About Sharksworld

Welcome to Sharksworld. A site where we discuss rugby. All rugby.

I’m Rob and I run the site, together with my bunch of faithful helpers, whose names you can see below. I support the Sharks, of course and am pretty passionate about them, hence the name of the site. That doesn’t mean we don’t post stories about other teams and that we don’t welcome fans from anywhere and everywhere. Just have a sense of humour and be able to laugh at yourself from time to time and we’ll get along great.

We started the site back in February 2008 and are still going strong.

We are in no way officially endorsed by the Sharks (Pty) Ltd or the KwaZulu Natal Rugby Union, although we strive to co-operate closely with those bodies wherever possible.

This is primarily a fan site and we welcome submissions from anyone who has anything they’d like to say. If you’ve written something that you’d like to see up on the site, get in touch and we’ll gladly put it up, so long as it’s vaguely on topic. And we do mean vaguely! Even better, if you have the gift of the gab and would like to be a regular contributor, let us know. Diversity is what will help us grow.

Although we will occasionally stray onto the politics of rugby, that’s not the primary focus here. This is mostly about what happens ON the field. There are plenty other sites that focus on the shenanigans at SARU. So if you really want to go off about how much you hate Allister Coetzee, or Cheeky Watson, or whoever else… this is not really the place. Politics in general is a no-no, so if you do find yourself straying onto the subject of Malema, Mugabe, crime, affirmative action or anything along those lines, please be understanding if an administrator gently guides you towards another topic. (For more on the subject of gentle guidance, please see the Rules).

Let’s keep it all rugby – and all for fun.

Drop me a line on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Here’s a little bit more detail about the guys behind Sharksworld and how to get hold of us if you need to.

Site Administrators
Rob Otto (robdylan) is quite possibly the most passionate (and one-eyed) Sharks supporter that has ever existed in this or any other age. He uses FaceBook to stalk all the players and has on occasion even attempted to advise Dick Muir on selection and coaching matters. This was not always well received. Rob’s slightly spurious claim to fame is that he went to high school with John Smit and nursery school with Geoff Appleford. He was never much of a player himself, though, although he did captain the Pretoria Boys High Sixth team once. Rob lives in Kent with his beautiful wife, adorable daughter and young son, who will be a future Shark. He screams a lot when the Sharks lose. Mail: [email protected]
Clayton Saville (provincejoulekkading), or PJLD for short, is our resident party animal. A regular on the sevens scene, he has a nose for action, particularly for the hospitality tent. He enjoys fine wine, especially if it comes from a papsak, although it must be said that his good lady Crystal has done a good job of turning Clayite into a loving husband and family man of late. Don’t be fooled, though, for that suave metrosexual exterior hides a cunning rugby intellect. PJLD – also known as Clayton – knows the game, all right, which just makes it all the more baffling that he continues to support the team from the foot of the hill. He is our man on the scene at Newlands and also helps out with our Twitter feed. Mail: [email protected]
Richard Ferguson is a relative newcomer to our team, but is certainly making up for lost time. Our man on the scene at Kings Park, Richard is also our resident tipping expert and definitely the man to talk to when you want to have a flutter. He is an accountant who, unlike many here, actually lives in Durban! Mail: [email protected]
Regular Authors
Pierre McLeod (pierre_mackie) is a passionate young man from the Eastern Cape who supports the Sharks, but has more than a soft spot for the Southern Kings too. Our man on the scene at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Pierre has also recently started up a dedicated supporters site for fans of the Kings, which you can find here. Mail: [email protected]