Rugby Betting 101 – A Basic Primer

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Rugby is one of the 3 most popular sports in South Africa, alongside soccer (football) and cricket. It is loved and played by thousands of South Africans and watched by millions. South Africans are also quite keen on betting on sports games, just like they are keen on playing online casino games. A research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) that the online betting and casino gaming revenues in the country are expected to grow significantly by 2019. Since there is a lot of competition in the field of online casino gaming, casinos are constantly looking for ways to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. This is the latest list of SA and NG casino bonuses that will certainly help you decide if you’re looking for a South African online casino. Furthermore, we will tell you something more about betting on rugby and explain all the basics.


Win/Draw/Lose and Draw-no-Bet

As you probably know, there are three possible outcomes in ruby, either one of the two teams will win or the game will end in a draw. And the simplest bet is win/draw/lose, where the punter bets on the outcome on the match. For example, if you bet that the home team are going to win and they do win, then it is a winning bet, regardless on the result or what happened on the match. Similarly, if the match ends in a draw or the team you wagered on loses, then it is a losing bet. Draws in rugby aren’t as common as they are in soccer, however they do happen. A draw-no-bet wager, eliminates the possibility of a draw and if the match ends in a draw your stake is returned.

Handicap Betting

The teams in a match of rugby usually aren’t evenly matched and usually one of the teams are considered to be the favourite. The odds reflect that and the odds for the favourite are often too low. Therefore, handicap betting has been introduced. If the value of the handicap is 5 and the home team is considered to be the favourite, then they would have to win with a difference of more than 5 points. If they win by four points or less, then for the purpose of the handicap bet, the away team are considered winners. If the win is by 5 points exactly, the match is a draw.

The handicap can be adjusted to eliminate the draw as an option. For example, if the handicap is 4.5, then if the match ends with 5 or more point advantage for the favourite, then they won, whereas if it is 4 or less it is a win for the underdog. It is definitely easier to bet when the possibility of a draw has been eliminated but the odds are also lower like that.


Total, also known as over/under is another popular rugby bet. Here the goal of the punter is to bet whether the number of scored goals will be over or under a certain number set by the bookmaker. The number at a .5 value, so that it is a 2-way bet. Alternatively it could also be a 3-way bet where you can bet that the total number of goals will be lower, at or higher than a certain number.


Other Bets

These are the most basic bets that a punter can place on a rugby game. However, there are many other bets, some of which are slightly more complicated. You can bet which team will reach a certain number of points first. There’s also an available option if you think that neither team will reach that score in the course of the match.

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A double result is a wager on the outcome at halftime and at the end of the match. You can bet that the home team will be winning at halftime and win the match, or any other of the possible 9 combinations. You can also bet which team is going to score first, or when will be the first try.

On tournaments and competitions it is possible to place an outright winner bet, i.e. predict which team will win the tournament or competition. You can also bet on which player is going to score the highest number of tries in a tournament or competition.


  • Sports betting is also the leading driver for bribes to referees and players to influence results in a corrupt way.

    If you love rugby and want it to always be a pure contest, you should not partake in betting and you should not promote it either.

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  • @fyndraai (Comment 1) : I bet you there will always be betting in rugby and sport 🙂

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  • Sure way for the Sharks to lose is if I bet on a Sharks game!!!

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  • @SheldonK (Comment 2) :

    There will always be doping also. Should promote that?

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    I’ll get off my high-horse then. Maybe you should threaten to become a Bulls supporter unless the thermostat fills up soon. It will certainly motivate me to give 😀

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  • Gone are the days of ethics

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