The Rules

So – first and foremost, this is a blog. That means it’s about opinions. And they differ.

So, we don’t want to have to get draconian, or childish, or spiteful with anyone. We’d also like to keep rules to a bare minimum and trust everyone to get on in an adult fashion.

So – there are not many rules here at Sharksworld. The three that exist are these:

  1. Have fun and respect the right of other posters and commentators to do the same. This means that personal attacks and insults are not welcome and will not be tolerated. If you cannot get your point across without being abusive and using slurs, then that point is best made elsewhere.
  2. No racism or discussion of matters relating to race will be tolerated in any form. A racist post will see your posting rights removed. We do not discuss race, even in passing. Do not use terms that refer to or even hint at the race of another person. Also, we reserve the right to edit a comment that is deemed even vaguely blasphemous. People are very sensitive about this and we’d rather just avoid the unhappiness altogether. 
  3. This site belongs to us. We share it with you, for free, but it’s our time (and money) that goes into keeping it up. That means that, in the case of any disputes, our decision is always going to be the one that’s final. You can take up anything you want via email, until it starts getting boring or abusive. At that point, we stop replying.
  4. This site is not about politics. Political discussions will not be tolerated here and if you ignore a direct request from one of the administrators to move away from such topics, your posting rights will be suspended.

And other than that, some guidelines. Choose to follow them, if you wish, to make the experience smoother:

  1. Take things with a pinch of salt. If something that somebody says really gets you steaming, maybe 5 minutes away from the keyboard might be in order. Remember, it’s difficult to convey tone on the internet and it’s all too easy to misinterpret a comment that was meant to be tongue in cheek.
  2. Opinions are bound to differ and we will always encourage banter. Attack the opinion, not the person making it.
  3. Some profanity will be tolerated, but let’s keep it reasonable? Although not exactly a family site, we don’t want it to turn into a Tarantino movie either.
  4. As Big Fish says – “Friends don’t let friends post drunk”. Sure, we all like to have a couple of beers when watching the game, but try not to come on here and be funny when you’re tanked. It probably won’t come across the way you intended.
  5. A lot of us are friends going way back. We really like to give each other stick, but it’s all in good fun and it’s all good natured. So take some time to get to know new posters BEFORE getting stuck into them? Chances are, they might not realise that you’re just taking the piss and will never want to come back. Go easy on the n00bs, in other words!

Right – no more sermons. Happy blogging all.

Mail me – [email protected] if you want to discuss any of this.