Picking the Outside Center for Week 10

Written by Maria Delport (Letgo)

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I again made use of stats to determine the selections of a few of our Sharksworld team of the week players. Here’s an in depth look at how I came to my conclusion to selecting my 13.

I decided to look at all three players playing in the position when using the stats to decide the selection and this is how I make use of those stats. Enjoy!

Jaco Taute/Bryan Habana/Robert Ebersohn

Jaco was subbed on 67 minutes.


No significant kicking stats.

Ball in Hand

Jaco made 6 runs, 4 of which got his team over the advantage line – 56 metres, 9 metres per run. His metres came from open play (52m), fly half (3m) and returning kicks (17m). He also made 1 line break and busted through 2 tackles. He scored 1 try.

Bryan made 7 runs, 4 of which got his team over the advantage line – 116 metres, 17 metres per run. His metres came from open play (113m) (including a 60m intercept) and returning kicks (3m). He also made 2 line breaks and busted through 3 tackles. He was awarded 1 try.

Robert made 6 runs, 4 of which got his team over the advantage line – 48 metres, 8 metres per run. His metres came from open play (45m) and returning kicks (3m).


I compared stats from 4 sites to get a bit of comparative data and thus ensure a fair analysis, by breaking the tackles attempted down into 4 sections, solid tackles, tackles made or effective tackles, ineffective tackles and missed tackles:

Jaco attempted 6, made 4 solid tackles and 2 missed tackles.

Bryan attempted 10 tackles, made 8 solid tackle, 1 ineffective tackles and missed 1 tackle. He also got one turn over possession for his team.

Robert attempted 21 tackles, made 9 solid tackles, 7 effective tackles, 3 ineffective tackles and missed 3 tackles. That’s a 71% success rate for Ebersohn, maybe not good enough, with 6 tackles missed.


This includes losing possession which can be in general play or the tackle/ruck situation, giving away penalties and free kicks, as well as other errors. These can include a knock-on or I suppose something like Coetzee did when he couldn’t recover a ball that was kicked through ending up in a try for the Brumbies.

Only Bryan comes up in this column with 2 lose possession and 1 penalty and 1 other error behind his name.

So the question is who do we pick based on these stats? My conclusion:

Their running metres are pretty even, until you add the 50m Habana was awarded with his intercept, but considering the fact that the allowance of that try was a base the Stormers built their victory on, it should be counted. Ebersohn was asked to defend and did it well, but maybe not well enough, slipping 6 tackles in one game, at any % will always be costly. Jaco and Habana, even though Jaco didn’t make as many metres as Bryan, his try puts him right up there on influence on attack. Jaco’s defense wasn’t that great, whereas Habana defended strongly, but then made three errors that Jaco didn’t. I picked Bryan, based on the fact that he was part of a strong winning team, in which he played a solid hand in the midfield.

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