Whiling away the off-season hours

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

Posted in :Original Content on 26 Nov 2015 at 07:40
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It’s a tough time of year for rugby fans – particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. While we can spend some of our time talking about news and the season to come, the reality is that rugby isn’t really offering us too much in the line of entertainment right now. What to do?

Of course, just because the Sharks aren’t playing rugby, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t being played anywhere. There’s a veritable feast of Northern Hemisphere Rugby on the go – although I must say I just don’t really find it the same at all. Even worse, there are other sports to watch. Some of you like this “cricket” thing, apparently? Perhaps worth watching as a last resort, but since the ball is the wrong shape and the Sharks don’t play it, I find it hard to take it all that seriously.

You could always spend more time outside…. ride a bike, walk the dogs, go to the beach? Anything to make the long months pass until late February rolls around with it’s share of Super Rugby goodness.

Another option would be try your hand at a spot of online gambling. Only something to have a go at if you’ve got spare cash as well as spare time, but if you’re good (and lucky) you can certainly increase your “money to spend on cool stuff” fund by playing online casino games at netbet. There’s generally something to be found regardless of your taste, whether it’s poker, bingo or slots.

My kids love to play board games – fleecing me at Monopoly is a favourite (or annihilating me in Settlers of Catan…. a great game to check out if you haven’t already). Somehow, the common theme is ensuring I end up poorer; pretty much sums up having kids in a nutshell. perhaps rather playing something online where I stand a chance of winning some money would be a better bet? Remembering at all times, of course, that winners know when to quit and that you should stop playing the moment it stops being fun.

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