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Kings scoop three more

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The Southern Kings have signed another three players ahead of the 2013 Super Rugby tournament, with only one of those players being a South African, as they continue to build their squad depth for what is sure to be a tough competition.

Eye Witness News reports that the Kings have signed Bandise Maku from the Lions, while their other signings are from abroad, bringing in Argetinian scrumhalf Nicolas Vergallo and New Zealand utility back Hadleigh Parkes, from the Auckland Blues.

Vergallo is currently with the Argentinian Rugby Championship squad, that will take on Australia this weekend, while Parkes has Super Rugby experience from representing the Blues in the 2012 campaign.


  • Well, average signings to be honest. Maku and Parkes will not make the team better. Vergallo is a player who has some x-factor in his play but I doubt he will be a good asset to this team. They should have tried to sign one of the young South African scrummies like van Zyl or Groom.

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  • Definition: To top or outmaneuver (a competitor) in acquiring…

    SCOOP? πŸ˜†

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  • Maku is 2nd string at the Lions. Visagie is preferred to Maku and we still have Besuidenhout and Francois du Toit. I always thought Maku would leave

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  • i guess one way of ensuring that the Kings win promotion/relegation battle next year is to ensure that there is no lions team to play against 😐

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  • @rhineshark (Comment 3) : :mrgreen:

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  • Glad to see the Kings are using are their local talent that Watson so bragged about

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  • Losing a half dosen players to other franchises is not the end of the world for the Lions union… We where without a lot more during this season and we manage to produce great players yearly? We will have the bulk of our players back after superrugby so our team will, in essence, be great come promo/ relegation time!!! Watch this space… Our union will land on its feet and not wither after this set back like the Kings did after they got shafted!! We might not be the greatest, but we are true and consistently, one of the big five unions in this country… Money will not change that! And once again I applaud the Sharks and Bulls unions for their support in the open and behind the scenes! I now know that there are only 2 unions that have rugby on their agendas and not brown-nosing the politicians!

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  • @TRF_Ezequiel (Comment 1) : We don’t talk about the reason why the Kings had “added interest” in Maku on this site if you catch my drift.

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  • Well I hope Saru is proud of themselves. πŸ™„

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  • @JarsonX (Comment 10) : i agree, why did they leave the decision so LATE when the voting to allow the Kings into super rugby was made on the 27th of january when Meyer was appointed?


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  • @Megatron (Comment 11) : This thing has dragged on for so long I cant even remember how it started. Remind me again why the Eastern Cape had to have Super rugby franchise.

  • Comment 12, posted at 04.10.12 09:09:42 by Salmonoid Reply
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  • @Salmonoid (Comment 12) : Because of representation…

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  • From Rugby365
    The Southern Kings have sent a formal request to the Lions to speak to their players about joining the Eastern Cape franchise next year.

    This revelation was made by Cheeky Watson, Chairman of the Southern Kings, after he confirmed that three players – two internationals – have signed on to play for the Kings in next year’s Super Rugby campaign.

    Springbok hooker Bandise Maku, who returns ‘home’ to the Eastern Cape, Argentinean scrumhalf Nicolas Vergallo and Blues utility back Hadleigh Parkes were unveiled as the latest batch of big-name signings.

    Watson, speaking exclusively to this website after the announcement, revealed that they had not asked the Lions for permission to speak to Maku as he was a ‘free agent’ and they did not need permission.

    However, he revealed that they had sent a “formal request” to the Lions on Wednesday to speak to other players in their camp.

    This follows after the Kings last week said the Lions would not release any players to the Port Elizabeth-based franchise.

    “It has been very clear, it has been in the media and also through the [player] agents, that the message from the Lions is that they will release no players to the Kings,” Watson told this website.

    “I told the [Kings] CEO [Anele Pamba] to send a mail to the Lions and see what they say,” the Kings boss said, adding that the mail went off on Wednesday.

    “It has been hostile in the past and now their [the Lions’] defence is that we haven’t contacted them.

    “Now they will receive a mail, so let’s see what they say,” Watson added.

    The Kings boss said the signing of the 26-year-old Maku – who was born in King William’s Town and schooled at Dale College – means the union are getting one of their own back.

    “Fantastic,” was Watson’s reaction to the signing of the one-time Bok hooker, adding: “He will bring experience … he has played at the highest [international] level.

    “He is coming back home, which is also important for us … it is one of my goals.

    “I think his game will improve dramatically being back home – with the home support base he will deliver great rugby next year.”

    Asked about the two foreigners – the 29-times capped Puma, Vergallo, and Parkes, who played for the Blues and captained Auckland in the NPC – Watson said they will add much needed experience and depth.

    “I said from the outset that we will make every endeavour possible to sign local players,” Watson told this website.

    “[However,] if the well dries up and we can’t sign local players then we have to go for internationals … foreigners.”

    Asked if they were going to sign more players in the weeks to come, Watson said the next batch of names are likely to be released next Wednesday.

    “We are looking at about another eight, both local and international.”

    He added that they have asked SARU for permission to sign six foreign players.

    “I don’t think we will get anywhere near six … it will be more than two though,” the Kings boss said.

  • Comment 14, posted at 04.10.12 09:14:30 by Mutley Reply
  • @The Sharks Sharkie (Comment 13) : Representation….of what? Surely there must be a more realistic, feasable reason.

  • Comment 15, posted at 04.10.12 09:29:37 by Salmonoid Reply
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  • @Salmonoid (Comment 12) : the same reason the Cheetahs and Lions wanted the Cats dissolved and for them to be autonomous.

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  • @Megatron (Comment 16) : Well I dont remember that either.

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  • Maku on twitter “No final decision has yet been made on my future . You guys will be amongst the first to know what I decide.”

    When did he play for the Boks?

    Hell my memory is fading on me.

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  • @Salmonoid (Comment 18) : As a replacement against Italy, I think…

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  • Maku also played for the Boks against Leicester Tigers, Saracens (both in 2009) and the Barbarians (in 2010) but none of these count as caps.

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  • so i see both theses players dont know they have signed for the Kings : Bandise Maku and Nicolas Vergallo

    Also they will only be allowed 2 overseas players like the rest of the SA teams , so the 3rd signing is invalid as well

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