Greatest Super Rugby Records

Written by Rob Otto (robdylan)

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The Super Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Africa, while slowly gaining traction all around the world. It features teams from Japan and the Southern Hemisphere which have played numerous exciting matches over the years and of course, broke some records in the competition.

Below you can see a few of the biggest super rugby records in the competition’s history. If anyone knew that one player will score 50 points in a single game which is unusual for rugby, they would have won a nice amount of cash by betting on casino sites like this one. Betting on rugby has become a hit with bookmakers and punters as well – the odds are better than placing a bet in the Full Time Winner football market and there are plenty of other markets you can pick from. Do some research and try your hand in it, and we think it’ll only be a matter of time before you win your first bet.

Most Points in a Match

Here’s the match we previously mentioned – in 1997, Gavin Lawless scored a whopping 50 points on his debut for the Sharks against the Highlanders, still holding the record and appearing on memorable moments lists (obviously). It’s like the man thought he was playing an NBA game! He also holds the joint-record for tries in a single game with four – you guessed it right, this happened at the same game.

Surprisingly, Lawless’ career never took off afterward. He moved to Australia later, becoming the head of a major energy management consulting firm. Go figure.

Highest Aggregate Points in a Match

In 2010, a historic match between the Lions and Chiefs took place. The match ended up with an aggregate of 137 points (Chiefs 72 Lions 65) as if both teams forgot to play defence. There were players completing a hat-trick on both sides and 18 tries as well.

This record is yet to be broken, although the Crusaders and Rebels came close in 2016 (111 points on aggregate). If they do teach defense these days, we’re sure we won’t see matches like these again.

Worst Point Differential in a Season

The Kings were really bad in 2016 – when we say bad, we mean –402 point differential bad. Even though it’s likely that’ll be the only record they’re ever going to hold, they still didn’t fall off the wagon – the Sunwolves did! Talk about bad luck, right?

Most Team Points in a Match

The Crusaders, also known as the most successful team in Super Rugby history, are also holding the record for most team points in a match, 96, set against the Waratahs in 2002. If you think that the teams were at the top and bottom of the table, you’re wrong. The Crusaders and Waratahs were widely tipped to be meeting in the final that year and were the top two sides in the competition.

However, the Waratahs probably succumbed to the pressure of being second on the table going into the playoffs, resulting in this incredible record. Only one team came close to it – the Lions scored 94 on the Sunwolves in 2017. The Crusaders are still in possession of the record and considering their performance last year, we won’t be surprised if they break it.


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