South Africa Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures, Dates and Kick-off Times

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Mark 20th September 2019 in your calendar as that’s when the Rugby World Cup commences. As many as Teams from across the globe will compete for the title of the Rugby World Champions in Japan. Plus, with Betway South Africa rugby betting, you can bet on your favorite matches too. All you need to do is log onto Betway, and you can bet live!

Rugby World Cup 2019

If you’re new to the Rugby scene, here’s the tournament’s general layout. Every four years the best national rugby teams gather at a fixed venue in the fight for the trophy. Following the Football World Cup and the Summer Olympics, this prestigious event is the third biggest tournament. It’s surely going to be popular among Betway users too.

The Tournament’s Format

20 teams are set to play against each other this September for the Rugby World Cup. The tournament includes 48 matches spread across a span of seven weeks beginning with the pool stage.

The Pool Stages

It incorporates four pools–A, B, C, and D, with the 20 teams split into groups of 5 in each pool. The contest follows a round-robin approach and South Africa is in Group B for this World Cup. The teams it will encounter in the Pool Stages are New Zealand, Italy, Namibia, and either of the following four teams– Canada, Germany, Hong Kong or Kenya.

Considering South Africa’s history in the tournament, the Springboks are top picks to qualify from pool B alongside the All Blacks.

The Quarter Finals

After the pool stages the top two teams in each group battle each other for a spot in the semifinals. Out of the 8 competitors, four teams move onto the next phase.

The Semi-Finals

Four winners from the Quarterfinals strive hard to reach the final stage of this contest. But only two succeed. The two losing and winning teams from the semifinals go one on one in the Bronze Final and the Finals respectively.

The winners of the Bronze Final finish at the third position. And the team that defeats the other team in the climax are finally crowned as the World Champions.

South Africa Fixtures

South Africa is currently expected to play four matches in the pool stages. The fixtures for the same are such:

Match One

South Africa vs New Zealand

Venue: International Stadium Yokohama

Date, Day: 21st September 2019, Saturday

Time: 10.45 am BST

Match Two

South Africa vs Namibia

Venue: City of Toyota Stadium

Date, Day: 28th September 2019, Saturday

Time: 10.45 am BST

Match Three

South Africa vs Italy

Venue: Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

Date, Day: 4th October 2019, Friday

Time: 10.45 am BST

Match Four

South Africa vs to be Announced (the Repechage winner)

Venue: Kobe Misaki Stadium

Date, Day: 8th October 2019, Tuesday

Time: 11.15 am BST

The final stages will begin on 19th of October and go on till the 2nd of November with the Rugby World Cup’s grand climax.

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