (Comment 20) :

    Agreed its not a bad Canes side at all ..Fair enough perhaps we didn’t have the personnel to play a tighter game …but that still no excuse for forcing the 50/50 passes and getting more players to the breakdown.

    Our attacking enterpirise is very good and actually has been for a while now but we tend to runout of patience once we in the oppo 22.

  • Comment 21, posted at 05.03.12 11:45:18 by csb Reply

  • JC Janse V Rensberg out for the rest of Superugby …

    And so it begins …biggest fear of our thin depth is starting to truly effect us…

  • Comment 22, posted at 05.03.12 15:04:17 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 22) : source of that info?

  • Comment 23, posted at 05.03.12 15:09:00 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 23) :

    From the Lions FB page, very reliable.. well so far anyhow.

  • Comment 24, posted at 05.03.12 16:56:59 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 24) : damn – that’s sad for him. Very underrated player, that guy.

  • Comment 25, posted at 05.03.12 16:57:58 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator
  • @robdylan (Comment 25) :

    I agree …its just going from bad to worse for the Lions …

  • Comment 26, posted at 05.03.12 17:12:17 by csb Reply

  • @csb (Comment 26) : easy tiger…. you’ve only lost one prop… you’re nowhere near as bad as us yet…

  • Comment 27, posted at 05.03.12 17:16:07 by robdylan Reply
    Competition Winner Administrator

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