Happy Heritage Day, South Africa

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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Visitors to these shores are more often than not blown away by the beauty and diversity of our great country, with safaris in South Africa, luxurious beach holidays in either the Cape or KwaZulu Natal, romantic mountain getaways in the Drakensberg and fun-filled fishing expeditions along the country’s rivers and dams just a few of the exciting pursuits on offer.

Heritage, though, is about far more than a country’s landscape – although South Africa’s varied terrain will, of course, have played a big role in shaping the people and cultures of the land. As a large country with a variety of peoples and cultures, all learning to live together in a fledgling democracy, South African culture in the 21st century can only be described as a rich melting pot. The wealth of previously segregated communities is now learning to share aspects of their own heritage with one another, with the goal of forging a new and modern South African heritage that can be shared by all inhabitants of the country.

One such initiative which has gained massive support is the concept of “National Braai Day”, with the goal being to unite South Africans from across the spectrum as they share in a tradition once considered part of the heritage of a relatively small group of the population. Care must be taken, of course, to place this sort of thing within its proper context; to braai meat over a fire is an aspect of South African culture and heritage, although it does not uniquely and exclusively define it!

For me, Heritage Day should be not so much about celebrating one’s own heritage and customs, but rather an opportunity to get to know more people from a different cultural background and understand how their heritage and beliefs shape the way they see the world. After all, it’s only through walking many miles in many different pairs of shoes that people from varying heritages can genuinely come together as one nation.

Have a lekker National Heritage Day, Mzantsi!

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  • And to all our overseas fans who are not South African.
    We have Braai’s because BBQ is a chip flavour.
    So, now you know! 😎

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