Picking the blindside-flanker for Week 10

Written by Maria Delport (Letgo)

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I again made use of stats to determine the selections of a few of our Sharksworld team of the week players. Here’s an in depth look at how I came to my conclusion to selecting my 7.

I decided to look at all three players playing in the position when using the stats to decide the selection and this is how I make use of those stats. Enjoy!

Derick Minnie/Rynhardt Elstadt/ Siya Kolisi

Rynhardt was subbed with 5 minutes to go.


No significant kicking stats.

Ball in Hand

Derick made 9 runs, 7 of which got his team over the advantage line – 59 meters, 8 meters per run. His meters came from tight play (54m) and open play (5m). He also made 1 line break, created another and busted through 4 tackles.

Rynhardt made 8 runs, 1 of which got his team over the advantage line – 30 meters, 4 meters per run. His meters came from tight play (17m), open play (8m) and pick and drive (5m). He is not credited with a line break or tackle bust, but scored 1 try for his team.

Kolisi made 8 runs, 6 of which got his team over the advantage line – 38 meters, 5 meters per run. His meters came from open play (26m) and tight play (12m). He made 1 line break and busted 1 tackle.


I compare stats from 4 sites to get a bit of comparative data and thus ensure a fair analysis, by breaking the tackles attempted down into 4 sections, solid tackles, tackles made or effective tackles, ineffective tackles and missed tackles:

Derick attempted 11, made 6 solid tackles, 1 ineffective tackle and 4 missed tackles. He also got one turn over possession for his team.

Rynhardt attempted 17 tackles, made 5 solid tackle, 8 effective tackles and missed 4 tackle.

Kolisi attempted 14 tackles, made 9 solid tackles, 2 ineffective tackles and missed 3 tackles.

The best success rate being Elstadt with 76%.


This includes losing possession which can be in general play or the tackle/ruck situation, giving away penalties and free kicks, as well as other errors. These can include a knock-on or I suppose something like Coetzee did when he couldn’t recover a ball that was kicked through ending up in a try for the Brumbies.

Derick lost possession 1 time, gave away 1 penalty and made 2 other errors.

Rynhardt lost possession 2 times, gave away 1 penalty and made 1 other error.

Kolisi lost possession 2 times.

Set pieces

Minnie is head above the rest as a line-out options. Taking 3 of his own line-outs and stealing 3 on the opposition line-out. Elstadt was used once as a line-out option.

So the question is who do we pick based on these stats? My conclusion:

Minnie was prominent as an attacking player, but maybe let his team down by being too erratic on defense and careless with possession. Ultimately in a team that has build their campaign on solid defense, Elstadt gets the nod for his contribution.

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