Celebrating a Year of Partnership with Jeep

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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We’re still months away from the 2017 season, but the team is already busy at work. The pre-season training has just begun and head coach Robert du Preez will be announcing new signings (and re-signings) soon. We’re also seeing a lot of young and new names being added to the squad. It is an exciting time indeed.

However, there is another thing worth celebrating: Sharks’ partnership with Jeep. The partnership was first announced in November 2015. It was what many believed to be a match made in heaven, especially considering how closely the core values of the team and Jeep as a brand relate.

The Perfect Partnership

“Both our brands have enjoyed vast success over the years and we look forward to the joint success of this new and exciting partnership,” said Eduard Coetzee, The Sharks’ Commercial Manager.  Coetzee was right in saying that the partnership is exciting. Jeep has been supporting the team in many ways this past year, contributing to the Sharks’ ability to pick up players and maintain a strong squad.

Chrysler South Africa (Pty) Ltd, the company behind Jeep, is also happy with the way the partnership has been going. Shane Howarth, the Head of Marketing at Chrysler, stated that the two share common beliefs and attitudes when it comes to lifestyle and adventure.

Both parties were delighted to work with each other from the start. It is safe to say that the partnership is one of the best ones we’ve seen in a while.

The Right Car for the Job

It is hard to negate the fact that Jeep cars suit Sharks players very well. They are big and tough, capable of performing superbly on and off the road, and have the strength to tackle any challenge you throw at them. The Wrangler in particular is a popular car among players. Many Cell C Sharks players have a Wrangler and choose to use it as a daily drive.

The Grand Cherokee is no different. This car comes with a special SRT version; it is a car any man would love to have for sure. It is more muscular than the standard Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. It also comes with a 6.4-litre HEMI engine capable of producing a whopping 470 horsepower.

The marvels don’t stop there either. The Grand Cherokee SRT is one of the most advanced SUVs on the market, especially with the built-in 8.4-inch touchscreen display providing access to detailed car management and setup.

Die-Hard Fans Following Suit

It is not surprising to see some Sharks fans make the switch to Jeep vehicles, especially after the partnership was announced. A year later, you can still see a lot of Jeeps in the parking lot every time the team is playing. Don’t be surprised to find Jeep used cars for sale selling quickly.

Nevertheless, the Sharks partnership with Jeep is one worth celebrating. It will be interesting to see what other creative campaigns the two brands do together, both on and off the field.

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