Wedding bells for two Sharks twelves

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They competed for the Sharks number 12 jersey for a number of seasons, before each opting to pursue their respective careers in Europe; each then made a somewhat dramatic return to Durban to face each other, wearing that number in green and white respectively when South Africa faced England in the first test earlier this year.

While considered in many circles to be quite polar opposites of each other, Kearsney College’s very English Bradley Michael Barritt and Grey College’s died-in-the-wool boerseun, Francois Philippus Lodewyk Steyn, are actually rather similar in a number of ways and by a strange quirk of fate, ended up getting married within a week of each other.

Steyn’s recent nuptials caused quite a stir indeed, with the 25-year-old ruling himself out of contention for the third test against England in PE last week in order to tie the knot with fiancee Linca. Barritt, also currently 25 but born a year before Steyn, got his sums worked out just a little better and married Giorgia in Johannesburg on Saturday.

We’d like to extend our most heartfelt congratulations to both Linca Steyn and Giorgia Barritt (and their respective husbands too, of course) and welcome them to the club of “rugby widows” who sacrifice so much in order that their partners may continue to provide entertainment to the likes of you and me! Mazel tov to the newlyweds.

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  • you know the Sharks have pulled one of their “flatter to deceive” acts when we’re looking towards the penultimate weekend of super rugby and the latest articles are about babies and weddings and not the imminent clash with the blue bulls.

    šŸ˜† :mrgreen:

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