Picking the Fly Half for Week 10

Written by Maria Delport (Letgo)

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I again made use of stats to determine the selections of a few of our Sharksworld team of the week players. Here’s an in depth look at how I came to my conclusion to selecting my 10.

I decided to look at all three players playing in the position when using the stats to decide the selection and this is how I make use of those stats. Enjoy!

Elton Jantjies/Peter Grant/Johan Goosen

Goosen was subbed with an injury in the 49th minute.


Grant was the one that kicked the most, 10 kicks making 300 metres. Jantjies made 6 kicks at an average of 40m per kick and for a fly Half that is known as a kicking fly half, Goosen kicked surprisingly little with only 4 kicks at 44m per kick. All three have the kicking responsibilities for their teams, not one of them missed a kick; Elton making 6, Grant 4 and Goosen 5. Not much to read into these stats.

Ball in Hand

Elton made 7 runs, 4 of which got his team over the advantage line – 101 metres, 14m per run. His metres came from open play (91m) and fly half (10m). He also made 1 line break, created 1 line break and busted through 3 tackles. Elton passed the ball 19 times, 9 shown as playmaker passes and made 4 successful offloads.

Peter made 7 runs, 5 of which got his team over the advantage line – 78m, 11m per run. His metres came from fly half (55m), returning kicks (17m) and open play (6m). He also made 2 line breaks and busted through 5 tackles. Grant made 22 passes, 7 of them playmaker passes, with one offload. He also scored 1 try.

Johan made fewer runs, 4 (perhaps because he left the field 30 minutes before the final whistle), but got his team over the advantage line all 4 times and made an awesome 118m (a 50m dash for his try, to put things into perspective) at an impressive average of 20m per run. Interestingly enough his metres came mostly from open play (108m) and and only one run from fly half (10m). He broke the line 1 time and busted through 1 tackle. He made 16 passes, 7 of them playmaker passes.


I compared stats from 4 sites to get a bit of comparative data and thus ensure a fair analysis, by breaking down the tackles attempted into 4 sections, solid tackles, tackles made or effective tackles, ineffective tackles and missed tackles:

Elton attempted 8 tackles, made 5 solid tackles, 1 ineffective tackle and 3 missed tackles.

Peter attempted 11 tackles, made 7 solid tackles, 3 effective tackles and missed 1 tackle.

Johan attempted 9 tackles, made 5 solid tackles, 3 effective tackles, 1 ineffective tackle and missed 2 tackles. He also got one turn over possession for his team.


This includes losing possession which can be in general play or the tackle/ruck situation, giving away penalties and free kicks, as well as other errors. These can include a knock-on or I suppose something like Coetzee did when he couldn’t recover a ball that was kicked through ending up in a try for the Brumbies.

Jantjies lost possession 2 times and made 2 other errors, and gave away 1 penalty.

Grant lost possession once and made 1 other error.

Johan lost possession once and made 1 other error.

So the question is who do we pick based on these stats? My conclusion:

Based on the fact that his team looked lost without his steady boot it would seem that Johan Goosen should get this one, but the stats suggest that maybe the Cheetahs have invested too much emotion and confidence in the young man. If you look at his involvement in general play, his sub should not have influenced the result, but I suspect that the coaches have put a lot of emphasis on his importance in the team, thus the mini collapse shortly after his departure. This does not however support his selection, as Grant was more involved and more effective in his team.

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  • The Cheetahs use Goosen a lot in a loop-around move, think once he was even involved in a double loop. Probably why you saw a lot of his metres gained away from flyhalf

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