50% of All EPL Clubs Have a Gambling Sponsors for 2019-20 Season

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Following numerous sponsorship deals between gambling companies and sports brands, millions of dollars have been raised to support different teams and athletes. The EPL is one of the leagues that has fostered this relationship, with about half of the team on the roster having a gambling sponsor. To top it all, the Championship league also has 17 out of 24 teams sponsored by casinos and sports bookies. That means almost 60% of the clubs in the top two leagues in England will have gambling company logos and names on their shirts this season.

Today, about 10 out of 20 premier league teams are sponsored by gambling operators like betway – the principal sponsor for West Ham United since 2015. The sponsorship will allow premier league clubs to earn more than £349 million in shirt deals during the upcoming 2019/2020 season. That accounts for about 10% growth in revenue compared to the £315.6 million earned during the 2018/2019 season.

In the Championship, the betting operators’ dominance is even more, bring the total number of England teams sponsored by betting companies to 27 out of 44 clubs. That shows the betting industry has tightened its grip on the football scene despite growing concerns from campaigners, MPS, and Ladbrokes-owned GVC that aims to end shirt sponsorship from gambling operators.

According to Tom Watson (Labour’s deputy Leader), the gambling industry undermines their claim to be responsible. This season, the gambling operators sponsoring different leading clubs will be promoting English football betting using different club shirts, striving to create an ever-conducive gambling environment.

Despite gambling companies being rampant among football shirt sponsors, they aren’t the most lucrative, according to data from the Sporting Intelligence website. By far, Manchester United is the largest shirt deals beneficiary after signing an 80-million-dollar deal with an American automotive giant, Chevrolet. The value of this deal continues to rise in sterling pounds following the pound’s loss of value against the dollar.

United are closely followed by Manchester City, which signed a £45-million-dollar annual deal with Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-owned airline. Though gambling operators don’t fully sponsor the top six teams, the betting market accounts for a considerable part of the other remaining 14 teams. Malta-based betway is one of the most significant contributors, having signed a £10 million deal with West Ham.

According to a recovering betting addict, James Grimes, gambling operators have accepted the policy of not displaying as during EPL matches since they’re visible to kids. However, it’s utterly unjustifiable for pre-watershed bans to avoid extending pitch perimeter advertising and shirt sponsorships as well. Grimes is heading “The Big Step”, a charity initiative from Manchester City to United through six teams with betting sponsors.

Earlier this year, a study warned of the dangerous consequences emanating from the saturation of gambling operators in the game. Recent studies have also linked gambling with suicide, prompting different stakeholders to call an end to a sponsorship deal with casino and sportsbook operators. For that, both Paddy Power Betfair and Ladbrokes-owned GVC have broken all ranks to call for an of shirt sponsorship deals with bookies.


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    I know money is needed in sport and with the world economy not wonderful so big sponsorship’s is hard to get but I’ve always wondered about it. Players may not be linked to “bookies” but now a whole team is linked/sponsored by them? For me it’s a bit of a moral conundrum? To me it almost feels like a beer company sponsoring AA meetings…….. the money and support is needed but somehow it just feels wrong.

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