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Russian world cup stadium finally gets its grass

Written by Piet Pienaar (Pienaar die Blou Bul)

Posted in :Original Content on 9 May 2018 at 11:11

Russia is going to host its first ever football world cup starting June 2018. At a time when the country is reeling under increased tensions with a number of western nations, this event is actually meant to showcase Russia’s superiority and can enjoy Betway South Africa a place for rugby bettors.

However, the preparations hit a block when the construction of stadiums first met with financial issues, followed by a legal suit and then climatic delay. Each contributed significantly in delaying the final preparations.

Fifa had been inspecting the construction progress for the different stadiums regularly and with just weeks to go, we now hear the news that the first stadium for the World Cup has just got it’s grass.

Most Betway sports bettors have agreed that Russia will complete it’s work on time, so this comes as no surprise. In fact, while Betway offers good many betting options for different sports, most are thinking of trying their luck on football at www.betway.com.ng

The first stadium to get grass:

The first football match will be played between Costa Rica and Serbia on June 17 in the Russian city of Samara. This is the same city that has dealt with the most problems. The grass in the stadium was initially planned to be brought up in before the winters and sowed before the winters. The plan was that the coming spring will give it enough time and best climate to grow and attach roots naturally.

That way it would have got enough time to settle in. the grass is itself very expensive and is flown directly from Germany. But the plan did not go well as Russia dealt with one of the coldest winters till date this year. It led to obvious delays in rooting.

Even the laborers could not work which further stalled the other works of the stadium. But, now the grass has been flown. Nine artificial suns have been placed just above the stadium to ensure that the grasses grow as naturally as possible.


Russia will definitely be facing a tough time before the tournaments. With so much of work still pending and so little time, it will be worth seeing how Russia manages to take control of them all. The nation has already pumped in more than $13 billion in the construction and renovation of infrastructures across the 11 host cities. It aims to draw as many tourists as possible.

Newer hotel, airports, highways, and stadiums are being constructed. The whole cities are getting a complete make-over. If the nation manages to pull off the whole preparation well, then it will surely be a big boost up to its economy.

Currently, Russia does not figure on the tourists’ list. With more people reaching this part of the earth, it will definitely try to tap the tourism potential along with its sports potential. The Russian government estimates more than a few million tourists for the event, a tell tale sign of how popular the event can be.

The performance of Russia in gymnastics has always been top-notch. This year, we will get to see its football potential.

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