OPAP to Boost Online Sports Betting

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Fans of online sports betting, virtual and online casinos are in for a treat as OPAP announced they will be growing this side of their business. OPAP is one of the largest betting firms in Europe. These sentiments where expressed by the company’s CEO Damian Cope.

Cope who was formerly at Ladbrokes took over the position of CEO at OPAP at the end of the second quarter. The poor performance by the firm in the second quarter is what has necessitated the need for an improved strategy.

The strategy will involve the firm venturing boldly into new frontiers of gambling. It has been hinted that they may introduce European Jackpots to the games they are currently offering. Cope is targeting the Greek online sports betting market. Although Greece is battling austerity the man in charge at OPAP believes that there is money for the taking in this market. He intends to achieve his target by introducing elements of sports betting and virtual gaming. Elements that are successful in other markets into the Greek market. He believes that this will boost their online sports betting division.

A time frame has been set for when we can expect to see the new changes being rolled out. According to Cope, the next 18 months will see the firm offering “a range of superior products”. The products will allow them to compete effectively on the international platform.

The Greek government is also planning to make changes to their legislations and policies regarding online sports betting. You can visit for online sports betting. Since the firm has government links these reforms are expected to be beneficial to the firm. They may include protectionist strategies that will form part of a coordinated effort to fight international competition.

The challenge will be balancing the protectionism agenda and the prospect of increased revenue from licensing international operators.

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